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    phpVMS 7.0 Releases

    Version 7.0.x Releases


    View the latest releases and pre-releases on the Github Releases page
  2. Nabeel

    Google Maps Conversion

    Hi all, This has gone through a couple of rounds of testing, and seems to be working. The instructions are here: https://gist.github.com/nabeelio/8b7ab29fb67dfe27284d63d7136388dc Make sure to make the changes in the skin that you're currently using. Luckily, changes aren't too bad or complicated.
  3. Nabeel

    Google Maps Conversion

    Hard to know without more information. What errors are you getting?
  4. Nabeel

    Upgrading ReCaptcha to v2

    These instructions should work https://gist.github.com/nabeelio/6380e05dbb8ce8c53765f0068f6515e3 Note: Make sure to make the changes in the skin you're currently using.
  5. Nabeel

    Help for email

    Did you check the config/mail.php settings?
  6. I think there was addon. But phpVMS 7 has this built in
  7. Hi guys... PHP 5.x series has been deprecated as we all know, and with cPanel now dropping support as of Jan 2018, that is going to put a lot into a bind. So I've been working on bringing up that compatibility level. First step is making sure that everything is backwards compatible, so it would be great if people can test and report back issues. I recommend creating a duplicate of your site, and applying updates. I'm trying to make as few changes as possible for now to make diffs easier. The branch is here: https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms/tree/php70 It'll be easier to just keep updates and notes to this thread here. Thanks!
  8. Nabeel

    Are these Laravel references in v7?

    Those insert the phrases from the resources/lang files. So if someone has it set to Spanish, it'll use the Spanish translation files
  9. Nabeel

    Is there a way to change Pilot IDs in phpVMS7?

    What's your workaround?
  10. Nabeel


    Nothing from the older versions will be compatible. You'll have to contact whoever develops xacars for timelines, etc
  11. Nabeel

    Are these Laravel references in v7?

    They're all Laravel built-ins for the Blade templating engine
  12. Nabeel

    Is there a way to change Pilot IDs in phpVMS7?

    It's planned. It won't be tied to their database ID
  13. Nabeel

    Live Map - v7 - Console Error

    Looks like you might be missing one of the scripts
  14. Nabeel

    Authorization Logged In or Guest

    Let's not put the older phpVMS stuff in here, I don't want to confuse people.
  15. Nabeel

    Learning Basic Laravel & phpVMS 7

    Nice! I can convert the pilot count into a setting. For #1 - I'm not sure what you're trying to do.
  16. You can probably just throw them up onto YouTube. The base templates won't be changed much, if at all, between now and release
  17. Nabeel

    deptime in UTC or +6 hour

    You'll have to read it into strformat I think, and then do the parsing out from there
  18. Nabeel

    PHPVMS and WBB4 Forum

    Are you trying to get username/password from phpvms working in wbb or the other way around? I'm not familiar with WBB
  19. Nabeel

    Showing & Hiding Menu items by login

    If you look at the foreach, it says: @foreach($moduleSvc->getFrontendLinks($logged_in=false) as &$link So it's grabbing all of the frontend links as $link. If the module you create says that's allowed for guest users, that will get the link as defined for that module. I need to write some extra documentation around this feature: http://docs.phpvms.net/developers/add-ons-and-module
  20. Nabeel

    PHP errors

    Double check your phpinfo()
  21. Nabeel

    phpVMS Navdata

    I've made the build scripts public: https://github.com/n.../phpvms_navdata There is a rudimentary README file. But yeah, fork it, download it. It has to be run on the command line. If you point the db.php to your phpVMS install, it'll populate there.
  22. Nabeel

    phpVMS Legacy support for PHP 7

    Maybe put a return in its place or something.
  23. Import CSV Templates View File Blank (header-only) CSV files to import: Aircraft Airports Expenses Fares Flights Subfleets See the documentation here: http://docs.phpvms.net/operations/importing-from-csv Submitter Nabeel Submitted 03/22/18 Category Official Downloads  
  24. Minimum version needed is PHP 7.1