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  1. Hello, how do you remove the side news bar on your template 'Brilliance?'

  2. monkeypaw201

    ByPass Skin

    Does anyone one know how to bypass the skin wrapping? I know by default you call a template with $this->render('template.tpl'); Is there another function or param to pass to disable the skin wrapping?
  3. monkeypaw201

    User selectable skins

    Thanks simpilot
  4. monkeypaw201

    Surreal Template v1 With Dropdown Menus

    Hi markusr, It sure is, on line 52, just remove to get rid of the default links: <?php Template::Show('core_navigation.tpl'); ?> As for the thumbnails, I'll have to get back to you on that.
  5. monkeypaw201

    User selectable skins

    Yeah, but that's not too difficult
  6. monkeypaw201

    User selectable skins

    Alrighty! I've got it, was actually easier than I thought: In /core/codeon.config.php add the following to the top (inside the PHP tags): session_start(); if(isset($_GET['template']) && $_GET['template'] != ''){ $_SESSION['template'] = $_GET['template']; define('CURRENT_SKIN',$_GET['template']); } if(isset($_SESSION['template']) && $_SESSION['template'] != '') { define('CURRENT_SKIN',$_SESSION['template']); } Now, the only thing YOU have to do is add a dropdown or links to change the skin. To change the skin, just link it to something like this: Any page, just append ?template=TEMPLATEFOLDERNAME and it will set the skin. Note however that if someone tries to become a smartypants, and put in a skin that doesn't exist, they'll get a blank page.
  7. monkeypaw201

    User selectable skins

    I'll see what I can cook up
  8. monkeypaw201

    User selectable skins

    Haha, I am most willing to share, The system I used doesn't work 100% because any core redirects reset the template, but I'll go ahead and share anyways; My Way: In /core/codon.config.php I added to the top (before anything, but within the PHP tags): if(isset($_GET['template']) && $_GET['template'] != '') { define('CURRENT_SKIN',$_GET['template']); } The Ideal Way: The Ideal way to do this for pilots would be to tweak that code to read a cookie that would have to be set elsewhere, but if you set it (Excellent Tutorial: http://www.w3schools.com/php/func_http_setcookie.asp) you could then call it with: $_COOKIE['template'] instead of $_GET['template'] If you guys want, I can try and play around with this and see if I can get an easy way to get this to work.. problem is when you update it'll get overwritten.
  9. monkeypaw201

    Skinning Reference Guide

    I thought I would try to create a reference guide that is more of a list of elements and pieces that you can put into a template (a little more in-depth than the documentation). I think its generic enough to not get too technical, but if I left something out, let me know so I can update it. EDIT: forgot to attach phpVMS Skinning Reference.pdf
  10. monkeypaw201

    Admin In The Clouds - 1ST ADMIN TEMPLATE

    I know, DNS is propogating.. give a few hours.. or if you are hasty, open command prompt and run: Then try the link again and it should work
  11. monkeypaw201

    Sleek Template v1 with Dropdown Menus

    Just a fix in regards to the issue brought up in: http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/3217-surreal-template-v1-with-dropdown-menus/page__view__findpost__p__21861 I went back to see if any other templates where having the same issue (and no-one reported it yet), and I found it in a couple, so I just fixed it and published an update. Its just some readjustment of lines.
  12. monkeypaw201

    Surreal Template v1 With Dropdown Menus

    Removed due to copyright violation - Nabeel
  13. monkeypaw201

    Illuminati Template v1 With News Marquee

    Version 1.1 Now Available: http://rapidshare.com/files/440863522/phpvmstemplate_illuminativ1.zip
  14. monkeypaw201

    Clouds v1 With Dropdown Menu

    Post deleted
  15. monkeypaw201

    Brilliance v1 With jQuery Pilot Center

    Version 1.1 Now Available: http://www.la92.com/thread-2.html