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  1. This is just my opinion - do take it with a pinch of salt as I too am more of a coder than a pilot: Point 1: I would certainly penalize anything under 50fpm as the pilot appears to be deliberately trying to achieve the lowest landing rate rather than landing on the touchdown zone with plenty of runway ahead. Our flight tracker automatically rejects reports with landing rates above 700fpm and anything between -600fpm and -700fpm have to be manually approved. The remainder are automatically accepted at time of filing, assuming no other parameters are exceeded (pitch, bank etc.) Plan 'B' for
  2. Can someone please explain to me why 'greased landings' have become popular and seemingly encouraged on VACentral and the associated stats/scores? Greased landings are UNSAFE and surely should not be encouraged due to the amount of runway used/needed and the possibility of ending up through the nearest fast food restaurants plate glass windows should a gust of wind choose to hit the aircraft? Tim Walters MaldAir.com / EurOzone.com / MAlitary.org / EUSART.org
  3. Hi David RE: "This will allow vaCentral to track how the PIREP is being submitted. I am most likely going to reduce the value of manually submitted PIREPs. " Having written my own tracking software - can I confirm that this reduced 'value' will be based upon 'manual' being recorded in the PIREP 'source' field, or do you have a database of 'acceptable' trackers? Much appreciated. Tim Walters MaldAir.com
  4. OK - so currently 'unused' it appears.. I was wondering, as when looking at the various aCARS modules I discovered they didn't seem to do much with it. Thanks for the reply sir. Tim Walters MaldAir.com
  5. Simple question (hopefully); can someone explain to me the purpose of the 'online' field in the 'acarsdata' table? Thanks in advance. Tim Walters MaldAir.com
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