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  1. How to change "Bid added" text [SOLVED]

    The "Bid added" is included within your core/modules/Schedules/Schedules.php file. It should be around line 144. ___________________________________________ phpVMS Modules | Web Hosting | Pilot Awards (w/Auto Awards) | Pilot Shop | Real Booking System | Forum System
  2. Adding a different reg to my fleet livery

    As soon as you have the psd files of the livery I believe that you should be able to do the required changes.
  3. Yes of course, Have't you kept the installers of the modules? If no, you will probably have to get into your phpVMS files and database and move them to your new phpVMS installation. _________________________________________ phpVMS Modules | Web Hosting | Pilot Awards (w/Auto Awards) | Pilot Shop | Real Booking System | Forum System
  4. Hmmm, what you request is not that easy because it may require a few work to be done. Open the core/common/PIREPData.class.php file and find this: public static function deleteField($id) { $sql = 'DELETE FROM ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'pirepfields WHERE fieldid=' . $id; $res = DB::query($sql); if (DB::errno() != 0) return false; return true; //TODO: delete all of the field values! //$sql = 'DELETE FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX.' } after this, add the following part of code: public static function getSumByField($pilotid, $field) { $sql = "SELECT SUM(v.value) AS total FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."pirepvalues AS v LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."pireps AS p ON p.pirepid=v.pirepid WHERE v.fieldid='$field' AND p.pilotid='$pilotid' AND v.value REGEXP '^[0-9]+$'"; $total = DB::get_row($sql); if(!$total) return 0; return $total->total; } Then within the pilot's center or any other part of your website, you can use the following code to show the total points. Just ensure that the pilot really submits numbers within the points section although I added an extra check within the where statement. <?php echo PIREPData::getSumByField(SET_HERE_THE_PILOT_ID, SET_HERE_THE_FIELD_ID); ?> Do not forget to update the SET_HERE_THE_PILOT_ID and SET_HERE_THE_FIELD_ID values accordingly. I did not test it but it should work. Let me know if it does. ___________________________________________ phpVMS Modules | Web Hosting | Pilot Awards (w/Auto Awards) | Pilot Shop | Real Booking System | Forum System
  5. Schedule Notes in ACARS?

    Have you try to get in touch with the developers of smartCARS? Considering that the community does not have access to the core part of the smartCARS, we are not able to assist you to this.
  6. Access Error

    According to this I can see that parkho has a break on line 64. If you have something that looks almost identical I would suggest you to just remove the break statement. If you are not sure about what do do, paste here lines 70-80 and we will be able to review it. I assume that line 73 has probably a break statement
  7. Mix TPL & PHP modules?

    What do you see after you click on the search button? What is your website url?
  8. Recaptha on php7

    Found this: https://github.com/tutsplus/how-to-integrate-google-no-captcha-recaptcha-on-your-website/blob/master/recaptchalib.php Does your recaptchalib.php look alike? If yes, try to replace this: function ReCaptcha with this: function __contruct
  9. Mix TPL & PHP modules?

    Are you using a different table prefix for your database tables? The module is set to query the phpvms_schedules database table. Does it exist?
  10. Mix TPL & PHP modules?

    Follow the steps below: 1) Open the core/common/FrontSchedulesData.class.php and where "public function" replace with "public static function". 2) Open the core/modules/FrontSchedules/FrontSchedules.php and where ".tpl" replace with ".php". 3) Open the core/templates directory and change the name of the "airport_search.tpl" file to "airport_search.php". They should work correctly afterwards.
  11. Mix TPL & PHP modules?

    Yes they can but you will have to make a few changes in order to make it work correctly. Which module are you trying to install on 5.5?
  12. Code

    This is an English speaking forum plus the fact that I do not speak French yet :D. Please write in English
  13. Code

    Your function has a few errors. First of all. you are saying "SUM(`final_score`) AS final_score" which means that the return will be titled as final_score and then you are doing an if using the title score. In " return ($result->score == '') ? 0 : $result->score; " you will have to replace score with final_score. Also, where are you getting the $pilotid variable in the function from? You should pass it in the function arguments or remove it. Have you added the final_score column in the pireps table?
  14. Listing schedules

    Are you running the above pasted code within your phpVMS website? Where have you placed it?
  15. Benchmark Landing Rate

    Why/where do you want to set it? Do you want to give the awards and penalties automatically according to the landing rate?