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  1. Website Hosting sees phpVMS as a virus [SOLVED]

    I sent Webroot an email. That's really strange since there are no executables and the zip is directly from Github
  2. Website Hosting sees phpVMS as a virus [SOLVED]

    Thanks, I'll look into this. This is super weird. I'm guessing it's because of the OFC library. I'll try to get in touch with them and find out more.
  3. Website Hosting sees phpVMS as a virus [SOLVED]

    Which zip? Can you link me?
  4. Website Hosting sees phpVMS as a virus [SOLVED]

    I'd ask for details on what files. They could also be referring to a vulnerability list with "open-flash-charts" on it, which had a vulnerability, that I patched in subsequent versions a long time ago (when the vulnerability in that library was first reported)
  5. VAModules | Advanced Modules

    You still need permission
  6. phpVMS 5.0 Classic

    Version 5.x


    This is the phpVMS classic version, compatible with PHP 5.3+ (it was updated to support PHp 5.3/5.6/7.x). This isn't updated anymore. See https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms_v2
  7. phpVMS 5.0 Classic

    Should be fixed now.
  8. Version 7.0.0-master


    This is for testing only and is still in development. This is the latest build of phpVMS. Includes the complete vendor directory and extra files removed. The hash file is also included if you want to verify the tar integrity. View Commit Log | Travis-CI Build Log
  9. XACARS Not Submitting

    There's gotta be some error logs somewhere, they wouldn't just fall through. You'll have to get in touch with the xacars developer
  10. Setting up v7

    I'll put the previous version download in the downloads section
  11. Require Help In Installation

    Yeah, that will depend from host to host. Thanks for sharing it.
  12. Require Help In Installation

  13. phpVMS Hosting Now Available!

    I've heard good things about vultr but haven't tried it out myself. Thanks for your offer, though. I've got more than enough hosting places lol
  14. Hi all, phpVMS Hosting is now available - it's going to be through my other site, called 'fivedev': http://www.fivedev.net/hosting I've spent alot of time tuning this server, and I've set a cap on clients, then I will buy another, to keep it speedy for everyone who's on there. It's in Washington DC, with low pings to everyone. I've priced two plans: Standard - 15GB Space, 50GB Bandwidth $10/monthly, or $100/year £6.68/monthly, or £66.77/year €7.42/monthly, or €74.23/year [*]Mini - 8GB Space, 25GB Bandwidth $7/monthly, or $84/year £4.67/monthly, or £56.08/year €5.20/monthly, or €62.36/year While it might not be "unlimited" as some hosts have (which they're really not), you have to remember - they cram as many clients onto an underpowered server. This server is specifically tuned for PHP and MySQL applications, and to keep your site going as fast as possible, and I'll cap the number of clients depending on performance. In fact, it's a secondary API server, because it's just so damn fast There are more details in the link above, as well as the sign up link. I'm accepting Paypal and you can also pay by check! Spread the word! Cheers! Nabeel
  15. Require Help In Installation

    Are you trying to install on shared hosting? You don't need to do all that. The readme has the link to the tarball that has everything already in it. All you will need to do it upload it. If you're cloning, you need to run `composer install` in order to get all of the dependencies and stuff. I'll update the wiki page to remove all those instructions. The error 500 could be because you haven't done that. It's impossible to know without looking at your server's error logs, which is where I would start if I were you
  16. vacentral news

    It's being worked on with the new version of phpVMS. It wasn't worth the time effort to rebuild it
  17. vacentral news

    Hi y'all... vacentral will stay up until Dave's server goes down. I'm not sure when that will be (supposed to be today, I think). It's not going away forever - just temporarily. The main problem is that this server (with the forum) is running PHP 7.1, and that runs on PHP 5.3 Instead of updating it, I think I'm just going to leave it "off" for now, until I can figure out a migration plan that leaves compatibility with phpvms 2.x and the upcoming 4.0. There are a lot of components to it, so it would take me a while to figure out how to do the upgrades and all. I have to re-do the main phpvms page, since I haven't moved that over yet either.
  18. phpVMS Hosting Now Available!

    Linode is great. It's where this site is hosted. For small dev stuff, digitalocean is a good bet as well
  19. phpVMS Hosting Now Available!

    I'm hoping by the end of Jan
  20. ACARS Devs

    Docs: https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms/wiki/acars I'm making some changes to how the PIREPs are filed. I don't have a list of who all the current ACARS devs are, but I suppose this is as good of a place to make it known. I'm compiling a master topic on Github issues, here: https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms/issues/118 I'll make notes, etc. Once of the changes that will be is that the file PIREP endpoint is going to require passenger information. When a user selects an aircraft, a request should be made to get the fare information for that aircraft, and it should be passed to the file PIREP endpoints. Otherwise, financials might not be accurate. If a plain passenger count is supplied, I'll manually fill out the fare classes, starting with the cheapest seats, until it fills, before moving on. Feedback, of course, is welcome.
  21. Installer Feedback

  22. Installer Feedback

    So I was using a 3rd party module for the installer, I decided to scrap it and just write it fresh from scratch. If you download the new nightly tarball, you should be able to just extract it, and then go to /install. Right now, it will create the database files, and then load the default "dev" data. Eventually it'll have the final step of creating the first user and stuff, but for now I just want to get the DB install stuff working. If you have issues, zip up the files in the storage/logs folders and add them to a post so I can take a look. I'm working on a solution for /public as well on shared hosts, so if you want to help test that, let me know as well.
  23. Shared host testing

    What do you mean you can't select them as a hub? If you hit the checkbox, they don't save? Someone else was having that issue as well, but it seemed to have been fixed. Let me know if you have any more details. Bid options in the settings panel? And the PIREP field, is it the same where the option isn't saving or is it something else?
  24. Shared host testing

    Hi all, we should be good to go on shared hosting. Just tested it on Dreamhost. Just upload the files like any old software and just go to the site
  25. Installer Feedback

    Did you have to do anything special?