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  1. Thanks to Jeff over at FS Product 5 STAR has its own custom kACARS and the guys are taking it up straight away. Very nice job Jeff Thanks.
  2. Hi Scott, Yes thanks it helped, the border is showing up but it is at the very top on the side bar and not round the sections. (see image red arrow) the code used .border { p.one border-style:inset; border-width:3px; border-colour:#6382A1; } { p.two border-style:inset; border-width:3px; border-colour:#6382A1; } (this is set for 7 borders) it displays as it should but I want it to go border the 7 stat's areas in the side bar. (i.e Pilot login, VA stats, etc) (see image blue arrows and red boxes) I read though w3school.com borders page and worked it out a bit but just cannot get it to round the 7 stat's area's. (like I said I did in my original post, some must of missed that bit) Any ideas?
  3. or if it was a link pasted in when you added it to a news post? it is a space, just go to your news item put the cursor on it and delete it, I get it some times because I have hit space bar one to many times and the ? shows up when the news is posted. Hope that helps.
  4. 5SA CEO


    with the acars map, what I did for this skin is, I copied the acars.ptl from another skin (brilliance I think) put it into the bluelight folder then on line 47 changed the size 47 <div id="acarsmap" style="width:700px; height: 600px"></div> and as you can see if it fits. http://5starvirtualaviation.com/phpvms/index.php/acars as for the second issue, I had the same issue and I think it was down to a <div> missing, don't quote me. I use bluelight and it took me 2 weeks to get it to where I wanted it, but I like the skin and it works fine for me.
  5. Hi Jeff What would I need to add, to make this show just flight from a particular hub, say 'EGKK'? thanks.
  6. Thanks for that Jeff. I played with it a little to fit my site and works great.
  7. Thanks Jeff, That has helped a lot. If I follow that in the future rather than just adding pages it will be better. Cheers all for the help
  8. so I am still struggling with this but cannot find an answer yet. Thanks for all your help so far guys.
  9. HI guys, just so you know what I am looking at, I have attached a screen shot, Parkho, as you said I went to the admin, then added new page and then clicking 'source' I added the code. but as you can see the code is not working properly nor is the page its self. its not displaying the layout! I have attached the .htm which is what I have been working with, I do not see on there any links to the style.css or the layout. I have missed something I fear, but what? gatwick.htm
  10. HI Jeff, Thanks for that, when I added the new page via the admin area, with just some details about the hub and an image on it, when I view it on the site all I get is a blank page just showing those details I have added! the code is to show what pilots are at the hub (which was posted on the forums) is all I need to add. Which I add via my server cpanel. I am working nights for the next 3 days back here on Saturday/Sunday, I will keep trying and see what happens. I will keep trying.
  11. Still having an issue with adding the pages. I tried doing it by adding the page in admin and then adding the source code there, did not work for me! then tried by uploading the code to my server but again same result. The pages are just not reading the .css for bluelight skin and its coming up with just a white back ground. and the hub pilot info is only showing the code and not the data. might just scrub the idea for now. Thanks anyway guys.
  12. Thanks for posting the skin, I liked it above some of the others hence I am using it. Its taken me a month to sort bits out to get it where I want it to be, the hub pages are becoming a pain as you can see just can't get them sorted. and I want to put surrounds on the side bar area's (i.e. Pilot login, VA stat's and so on) to keep them separate and make them stand out a bit more, but right now I don't know how so looking in to it.
  13. I use Google chrome and I have not had it freeze up on me when creating or editing news, that I can remember.
  14. Thanks guys, It sort of worked, see now we have moved over to a new skin and things ain't the same. Just a bit odd when being displayed. Take a look. http://5starvirtualaviation.com/phpvms/index.php have a look at the hubs.
  15. Today 5 Star has launched its new look website. Thanks to Taylor at AALV for the skin. We are celebrating 3 years as a VA and we have had great fun in doing so. Thanks to Nabeel for creating phpVMS and to all who have made such great addons and helped in getting things sorted. Please take a look and let us know what you think. http://5starvirtualaviation.com/phpvms I am still working on the dam hub pages, but I will get it sorted.
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