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  1. Great.. This is the documentation link for IVAO APIv2 https://wiki.ivao.aero/en/home/devops/api/documentation-v2. I don't know which one you need, but you might want to look at the user session on the private API set. Also, to use the private API, va must be listed as official in IVAO, and only then they can request the token to use the API. Which i believe is not difficult for Vielma16 and Srilankan Virtual.
  2. IMHO, for IVAO, you can try to parse IVAO whazzup data, and compare it to your pilot's flight data. If something match (can be vid, and/or callsign, and/or strings at the remark), then the system tag it online per whazzup download. So you have to set minimum value for the whole flight to be reported as online flight. Or you can try for their private APIv2, which require token for an approved VA. But, still i can't write a code for that, so i would like to know too..
  3. does the leaflet map work inside your phpvms installation?
  4. Hello.. I'm sorry not being clear before. It's on the acarsmap.php, change the script to to Leaflet's. Is it the CC payware modules? Regards
  5. You've changed to Leaflet? You have to modify the scripts for displaying the whatever things you want at your map to Leaflet script too... Regards
  6. Found the solution to my problem. Apparently it is not the module itself. It is mentioned here. Regards
  7. Helo Nabeel.. Tried to, but no response at all. Also read on other thread that one got his refund from paypal, most likely because paypal get no answer as well from CC guys. So i think i will rely on the help from the community. Regards
  8. Hello All.... I had a problem with Auto Assignment Module by Crazy Creatives. If pilot bid the assigned schedule, the phpvms system recognize that the pilot had a bid, but the bid won't show on the pilot's bid page. Instead the bid appears on the smartcars. Further investigation, i found that the module did not send aircraft registration to the phpvms_bids table (the aircraftid is 0/zero, not blank). As the module is payware, would someone kind enough to help me on this via PM? The developer is no longer replying for their customer's communication. Regards
  9. Get your point ProAvia.. Will do that, hope someone will be able to help me Thanks
  10. Me too had several payware CC modules....and no respond from their end to my problem. The question is, how can i get some help from this community to resolve my problem related to the CC payware modules? In my case, i think i know what might the problem is, but my scripting knowledge is not that good. I believe there must be a way to get help from this community, other than "no solution here, please contact the not-replying-at-all developer for your issue" Any direction ProAvia?
  11. hello..... can somebody direct me how to change the route map displayed when i click the route on the pilot's pirep detail on the Admin panel? I could manage to convert the map on the va site, but not on this particular map in the admin panel... i've attached the map results from the same pirep, one from the pilot's logbook, and one from the admin pilot pirep list thanks... version php7.2
  12. hello.... any news on the project?
  13. YusufBudi


    Great skin..!! If you get errors : - home: Fatal error: Call to undefined method TouchdownStatsData::get_landingstats_currentmonth() in/home/yusufbudi1234/public_html/flyid.net/lib/skins/blueIce/frontpage_main.php on line 139 See this thread and jump to post#106. Just insert this on the TouchdownstatsData.class.php public static function get_stats_by_cur_month($howmany) { $query = "SELECT pilotid, code, flightnum, depicao, arricao, aircraft, landingrate, submitdate FROM `".TABLE_PREFIX."pireps` WHERE landingrate < '0' AND MONTH(submitdate)=MONTH(now()) AND YEAR(submitdate)=YEAR(now()) ORDER BY landingrate DESC LIMIT $howmany"; return DB::get_results($query); } and change the frontpage_main.php line 139 to $lstats = TouchdownStatsData::get_stats_by_cur_month(5); - My Profile : Fatal error: Call to undefined method StatsData::TotalPilotMiles() in/home/yusufbudi1234/public_html/flyid.net/lib/skins/blueIce/profile_main.php on line 57 Solved, as posted by Servetas here post #2 public static function TotalPilotMiles($pilotid) { $key = 'total_miles'; $key .= '_'.$pilotid; $total = CodonCache::read($key); if($total === false) { $total = 0; $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."pireps WHERE pilotid='$pilotid' AND accepted=1"; $results = DB::get_results($sql); if($results) { foreach($results as $result) { $total += $result->distance; } } CodonCache::write($key, $total, '15minute'); } return $total; } - Edit : Just found the solution. URL : http://flyid.net PHPVMS ver : 5.5.2 PHP ver : 5.5.37
  14. YusufBudi


    Managed to install on two servers, all with phpvms 5.5 from simpilot... But, on one server, all page with recaptcha on it, won't display properly Can anybody tell me how to resolve this captcha issue? RESOLVED!! This is what i did... 1. go to https://www.google.c...ntro/index.html, and get your key (public/site key and secret key) 2. set your key on the app.config.php 3. open core_htmlhead.php and add : <script src='https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js'></script> 4. open contact_form.php and registration_mainform.php and then on both files : replace <?php echo recaptcha_get_html(Config::Get('RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY'), $captcha_error); ?> with <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY"></div> Thank you for this awesome skin.
  15. YusufBudi


    Allright then... Revert back to tpl version...
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