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  1. I went through and checked the lines and still no fix. The code for the page: Link Here! Thanks, Mitch
  2. For on of my pages that are separate from phpVMS I want to use data from phpVMS and put it into a table. I have put in this code in the <head> part: <?php require_once("VatsimPHPgenerator.php"); $VatsimPHP=new VatsimPHP; include 'core/codon.config.php'; ?> And I get this error: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at F:\XAMPP\xampp\htdocs\deparr.php:14) in F:\XAMPP\xampp\htdocs\core\codon.config.php on line 40 Anyone know whats wrong?
  3. I am building a website at the moment for my virtual airline. It will be all done in PHP but I need to be pointed in the right direction. 1. What is the best 'framework' to build my site on (e.g Codon, CakePHP etc.) 2. Can I pull data from multiple phpVMS databases and display them on a single page? 3. Can I insert data into multiple phpVMS databases? You may say, why not just use phpVMS? Here is how my CEO wants it... - 'Australian Frontier' has three divisions: Pacific Frontier, Australian Frontier, Australian-Pacific Cargo all going to be separate sites (with the seperate sites powered
  4. I want to modify: public static function getAircraftInfo($reg) { $reg = DB::escape($reg); return DB::get_row('SELECT * FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX.'aircraft WHERE `registration` ='.$reg ); } so it will return the hours as well.. I have no idea how I am going to this so can someone please provide the code. Thanks, Mitch
  5. Or you can make a different CSS file for the HTML Non-Compatible browsers and do a 'if browser' thingy. I want to use HTML 5 because most of the features you can find in Flash are much easier to make in HTML 5 saving time, money and effort.
  6. I am currently using Firefox 4.0 BETA and HTML 5 does work...mostly but google chrome i have found works best. Those are the 2 browsers that I have found compatible and IE9 should be compatible with it. The reason I want to use HTML 5 to built this new site is because my very fussy CEO wants a very high quality with a good UI, most of the features I need are in HTML 5.
  7. I was watching some stuff on the GoogleDevelopers channel and fell in love with HTML5. But I have a few questions because I have chosen to use HTML 5 to build my virtual airlines new site. 1. What browser (and browser versions) support HTML 5 + CSS 3? 2. Would it be hard to implement it into phpVMS? 3. (Off Topic) When is IE 9 being released? Thanks, Mitch
  8. 2.6 Ghz Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 ATI HD Radeon 5850 1gb 4gb RAM Partitioned 480 gb (Split into two 240 gb 'hard drives') 500gb HDD Windows XP Professional SP3 CoolerMaster CM 690 II Advanced Microsoft Flight Simulator X I get around 80 frames when flying on VATSIM...
  9. http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/1966-phpvmsbooking-release/
  10. I have been asked by my CEO to create a function that allows the user to register to 3 different sites using ONLY one form. Is it possible to change the code of the default register_mainform.tpl (I re-written all the code from register.php and made it much simpler and also made a new registration form exactly the same as the register_mainform.tpl) to make it so that it posts the data contained in the form to many sites at once. Therefore you get the same data on all three sites without having to fill out 3 registration forms. Thanks in advance, Mitch
  11. I am still getting a blank page... Does the OperationsData::getAircraftInfo($id) $id mean the registration or the actual aircraft id (1,2,3 etc.). WorldACARS sends the data as the registration of the aircraft and not the numeric ID. Updated Code: public function maintence() { $reg = $this->get->reg; $aircraft = $this->getAircraftInfo($reg); echo "$aicraft->totaltime"; }
  12. I'm working one of the new features for WorldACARS that pulls aircraft data from the database, displays it, gets processed by WorldACARS then displays it to the user. For some reason the code I wrote doesn't work: (It pulls data from url, e.g http://localhost/action.php/wacars/maintence?reg=VH-FTW) public function maintence() { $reg = $_GET['reg']; $aicraft = self::getAircraftInfo($reg); echo "$aicraft->totaltime"; } public static function getAircraftInfo($reg) { $reg = DB::escape($reg); return DB::get_row('SELECT * FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX.'aircr
  13. Open up Fleet.php and instead of the default FleetInfo() change it to this code: /** * Return all possible information about the fleet * Code by Mitchell W * Enhanced by Stu (stuartpb) * Fleet Table 2.0 Order by Aicraft Type Edit */ public static function FleetInfo() { $sql = 'SELECT a.*, a.name AS aircraft, COUNT(p.pirepid) AS routesflown, SUM(p.distance) AS distance, SEC_TO_TIME(SUM(p.flighttime*60*60)) AS totaltime, AVG(p.distance) AS averagedistance, AVG(p.flighttime) as averagetime FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX.'aircraft a LEFT OUTER JOI
  14. This is the order things will happen: BETA Testing WorldACARS 1.0 Standard Release (For VAs that just want the normal version with standard features) WorldACARS 1.0 Custom Release (Comes with SDK, for VAs that want there own logo, colors, features etc.) The SDK will pretty much be the Visual Studio 2008 project file plus documentation.
  15. WorldACARS is close to BETA release and I need some virtual airlines (or just people) to test it. First of all register at www.worldacars.co.cc. In a couple of days when the BETA is released you will be sent a link to the download. And like everything I release, it is 100% FREE
  16. The SDK should be released in a week or so... as soon as the status reporting feature is complete I can release the program. Then I have to do the documentation, copyrights etc then I'll release the SDK.
  17. Hello all, For WorldACARS I have chosen to have the program open a browser and go to http://localhost/action.php/wacars/pirep and then insert the data after the url (e.g wacars/pirep?id=1&code=VMS). I always get: Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, 'wacars::pirep' was given in /home/a5059087/public_html/core/classes/MainController.class.php on line 218 With this code: private function pirep() { $id = $_GET['id']; $code = $_GET['code']; $flightnum = $_GET['flightnum'];
  18. Just a quick question...the 'load' variable in the filePIREP array (im using for WorldACARS), what is the definition of it? Is it the amount of passengers or what? Thanks, Mitch
  19. That is provided by Innovata (i think cause of the logo bottom right corner) and there site is http://www.innovatallc.com/index.aspx?lang=En-Ca (alot of their stuff requires cash so...)
  20. The truth is...it dosn't. It adds a realistic side of things to make the VA website seem more real, also in the future (once im done with WorldACARS and a million other things) i will add all sorts of stuff to enhance it. But pretty much its another way of bidding on flights
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNnLrkVkkKA What im working on.... More info soon...
  22. PROJECT ABANDONED! Reason: phpVMS already has a large amount of compatible acars programs. With the release of kACARS and N402K's ACARS...whats the point or need for another ACARS program? For Developers: I will post the uncompleted source code on github soon. Details will be posted below once i have uploaded the stuff to git.
  23. Yes it should just change the ('/booking') to ('/modulename') modulename = Name of the module (the folder in core/modules)
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