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  1. Nabeel

    Android support development

    A mobile-friendly skin is probably the best way to do. However, the next phpvms version has a REST API built-in so creating an app or whatever should be much easier. Legacy doesn't have an API and that's something you'd need to build.
  2. Nabeel

    Error Installing Tables

    It can't connect to your database.
  3. Nabeel

    Off Topic Code Question

    What are the errors? And what exactly are you trying to do? That is a nasty regex
  4. Nabeel

    Flight 'snail trail' on the ACARS map

    There's no build-in way to do this, unfortunately.
  5. Nabeel

    Cron Error

    Ok, so it's not passing in the start date. Find out where that's being called from and see if you can trace the call from there. Also, it's a notice error, so you can probably just hide it. Does the thing you're trying to do actually work, though? There's also this... <p style="font-size: 16px; color: #001B6B">Unauthorized access - Invalid Permissions.</p> Check the permissions of your files
  6. Nabeel

    Cron Error

    It's best to keep it here in case it helps anyone else. Was there an output from the $start? What if you run the script "by hand" on the command line?
  7. Nabeel

    Cron Error

    Right but did it output anything?
  8. Nabeel

    Cron Error

    I guess the start date is coming messed up... maybe add an echo $start; above that line and see what happens
  9. I believe in the config files, there's a setting for how long they show up
  10. Nabeel

    Upgrading ReCaptcha to v2

    These instructions should work https://gist.github.com/nabeelio/6380e05dbb8ce8c53765f0068f6515e3 Note: Make sure to make the changes in the skin you're currently using.
  11. Nabeel

    Google Maps Conversion

    Hi all, This has gone through a couple of rounds of testing, and seems to be working. The instructions are here: https://gist.github.com/nabeelio/8b7ab29fb67dfe27284d63d7136388dc Make sure to make the changes in the skin that you're currently using. Luckily, changes aren't too bad or complicated.
  12. Nabeel

    Cron Error

    What is that line?
  13. Simconnect SDK is the way to go
  14. Nabeel

    Import CSV Templates

    Version 1.0.0


    Blank (header-only) CSV files to import: Aircraft Airports Expenses Fares Flights Subfleets See the documentation here: http://docs.phpvms.net/operations/importing-from-csv
  15. Nabeel

    Google Maps Conversion

    1st is a CSS issue with your site. 2nd the instructions should include the pirep report. Schedule briefing I'll try to take a look soon.
  16. Nabeel

    V7 install MAMP Pro MAC OSX

    Does MAMP have url rewrite enabled via the htaccess files? I've never used it. You'll have to figure out how to enable that.
  17. Nabeel


    GOT EM!
  18. Nabeel

    Google Maps Conversion

    Seems like you're missing something - maybe jquery from your page
  19. Nabeel

    Upgrading ReCaptcha to v2

    Hey Joeri, long time! Any errors anywhere?
  20. Nabeel

    Where can I find Version 7 alpha 3?

    It's not released yet, and probably will be the beta instead. It's in the changelog because I accidentally merged the latest into master. You can use the latest dev version, but a reinstall might be required at some point. Imports are all working in the dev version
  21. Nabeel


    And even if you're an American organization, if you have anyone who is signed up who lives in Europe, it applies to you as well
  22. Nabeel

    Upgrading ReCaptcha to v2

    Just updated this to include instructions for fixing the contact page
  23. Nabeel

    Updating reCAPTCHA

    That means something hasn't been done in the instructions - a line missing in the bootstrap or the files not uploaded.
  24. Nabeel

    moving to PHPVMS v7

    It's not released yet. The plan is there to be a way to upgrade.
  25. Nabeel

    Upgrading ReCaptcha to v2

    Just make the same changes but on those pages/forms instead