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  1. TOPPilot beta 1.0

    Could you please explain to us what would you like to display in your frontpage? Based on the template you are trying to display, it seems that you are trying to show all of the top pilot details. What is on your mind?
  2. Just a tease

    Yes, that's correct
  3. Do not send the email

    Try this as a good start: https://github.com/carlosmfreitas2409/RouteSubmit/compare/master...phpmods:patch-1
  4. Just a tease

    PHP 5 will stop being supported in the next few months. You can of course keep using the older phpVMS version although I believe that some developers will update their modules accordingly. I personally plan to rewrite most of my modules as soon as the new version is ready for release. Also, it will be easier to develop addons considering that laravel is a framework that a lot know.
  5. Do not send the email

    Yes, did it work?
  6. Recent Pilots

    The above code should be placed in any of your template files. In your system, there are template files in your core/templates or lib/skins/your_skin_name folders.
  7. Top Pilots Leader Board

    Before: $all_hours = TopPilotData::top_pilot_hours($today[mon], $today[year], 5); add this: $today = getdate(); As @mischka stated, $today variable is not populated correctly.
  8. Do not send the email

    $email is the pilot's email. The pilot who is sending the route request. $email_to is where the route request is sent to. I do not believe that this is an issue. First of all, instead of using this: $_POST['email'] you will have to use this: $this->post->email You will have to do so with all the variables in the SendEmail and index function. Also, your form should include a captcha but I can see that there is not any captcha validation in the SendEmail function. I would suggest removing it from your form or validating in on the form submit. Personally, I would suggest you to add several random echo's in your code. As soon as you run your code, you will be able to understand (based on the echo's) which part of the code run and which part of the code did not run.
  9. Route_Details

    I had the same problem with one of the servers I administrate. Check this for more information: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15438840/mysql-error-1364-field-doesnt-have-a-default-values Alternatively, you can get into your database via phpmyadmin and set a default value into the route_details field of the phpvms_acarsdata database table.
  10. Add to pilot list in Admin

    Each pilot can be part of multiple groups, do you want to show all the groups the pilot is assigned to?
  11. One World Alliance - recruitment

    It returns an Internal Server Error to me.
  12. New pilot - not showing on home page

    Also, do you update the pilot id's of your pilots? Are you able to determinate how are your pilots ordered in the newest pilots block?
  13. Top 10 Routes not working

    Do you have schedules added in your system? If yes, please send us a screenshot of your schedules listing, is the timesflown field counting correctly?
  14. Top 10 Routes not working

    Ok, this means that the $toproutes variable is not populated and as a result it is NULL. That is why you can't see the Top 10 Routes in your admin center. You should create the required function to populate the "$toproutes" variable.
  15. Pilot images do not appear on some pages [SOLVED]

    Just to explain why it did not work. The "$pilotcode" variable is only populated in Profile. When you were visiting other pages, the "$pilotcode" variable had not been populated and considering that it was empty, no avatar was returned by the PilotData::getPilotAvatar($pilotcode) function. The line I added populates the "$pilotcode" variable based on the currently logged in pilot and that's why it now works in every part of your website.