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  1. hi, i'm trying to create a skin, i'm running wamp but unfortuantely I'm unable to log into my localhost/va (http) because every time I log in, I go direct to the live site. Any tips please? thanks!
  2. Using WAMP atm.. but the thing is: I was even unable to proceed in my paid host. But now the problems are solved somehow... thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, I'm trying to install the phpvms 5.5 and got the same error on my local server and host. Error: Access denied for user 'xxxxxxxx'@'localhost' to database 'xxxxxxxxxx Yes I already created new databases, yes I already uploaded the installation several times and still got the same error. PHP Version 5.6.30 (host) // PHP Version 5.6.35 (local). Any advices? Thanks!
  4. yeah, I'm running the phpvms in host/va and unfortunately I got "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found", so... do you have any ETA about the fix? Thanks for your work
  5. where do I get this version? can't find this version on github... thanks.
  6. Just installed, running build 180223-dd144c and I just can't bid in any flight. I got no message at all... any suggestions? Thanks for your help! *edit - sorry, posted in the wrong category.
  7. still a little lost.. atm im using <?php /** * These are some options for the ACARS map, you can change here * * By default, the zoom level and center are ignored, and the map * will try to fit the all the flights in. If you want to manually set * the zoom level and center, set "autozoom" to false. * * You can use these MapTypeId's: * http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/v3/reference.html#MapTypeId * * Change the "TERRAIN" to the "Constant" listed there - they are case-sensitive * * Also, how to style the acars pilot list table. You can use these style selectors: * * table.acarsmap { } * table.acarsmap thead { } * table.acarsmap tbody { } * table.acarsmap tbody tr.even { } * table.acarsmap tbody tr.odd { } */ ?> <script type="text/javascript"> <?php /* These are the settings for the Google map. You can see the Google API reference if you want to add more options. There's two options I've added: autozoom: This will automatically center in on/zoom so all your current flights are visible. If false, then the zoom and center you specify will be used instead refreshTime: Time, in seconds * 1000 to refresh the map. The default is 10000 (10 seconds) */ ?> var acars_map_defaults = { autozoom: true, zoom: 4, center: new google.maps.LatLng("<?php echo Config::Get('MAP_CENTER_LAT'); ?>", "<?php echo Config::Get('MAP_CENTER_LNG'); ?>"), mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.TERRAIN, refreshTime: 10000 }; </script> <h3>Mapa Em Tempo Real</h3> <div class="mapcenter" align="center"> <div id="acarsmap" style="width:<?php echo Config::Get('700');?>; height: <?php echo Config::Get('MAP_HEIGHT')?>;"></div> </div> <?php /* See below for details and columns you can use in this table */ ?> <table border = "0" width="670" id="tabledlist" class="tablesorter" /> <thead> <tr> <th width="174"><b>Piloto</b></th> <th width="60"><b>Vôo</b></th> <th width="40"><b>Origem</b></th> <th width="40"><b>Destino</b></th> <th width="100"><b>Situação</b></th> <th width="54"><b>Altitude</b></th> <th width="43"><b>Velocidade</b></th> <th width="125"><b>Dist/Tempo Restante</b></th> </tr> </thead> <tbody id="pilotlist"></tbody> </table> <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo fileurl('/lib/js/acarsmap.js');?>"></script> <?php $rowCounter = 1; ?> <?php /* This is the template which is used in the table above, for each row. Be careful modifying it. You can simply add/remove columns, combine columns too. Keep each "section" (<%=...%>) intact Variables you can use (what they are is pretty obvious) Variable: Notes: <%=flight.pilotid%> <%=flight.firstname%> <%=flight.lastname%> <%=flight.pilotname%> First and last combined <%=flight.flightnum%> <%=flight.depapt%> Gives the airport name <%=flight.depicao%> <%=flight.arrapt%> Gives the airport name <%=flight.arricao%> <%=flight.phasedetail%> <%=flight.heading%> <%=flight.alt%> <%=flight.gs%> <%=flight.disremaining%> <%=flight.timeremaning%> <%=flight.aircraft%> Gives the registration <%=flight.aircraftname%> Gives the full name <%=flight.client%> FSACARS/Xacars/FSFK, etc <%=flight.trclass%> "even" or "odd" You can also use logic in the templating, if you so choose: http://ejohn.org/blog/javascript-micro-templating/ */ ?> <script type="text/html" id="acars_map_row"> <tr class="<%=flight.trclass%>"> <td><center><a href="<?php echo url('/profile/view');?>/<%=flight.pilotid%>"><%=flight.pilotname%></a></td> <td><center><%=flight.flightnum%></td> <td><center><%=flight.depicao%></td> <td><center><%=flight.arricao%></td> <td><center><%=flight.phasedetail%></td> <td><center><%=flight.alt%></td> <td><center><%=flight.gs%></td> <td><center><%=flight.distremaining%> <?php echo Config::Get('UNITS');?> / <%=flight.timeremaining%></td> </tr> </script> <?php /* This is the template for the little map bubble which pops up when you click on a flight Same principle as above, keep the <%=...%> tags intact. The same variables are available to use here as are available above. */ ?> <script type="text/html" id="acars_map_bubble"> <span style="font-size: 10px; text-align:left; width: 100%" align="left"> <a href="<?php echo url('/profile/view');?>/<%=flight.pilotid%>"><%=flight.pilotid%> - <%=flight.pilotname%></a><br /> <strong>Flight <%=flight.flightnum%></strong> (<%=flight.depicao%> to <%=flight.arricao%>)<br /> <strong>Status: </strong><%=flight.phasedetail%><br /> <strong>Dist/Time Remain: </strong><%=flight.distremaining%> <?php echo Config::Get('UNITS');?> / <%=flight.timeremaining%><br /> </span> </script> <?php /* This is a small template for information about a navpoint popup Variables available: <%=nav.title%> <%=nav.name%> <%=nav.freq%> <%=nav.lat%> <%=nav.lng%> <%=nav.type%> 2=NDB 3=VOR 4=DME 5=FIX 6=TRACK */ ?> <script type="text/html" id="navpoint_bubble"> <span style="font-size: 10px; text-align:left; width: 100%" align="left"> <strong>Name: </strong><%=nav.title%> (<%=nav.name%>)<br /> <strong>Type: </strong> <?php /* Show the type of point */ ?> <% if(nav.type == 2) { %> NDB <% } %> <% if(nav.type == 3) { %> VOR <% } %> <% if(nav.type == 4) { %> DME <% } %> <% if(nav.type == 5) { %> FIX <% } %> <% if(nav.type == 6) { %> TRACK <% } %> <br /> <?php /* Only show frequency if it's not a 0*/ ?> <% if(nav.freq != 0) { %> <strong>Frequency: </strong><%=nav.freq%> <% } %> </span> </script>
  8. unfortunately I can't make it work.. I tried different solutions and nothing, can you give me a hand? thanks in advance.
  9. thanks for all the help PIREPData.class.php
  10. When I try to approve the pirep manually I get this error: public_html/va/core/common/PIREPData.class.php on line 337 The Log: http://www.portaldopiloto.com.br/va/index.php/pireps/viewreport/16
  11. I'm having an issue.. the module is rejecting some flights for no reason..
  12. Hi, I need a custom acars. I already sent e-mail to the kacars and vangelis but till now no response. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
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