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  1. Hello All, FIrst off I know I have been negligent on not updating phpVMS like I should have, but in the here and now, how do I fix this issue. It was hacked and now there is a pop up box with the hacker group and if I dismiss that dialog, then it takes me to the screen with there ad for the group. I have temporarily suspended the site virtualblue.org for security purposes, but how do I get that fixed and how to I update the site. Here is the link to the exploit they sent me. http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/24960/ Thanks
  2. From my knowledge it works best with 000webhost.com
  3. Hello, Recently I have had issues with people making fake pilot accounts so they can have the Recent Pilots List and Pilot Roster say profane names and spam other entities. How do I make it so registered pilots don't show up until they are accepted? Thanks! --Brendan
  4. Director of Flight Operations Virtual Blue Airways is a dynamic and fresh virtual airline looking to start a new generation virtual airline. We believe in a practical fun while professional environment. When you join vBlue, you will be greeted with kind words from our Crew Management Department. Virtual Airlines about flying and having fun, but getting your hours and learning to fly a jetBlue aircraft isn't possible without someone to guide you. That is why we are hiring a Director of Flight Operations. Requirements 16 years of age or older Ability to communicate professionally and promptly with others Have an exceptionable knowledge on how to fly various payware modal aircraft Be able to give 8 hours (min.) to Virtual Blue Valid Skype ID and willing to install the Teamspeak 3 Client What is the Director of Flight Operations responsible for? Manage Submitted Flight Reports Maintain an up to date database of airports, fleet, and schedules Provide assistance for questions with Flight Simulator X questions and the operations of aircraft Showing at a monthly staff meeting Daily Check of staff email address Have what it takes to become part of the Virtual Blue Administration? Someone has got to do it! Please submit requests for further information to president@virtualblue.org
  5. Hosting24.com Use the coupon/promo code VBLUE
  6. Hello, Can someone give me the code to pull the pilot roster for individual hubs to use on my hub pages? Thanks! -Brendan
  7. Hello All, would anyone be willing to make me a live flights board and customized acars map to go on the frontpage of my website. PM if interested
  8. I suggest creating your pages through the ftp instead of the admin panel. Below are the instructions on doing so In your File Manager go to Core > Moduals > and create a folder for the page name you want. For example we want to make a fleet page so we will create a new directory names Fleet (first letter MUST be capital) Navigate into the Directory you made A.K.A Fleet and create a new file name Fleet.php Past the following script into the Fleet.php file <?php class Fleet extends CodonModule { function index() { $this->show('fleet'); } } <<<End of Script Don't Insert This Line>>> Now save this file and navigate into your active skin file (/lib/skins/skinname) Create a file named fleet.tpl (all lowercase) This fleet.tpl file is what you will edit to show your page content. This should fix the html tag issue. Hope I helped! Cheers! Brendan
  9. When I try to go into the admin panel, I get this error. How do I fix it. Thanks!
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