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  1. I've seen it all now, a VA that does karaoke on teamspeak every friday night? I mean seriously?!
  2. Hello! Sorry for the delay and many thanks! Will give it a go. Appreciate it thank you, Matthew
  3. Well I suppose it sounds like a good idea very helpful indeed. At least I might actually be able to get help for a problem I have at the moment! Cheers
  4. Looks nice, very clean and modern. Maybe it's just me, but should your slogan not say "Changing the way you fly!" the way we fly sounds a bit strange like we're constantly changing how we do things. Perhaps it is just me! But nice sit like it, well done.
  5. Hello! Would really appreciate some help as so nearly have this figured! Bump bump bumpity bump please
  6. I think I've nearly done it just the last bit now it's not working 100%. Into "scedule_searchform.tpl" I simply add a new ID in the tabcontainer and then below a new section. This is what I have come up with: <li><a href="#flighttypetab"><span>By Flight Type</span></a></li> </select> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Find Flights" /> </div> <div id="flighttype"> <p>Select a flight type, charter or scheduled.</p> <select id="flighttype" name="flighttype"> <option value="">Select Flight Type</option> <?php if($schedule->flighttype == $flightkey); ($flighttypes as $flightkey=>$flighttype) { echo '<option value="'.$schedule->flighttype.'">'.$schedule->flighttype.'</option>'; } ?> But I have a feeling it's not right as it doesn't seem to work. I'm getting the info on what to put from here (ops_scheduleform.tpl): <td valign="top"><strong>Flight Type</strong></td> <td><select name="flighttype"> <?php foreach($flighttypes as $flightkey=>$flighttype) { if($schedule->flighttype == $flightkey) $sel = 'selected'; else $sel = ''; ?> <option value="<?php echo $flightkey?>" <?php echo $sel; ?>><?php echo $flighttype?> Flight</option> <?php } ?> </select> </td> And this is a working template of another tab in the schedule search I was using but replacing with flight type info: <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Find Flights" /> </div> <div id="airlinetab"> <p>Select An Airline</p> <select id="airlines" name="airlines"> <option value="">Select Airline</option> <?php if(!$airlines) $airlines = array(); foreach ($airlines as $airline) { echo '<option value="'.$airline->code.'">'.$airline->name.'</option>'; } ?> </select> Any ideas on what the correct combinations would be in able for it to work? thanks!
  7. Well I suppose it's worth a shot?! Can't imagine it being any different than searching by the day just flight type? Will have to search the forums see if I can find the code for that and/or instructions
  8. Well it's not ideal, it would be better to be able to search by flight type of course. But I suppose if it's not possible then what you mention would have to do!
  9. Had a quick search over the forums but no luck. People have asked I believe how to be able to search the schedules by using hundreds of different variations. But what I was wondering if it's possible to add an alternative flight search box by flight type? You know, when you upload the schedules you can say if each route is either: The reason I say it is as you know I have a charter airline and there are literally tens of thousands of charter routes, but then amongst those there are are few routes which are actually "Scheduled" routes. So to be able to filter those from the charter routes I was hoping to be able to search by either "P" passenger flights or "H" Charter flights. Any suggestions, any code snippets? I know the flight types exist, just a question of pulling those and putting them into the schedule search. (I'm talking about the default schedule search not the one by Simpilot). Many thanks for your help again, Matthew
  10. Good to see Euroscot on it's feet again! Better to see you too Connor, best of luck for the future
  11. Hi Kyle, keep getting a 404 on the download link and even your profile on github. Help please?!
  12. Many thanks for your time and patience to try all that for me tutmeister. Although must have done something wrong there :S I added the parts that you changed but strangely it's not aligning to the right still. www.iberworldva.com Wonder why that is :S Obviously I added them respectively to style.css and layout.tpl Tricky tricky EDIT: using jfiddle I copied in exactly what I have in layout and stlye from my site and pasted it and replaced what was in jfiddle, now it shows fine on there to the right yet having the exact same things my site still doesnt do it properly. How strange is that. There is another .css file only one more but can't see anything there that would effect it? EDIT2: False alarm, it appears to be fine now to the right. Just have to get the login stuff all reordered I suppose now, and another tiny thing when you are eventually logged in, there is nothing up there except the orange sticker and the logo all the "once you are logged in" items vanish :S EDIT3: Forget the above, just fixed that problem. Something wasn't right with authorizations. Now all that's left is to align the two links when you're not logged in. :S EDIT4: Works great just aligned them, BUT when you login now it completely throws the page about as per this photo: http://i49.tinypic.com/2wnboqq.png Why I wonder? Will take a look see if I can work it out. EDIT5: Ok, done at last thank you so much so very helpful without your input wouldn't have been able to do it I think haha +1 Now gonna see if I can just reduce the space between the banner and the top. So not too much white. Managed to add another image by adding image box 2 to the css but now it's sort of squeezed the login boxes to the very left:/ WOuld be nice if I couldhave that to the right abit more. Have tried aligning it but not working :S
  13. Brilliant tutmeister thanks, will certainly take a look! And sorry, yes had it under maintenance mode overnight.
  14. Okay, reverted. Thanks again let me know if there's anything else. Didnt think one small image would create so much confusion! haha
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