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  1. Mass-Mailer Error

    Can you get in touch with your provider and check that with them? I have not noticed any issue like this in the past.
  2. Positions Available

    This board is referred to the phpVMS community announcements. I am moving your topic in the "Virtual Airline Discussion" board.
  3. Mass-Mailer Error

    Can you please open your webmail, login to the email that you are willing to use and check the Mail Client Settings of the email? What details do they give you?
  4. I do not understand what are you trying to show. Could you please explain to us? In the above code that you pasted you do not use the getPilotCode function anywhere.
  5. Mass-Mailer Error

    Unfortunately this is based on the IP that is given to you from your web hosting provider, the websites that you are sharing the ip with and several other things. Does your web hosting provider support SSL in your mailbox? Maybe they have changed the port. Have you set the email details in the local.config.php? Are you using cPanel?
  6. Phpvms 5.5x timezone error

    Add the following code within your core/local.config.php: date_default_timezone_set('UTC'); This will set the default timezone to UTC. You can use whatever you need from that list: http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php
  7. Disable Pilot Registration

    Do you want to count the active pilots of your virtual airlines or the pilots that are includes in your virtual airline's database?
  8. TouchdownStats 1.0

    Which average value do you want? Airline average? Pilot Average? What is the period of the calculation? Alltime airline average for example?
  9. AirMail 3.0

    Does it exists as mail_menu.tpl or mail_menu.php?
  10. I thought that too in the beginning but nothing is impossible
  11. Sorry, it was my fault. I was working on phpVMS 2 and forgot to make the required updates. Please replace this: $('.deleteitem').live('click', function() { with this: $('.deleteitem').on('click', function() {
  12. The selector in the last code I pasted is :"$('.deleteitem')". If it was "target" you would have to change your schedule_bids file too. Now you do not need to. +1 for pointing that
  13. Great! I think that I have managed to do something with the above. Tested it in my mobile phone (safari) and it works. It works on my PC (firefox) too. Open your lib/js/phpvms.js, find this: $('.deleteitem').live('click',function(){return false;}); $('.deleteitem').live('dblclick', function(){ $.post($(this).attr("href"), {id: $(this).attr("id")}); rmvid= "#bid"+$(this).attr("id"); $(rmvid).slideUp(); return false; }); and replace it with this: var touchtime = 0; $('.deleteitem').live('click', function() { if(touchtime == 0) { touchtime = new Date().getTime(); } else { if(((new Date().getTime())-touchtime) < 1000) { $.post($(this).attr("href"), {id: $(this).attr("id")}); rmvid= "#bid"+$(this).attr("id"); $(rmvid).slideUp(); touchtime = 0; } else { touchtime = 0; } } return false; }); Let us know if that solves the issue for you. In general, you have to be fast when you double click on the remove bid link. If you want to make it less sensitive, you can increase number 1000 from the above pasted code. In stackoverflow they had it to 800 and I increased it to 1000.
  14. After a small search on the internet, I found this. The first reply seems very helpful. It seems that mobile phones do not support the dblclick event and the user who posted it suggests to fake the double click via taking into consideration the interval between the two clicks on the remove bid button. Which phpVMS version are you using?
  15. Map Markers

    It can be done. You should edit the lib/js/acarsmap.js file of your phpVMS system. Also, a good start would be to use the OperationsData::getAllHubs() function. It already exists within your phpVMS system. Develop a php foreach using the data returned from that function and add the hub marker within the foreach. Use it as a start and let us know if you get stuck anywhere.