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  1. 5 hours ago, CapitanStuewe said:

    Hello good morning, I make this comment because the acars continues constantly closing the FS2020 and this problem is months ago and the people who live it we are running out of patience because it is very annoying that it takes you time to make a flight and that the acars crashes and therefore carshe the simulator. I understand that it is not easy but please fix this problem that is affecting us so much.


    Do you have logs? Have you tested with/without acars in the same situation? Acars only connects to simconnect, there's nothing running inside of msfs. What other addons are you running?

  2. 2 hours ago, nicky9499 said:

    Not much, to be honest. The typeface has to be of contrasting color to the background, and a single "in between" for something drastically different like black/white doesn't look good in either.

    We have a white version of the logo specifically for this sort of situation:




    Alternatively, would it be possible to introduce a setting to lock acars to light/dark mode?


    I'm working on the setting so someone can set locally if it follows the system, or select Light/Dark. I've added to my list to have the possibility to choose different images for light/dark for that banner

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  3. It doesn't save you much; the same calculations still need to happen to determine which points are going to cross the boundary. So you'd only omit drawing that single line segment, instead of calculating where that last segment would intersect the date line. But for drawing out the route, you can't omit that, since it's a pretty large line that's spanning it. The way I have it, it's the same code which splits the line up. The interesting thing I found in my research was the recommendation in the GeoJSON spec on how to handle it:




    Anyway - I have something working now that I'm going to push to alpha, if you want to try. Shoot me a message on Discord if you're not in the alpha distro list.

  4. Yeah, this is a limitation of the mapping library I'm using, since it doesn't "infinite scroll" the maps. I believe it's on their roadmap.


    But thanks for the suggestion, I have something like that on my mind, where if there's one point to another point, and it intersects the date line, turn into that into 2 separate segments, so from p1 -> dateline, dateline -> p2. I just haven't quite done the research or looked into the math to determine whether there is a crossing of that boundary, but also, getting the coordinates of where it's intersected, to draw that out.


    On a quick search I see https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/83425/splitting-linestrings-on-dateline-with-openlayers


    But any other suggestions on an algorithm would be great. We can discuss it on Discord too. I'll probably end up doing some research about this over the next few days to finally get it off my list :)

  5. Hi,


    There isn't a way right now in the app - the "easiest" way is to change the settings.xml file (in Documents/phpvms) - so have one called "settings_va1.xml" and "settings_va2.xml", and rename whichever one you want to be active to "settings.xml". I'm slowly making the internal changes to make this possible (like a dropdown or something to be able to change the active airline or select which settings file to load)

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  6. On 1/25/2022 at 8:42 AM, kissman said:

    Hi Nabel, you are probably correct - i found this: API for lights


    Thanks for the link - I'll take a look. I'm using the beacon and strobe values, but I see they're using some simconnect events too, I have to do some research if those are standard events or not, because right now, I'm not looking at those to get values from.


    Edit; So interesting, looks like a few new sim vars have been added (so I'm using the older "LANDING LIGHTS ON" vs "LANDING LIGHTS"). But the strobes one is interesting, since the doc says it ignores "auto". I can do some experimenting with this later.

  7. Hi, that depends on how they report it to simconnect. So with it being on auto, they must always be reporting it as "on".


    I'm guessing their api are lvars which I don't think are supported through the simconnect interface yet. It's on my list to look into

  8. 15 hours ago, nicky9499 said:

    The server has just gone down again, this time my host has suspended the account on grounds of being under a DDoS attack.

    There was only 1 flight in the air at that time. This is the relevant log when the "DDos" occurred.



    I am fighting with the hosting agents to regain access and further raise these update intervals, but I am beginning to feel there might be something else causing this especially since only 1 pilot was flying in the latest incident, which doesn't make any sense whatsoever.


    What's your ACARS update timer set to? Because that looks like it's updating every few seconds. But let me look at that code... it could be a bug.

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