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  1. 6-23-17 I have seen phpVMS go through many different phases in what is nearly 10 years since I stumbled across it. Nabeel has been able to create the defacto application for people that want to start or run a virtual airline and keeping it free and open source deserves nothing but appreciation for Nabeel. I as many others have benefited from his work, both financially and not. I apologize to all those that were/are affected by my absence for quite some time both here on the forum and at SimpilotGroup. Things have changed in my life and my attention can not waver from my real world responsibilities for the foreseeable future. While I had hoped things would get to a point that I could focus time back to phpVMS but it is obviously not coming to realization. Family comes before all else I have learned and hope that others hear this as well, you can not get time back after it is gone. phpVMS & vaCentral - Currently, the domains for phpVMS and vaCentral are being transferred back to Nabeel and when that happens the sites will be moved to his server. I do not think there will be any interruption of any great consequence. The code for the newer version of vaCentral will transfer to Nabeel as well. I can not speak to if it will remain in use or if the site will return to the original code base, I know there have been many opinions as to what was/is best for the vaCentral site, that will be a decision for Nabeel to make. phpVMS3 - As of the end of January 2017 I had almost the complete backend of phpVMS3 coded with a converter for phpVMS2 in CodeIgniter, I have not picked up the code since. I do not see any sense in releasing it as phpVMS4 looks to be built on the Laravel platform. phpVMS3 is dead for all intents and purposes. Thank You to the airlines that had it in operation for testing. simpilotgroup - I never thought that when I started the site it would be around almost 10 years later but with the support of the community it has remained. With the changes I will be closing the site down sometime in late July 2017. I have made sure that all modules that are on the site are compatible with the phpVMS 5.5.x edition on my GitHub. I can not guarantee that they are compatible with other addons from other developers or your own customization work. GitHub - All the open source modules and code hosted at GitHub will remain there until GitHub does away with free open source hosting of code, if that ever happens. Blue skies to everyone and the future of phpVMS.
  2. I just installed a SSL cert for the test instance and am having no issue at this point after changing the base url. The only thing that was a hang was the Google Maps API which just required a url change. I also installed one here for the forum as an added layer of protection but with all the linked images you may get "insecure connection" messages occasionally. I have the proxy plugin running to try and fix all the offsite linked images to work on the https domain but with the size of the database it si going to take some time to complete the update.
  3. The same concept is being used - a global header and footer file with individual pages injected depending on the module/function. There are also options to inject extra pieces of code in the header and footer where needed, ie: a maps page requiring map scripts. This avoids having to load the script on every page load. Simple answer, no they are not going to be exactly the same, there will be some adaptation needed. If you have the ability to build or convert an html template for use in phpVMS2 you should have no problem making the transition. I will say one thing - the default template is based completely on bootstrap 3 without any modifications so if you are building a template based on that, it would most likely be easier to make the transition. As far as if you should wait to open your site that I can not answer. I would love to say that it would be out in BETA form tomorrow but unfortunately I can not devote all my time to it. For helping, what I need most right now is some sites willing to set their current site to forward ACARs data to my test instance as that is what I am working on right now and without live data coming it is tough to get a true sense of where things stand. I am currently mirroring vACA to it without issue using kACARS Free, xACARS, and ACAcars (customized kacars version) without much issue.
  4. I want this but..... here is what I am up against and it all revolves around the ACARs currently in use and the flight search option. Currently phpVMS gets a flight number (ABC123) from the client and looks for that flight number in the system, hence if there are two or more with the same flight number the client (I am working with kACARs right now) will throw an error (No Flights Found) due to more than one schedule being returned. I looked at forcing the response to only having one flight but then how do we know it is the leg that is needed. Flights that are bid on are an easy way around this as the system will simply return the next flight in the order of the pilot bids. On the other side I have had site owners tell me that they did not want pilots having to come to the site to bid, then going to the ACARs to retrieve the flight, theory is that it turns people away by requiring too many steps. Without a change to the ACARs client(s) the only thing that could be done is to force pilots to use a unique flight id for the flight, likely the database auto-increment id field, but that would again require a trip to the site, although you could show the unique id on the regular schedule search display. I have tested with using the unique id in place of a flight number with the current kACARs and it does work. I just do not know how much it would confuse some users though. I do like this method though. I would imagine Jeff would be willing to replace the text for the field in the client to reflect needing a unique id versus a flight number. The other thing that could be easily implemented in my opinion is to change the ACARs clients to accept multiple flight returns and give the user a way to choose which is correct. I have the multiple leg option already built on the system itself.
  5. I do not see this being an issue. The url for the system is set in one place and with the addition of a couple of .htaccess rules it should work without issue. As far as making some pages secure and some not I would have to think about that for a bit, there is always a way but the question brings up the question of if it is worth dividing the site up into separate pieces. If a server by chance is not using mod_rewrite then it can be faked using a hook. My goal from the beginning is to keep it as simple as possible as far as the management side.
  6. I have implemented a soft delete on almost all fields in the system. The deleted item will essentially "disappear" from any listings but will still be in place for anything tied to it, ie PIREPs. There is also a management section for a super admin to review and soft deletes and either leave them there for use in the background or to truly delete the item. If an item is deleted anything tied to it will simply respond as "unknown" in the field that was attached.
  7. Hi simpilot, does you still offering that paid modules in your website ?

    1. simpilot


      Yes, the WHMCS system was broke for a couple of days. It should be good now.

