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  1. Please disregard...found a line commented out from web designer. All good now!!
  2. Hi Folks, We updated our website last weekend and somewhere in the mix we seem to have misplaced our transfer hours. We uploaded the new site from the test server to a different directory and fine tuned it so as not to disturb the live site and then copied over the local config and changed the directory to go live. I have double checked the local config and the transfer hours in rank is set to true....what did I miss? Thanks
  3. Thank you for your help Jeff. When we updated our site, the kACARS module must have been overwritten. Re-uploading it again put it right as rain.
  4. A little progress...added missing files from original install now we get a root element missing error when connecting to the site. Also see that we cannot search flights from within the app.
  5. We just finished uploading a new website but now our Custom KAcars will not connect. We get an unhandled exception error everytime. I have used this install of the custom KAcars for well over a year now with no issues. The web urls and root folders on the site are exactly the same. I am at a loss here. Help!! Chuck CYXU
  6. I followed the link to your website and left a message a few days ago by using the Contact Us form. I have not yet received a reply. Are you still offering services? Thanks Chuck
  7. Hi Folks, Just wondering if I am missing something here...I have four aircraft in my fleet that are stuck at 838 hours and have been for a few weeks now. They have been flown, pireps received and approved but the hour count remains the same. We are running Version 2.1.934. Curious, does this mean that we will not have to do any hourly scheduled maintenance on those aircraft? Chuck CYXU
  8. Downloaded and installed...now what? I have a pretty little app that doesn't do a whole lot. The File/Configuration doesn't work so I cannot set my server parameters or connect to the VA site. Since I cannot set parameters, I cannot login. Clicking on the Help button isn't much help either... Teething pains no doubt! Chuck CYXU But on a plus note, I can surf the net....
  9. Starting to get kinda heavy. You're loosing me at the autopilot interface and web browser. Don't get me wrong, it's all cool stuff, I just question if some of this is needed for this purpose. I like the idea of being able to search the flight database and to be able to bid on a flight from within the app, but a built in browser? You trying to compete with Firefox now? I guess I am just a little too plain.... Chuck CYXU
  10. Windows 7 has different paths as well. I usually put " Please Browse to your Flight Simulator 9 folder..." for location or "Please Browse to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder..." Chuck CYXU
  11. Oh yeah, just did some checking....the VA trying to do the merger thing? 38 pilots with hours...25 zero time. We have 165 pilots active..and we have an extreme lack of activity? Ok, I feel better now! Chuck CYXU
  12. I couldn't agree more about free hosting compared to a paid hosting service. I have used free hosting for development work before and it was horrible. As far as FSAcars goes, we have found that if you lay out exactly what a pilot should do, it works good. If they are supposed to do A,B and C, it works...if they do A,B, C and D...there could be issues. I have been working with FSAcars for over four years now and have gotten quite adept at pinpointing problems. Although Windows 7 has thrown me the odd curve lately!! Chuck CYXU
  13. Hahahaha.. :lol: I like the way you think Nabeel!!!
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