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  1. Yes I have tried that one nothing seems to be working tho if you could help me get them working got would be appreciated
  2. I have tried to Install a couple of your addons including the Plugin manager and the Event booking system but every time i get a error like: Notice: The template file "/home/skywestv/public_html//admin/templates/plugins/header.tpl" doesn't exist in /home/skywestv/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 248 Notice: The template file "/home/skywestv/public_html//admin/templates/plugins/uploaded.tpl" doesn't exist in /home/skywestv/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.phpon line 248 Notice: The template file "/home/skywestv/public_html//admin/templates/plugins/footer.tpl" doesn't exist in /home/skywestv/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 248 Or similar I am at a loss on how to fix i have read all the posts and have tried the things suggested to fix these problems but nothing is working if you could please help it would be greatly appreciated Brandon Ward Skywestvirtual.tk
  3. bward624


    Is there a add on module for php that will allow the pilots to choose custom routes that may not be in the DB
  4. bward624


    How do i add specific pilots into specific groups?
  5. bward624

    vStaff - v1.0

    what is phpmyadmin?
  6. bward624

    vStaff - v1.0

    how do i do that?
  7. bward624

    vStaff - v1.0

    no error i just doesnt add it
  8. bward624

    vStaff - v1.0

    ok thats what im doing but i is not creating the staff postions
  9. Can some one help me install IPS on my website please?
  10. bward624


    Which forum is his?
  11. bward624

    vStaff - v1.0

  12. bward624

    need 2 things

    Hey guys i am looking for some people to help me out with a couple of things 1. i am looking for someone who is willing to do custom liveries for my fleet for free or little money. 2. i need someone to create me a custom skin for my website for free or little money if you can help me out with this please contact me
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