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  1. Installed the new plugin... hopefully it will be better now
  2. Are any API calls working?
  3. Huh that's weird, I thought you were already.
  4. Nope, just straight email registrations. I'm going to try to install that plugin you sent me tonight
  5. No worries, man. @vbegin72 sent me a plugin that should hopefully help.
  6. Did you set the base URL correctly in the config?
  7. It's an interesting idea but would take a lot of rework. Let me think about it... if you created multiple airlines but were able to use the same callsign, would that be good enough?
  8. Can you make other API calls?
  9. Yeah it's insane trying to keep up. There's 3 different spam settings and they're still getting through... it must be some actual farm with people registering. They do get banned via IP but it's different everytime. You should see how many get blocked, though
  10. Are there error logs anywhere on your webhost? Hard to tell without any logs.
  11. I've left it open-ended, so you can set the fares to every X unit costs Y. When you create a schedule, you have the option to select a flight type, so you can select Cargo there. It doesn't change the units or anything, but maybe if it's a cargo flight, it can change the terms used to be more cargo-specific for those flights. But that's sort of what I was envisioning, with the open-ended nature of how fares can be set on a subfleet... which would allow you to mix a subfleet that's dedicated for pax and another for cargo... if that makes sense. Aside from unit cost, what other freight-spec
  12. That looks like some files failed to upload, can you see if that file is there? public_html/vendor/autoload.php?
  13. As @chris2012nrw said, you need mod_rewrite or htaccess enabled in your webhost,
  14. Nope. Someone will have to create a plugin for it. AFAIK, FSFK itself has been abandoned.
  15. Hard to know without more information. What errors are you getting?
  16. Did you check the config/mail.php settings?
  17. I think there was addon. But phpVMS 7 has this built in
  18. Those insert the phrases from the resources/lang files. So if someone has it set to Spanish, it'll use the Spanish translation files
  19. Nabeel


    Nothing from the older versions will be compatible. You'll have to contact whoever develops xacars for timelines, etc
  20. They're all Laravel built-ins for the Blade templating engine
  21. It's planned. It won't be tied to their database ID
  22. Looks like you might be missing one of the scripts
  23. Let's not put the older phpVMS stuff in here, I don't want to confuse people.
  24. Nice! I can convert the pilot count into a setting. For #1 - I'm not sure what you're trying to do.
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