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  1. Fuel Calculations

    The most important part of the fuel calculation is that it's stored to DB in lbs, so all you need is to fetch the fuel amount from DB and show it where ever you like. Also, what i can offer is a module I created to calculate fuel, based on aircraft parameters (ex. fuel burn per hour, altitude,...). Then it will give you an estimate of how much fuel to be loaded for a flight in both metric and imperial systems. Here is the link: FuelCalculator_V1.0
  2. Fuel Calculator V_1.1

    I would put this in "FCalculator.class.php" and then call the function in "FuelCalculator.php" in module folder inside index() function like the following: FCalculator::CalcFuelFlows(); This way every time anyone opens the module the table gets updated. Cheers
  3. Pilot Center not displaing anything

    What do you trying to do in above code? If you're trying to count number of bids then the following is the right code to do it: $bidscontados = COUNT($countabids);
  4. Fuel Calculator V_1.1

    Open fuelcalculator.php in module folder and look for the following: $flndg = $fuelhr * 3/4; 1 hr 15 minutes would be 75 minutes which is "$fuelhr * 1.25 ", so change "fuelhr * 3/4" to that every where you see the code line
  5. Add to bid

    Have you altered or modified "Schedules" module? If yes, then try replacing the module folder from phpVMS 5.5x download. The error says your "Schedules" module is missing a section in it.
  6. Help me please

    There is no upgrade file you can run to convert 936 to 5.5x. What you can do instead are the following: 1. Back up your DB tables one by one (separate SQL files). 2. Back up your local.config.php file. 3. Back up your skin folder. 4. Install phpVMS 5.5x. 5. Replace your local.config.php with the one you backed up. 6. Drop all your newly installed tables in database and import the ones you backed up one by one. 7. Place your skin folder in lib/skins. After doing the above, you'll have to run your website to find out if there are any errors. The most important sections are pilots and airlines tables to match exactly with the ones you backed up. I understand this must be a hassle if you don't have PHP and HTML coding knowledge which you can ask someone to get it done for you. Good Luck
  7. Flight Board

    I don't think you can use it for phpVMS directly but you can show VATSIM and IVAO flight board if your VA is setup with them and your pilots connect to their network using your VA's call sign.
  8. Flight Board

    This is the official website: http://www.utr-online.com
  9. Requiring 2 pilots to fly a single route

    Not that I know of. Unless you want to achieve something else, this is the way.
  10. Requiring 2 pilots to fly a single route

    You are correct. Leave it at false.
  11. Live flight tracker fault.

    Please tell us what version of phpVMS you are using to better help you. Also, the ACARS client you're using.
  12. Requiring 2 pilots to fly a single route

    You can disable "bids on bid" in "local.config.php" file. Look for the following: Config::Set('DISABLE_BIDS_ON_BID', false); Just change "false" to "true". Now your pilots will be able to bid on a bidded schedule.
  13. TopPilot V2.0

    @Tummi I'm surprised! I just double checked and it's working correctly. Would u like to give access to your cpanel to find out where the problem is? Also, check the year for those pireps to be 2017 in your DB.
  14. TopPilot V2.0

    Please check the landing rate column to be in negative numbers as I checked the code with landing rate of (-53) and it shows correctly in the Years.
  15. Financial Report V2.0

    I usually publish my modules with plain CSS so everyone can change it base on their needs. What i have as skin on my website is totally custom design and is only for showing my modules. Another issue is the javascript conflict on your website or you may have forgotten to add its relative link to your header section.