  8. I think I found the culprit. Try clearing the cache on your Android browsers and visiting the forum.
  9. Is there any white space at the start of the config file possibly? How are you saving it, Windows format or Linux line endings?
  10. Max, you are correct, as any admin would probably do I banned it within hours of the site being compromised. It is now set as a normal account if you desire to use it. There were also 8 IP addresses associated with the account that were banned from the server but as you are on the forum you must be using a different one so i am leaving those in place. Taylor, I appreciate your openness in your post. I have never tried to destroy or otherwise hinder another system from becoming available. I have no intentions of starting now, frankly other systems drive us all to make our own projects better so we all win. I can not take complete, actually very little, credit for phpVMS, ultimately we all have Nabeel to thank. The only system that was anything near a true VA System prior to phpVMS that I was aware of was VABase. The rest of us have come after. I can only wish you and VAOS (and VAMS, and VAFinancials, and, ...) a productive future, we will all learn from each other. Some people like red cars and some like blue cars, this is the same for software/applications and.... if everyone drove the same color car life would be pretty boring.
  11. I am going to say this just as I have said to Mr Waltons' five layers of representation privately, and I have clearly stated in the original post. The post details my conclusion formed from my interpretation and opinion of your statements, anyone else needs to draw their own conclusions, just as your stated opinions of the forum using an illegal license, me being thick, and all IPBoard users being dumb will lead people to their own conclusions. You speak of the kind of man I am, I have not censored your posts, deleted posts, banned your profile, or anything else to stop your voice from being heard. This is the kind of man I am, allowing for all to state their opinion and let others form their own opinions. I do draw the line when things become vulgar and at threats to personal being which could be derived from your karma smacking me in the face comments but again, that is my opinion so I have let them stand. Not everyone will ever agree with everything another does, this is a simple fact of life. There will be no apologies from me for showing factual information and my stating an opinion. I do however want to thank you for two things. 1 - For all the grief I have gotten I have gotten 10 fold support. This helps me realize the world is not all that gloomy of a place. 2 - You have lit a fire in me that has been missing for quite some time, that is to go ahead and finish coding and get the next generation of phpVMS out to the community.
  12. I will do my best to address the questions and accusations pointed out by a number of the previous posts. Do I have proof of who the perpetrator that has caused the issues outlined in my original post? - Server logs, or what is left of them would be a better statement, have been archived and will be reviewed when and if necessary. Here is my opinion and how I got to it. When someone posts that they can be thanked for a situation portrayed within a screenshot contained in the post I personally do not find any other conclusion than that person either did it, or at least has involvement or knowledge of how it occurred. Why else would they want to be thanked for it? Yes, I am responsible for managing this forum, not only technically but financially. The phpvms and vacentral sites are solely supported by me financially at this point and have been that way for some time. I do not have a problem with this but I do believe it gives me some authority as to how my finances are spent against which parts of phpVMS. Am I the best at being timely with updates and such, admittedly no. There is also no way to update an ipBoard without continuing to purchase license renewals so it comes back to a financial matter, which for an open source project with no income is not sustainable in the long term. So if this makes me, and anyone else that has found themselves in this situation a "dumbass" as stated in the first post then I am guilty of just that. Sometimes the most trusting and giving people have to learn the hardest lessons, that is an unfortunate reality of life today. There seems to be this theory that I have somehow nulled or obtained a nulled license for the forum. This is untrue in every sense of the statement. The original license was purchased for the domain by Nabeel and has been in place ever sense. He renewed a couple of times and I also renewed once when first taking over the forum operation. This license does not expire or become invalid if it is not renewed, you simply lose the support of future updates and the limited support that IPBoard offers. If you truly feel that this forum is operating without or with an improper license please feel free to report it to Invision themselves using their piracy reporting function. HERE IS THE LINK - https://invisionpower.com/legal/piracy - If you are correct I am sure I would be contacted and the board would/will be shut down. Am I aware that the VAOS forum was started due to the phpVMS forum being down, yes of course I do. What I find troubling is the timing of posts on the VAOS Facebook page related to it. Could it be a coincidence? Sure, but I also can say I have started to connect enough dots for a picture to emerge. Also, if you have an opinion about this, feel free to post or email me directly. If you find it necessary to threaten family, home, or life, the post will be removed immediately and an email to me with anything of this nature will simply be deleted.
  13. The forum has lost about 36 hours of data due to an exploit that was present in the IPBoard system, it has since been patched. I think the attached Facebook thread involving Max Dyba will give you all the information needed to come to your own conclusion as to "why". The only word I can muster is disappointing. I attach it as a photo as I am sure the page will be edited in the near future. This post was made shortly after the forum "went down". I wish the best for these guys but it is embarrassing to all of us when developers act this way. NOTE: Neither my host or I have been able to verify if any data was actually downloaded or not. I would suggest a password change both for the forum and the email you have associated with your profile. Edit on 12-6-2016 @ 6:15pm EST - The view expressed here is not to be construed as the view of any one or anything else but myself. This is an opinion and also simply provides what I believe to be the facts presented to me, everyone can come to their own conclusion and do their own research if they so desire.
  14. Looking at the insert on the surface it seems like it should work. Is the spelling of the column name not the same in the table as in the code possibly? Is the pirep not submitting at all, or is it just missing that field when it submits?
  15. That's isn't my point and your solution works for you, that's all that matters.
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