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  1. what version of phpVMS are you running?
  2. Not sure if I'm following you by percent flight.🤔
  3. If you click the below url, you will see the information they are providing in an XML format. Whatever info they provide can be shown in my module. If you have php knowledge to do so, you're welcome to go ahead and modify the module to your need. If you want me to customize the module for you, then it's gonna cost you a donation to my website at "www.parkho.ir" and clicking on the "Donate" button. 🙂 https://www.aviationweather.gov/adds/dataserver_current/httpparam?dataSource=metars&requestType=retrieve&format=xml&stationString=KSFO&hoursBeforeNow=1
  4. Your php.ini file needs to be configured to "allow_url_fopen". Open php.ini file on your server and change the mentioned option to "ON".
  5. If you have a big table with a lot of data, loading them all into a drop-down + notes will take a while and slow down your server. Instead, I suggest you pull FN and notes for pilot's last pirep letting them to fill in the submission form from there. What do you think?
  6. There is another section in registration module function that suppose to check for the verification of recaptcha and in your case, somehow it had a bug not to check the submitted registration form.
  7. You'll need to alter some core files in order to remove the recaptcha.
  8. Do you want your pilots to be able to choose the FN and the rest of their PIREP's info show up in the fields automatically?
  9. After installation, I get the following page: Any ideas?!?!?
  10. I can't remember why I put "break" in that line but as of php 7 or higher, "break" statement is not permitted any more.
  11. Please paste your code for the dropdown and I'll add the required codes to it.
  12. Actually I'm aware of that I just haven't had time to fix it. I remember I fixed it for an airline using PHP strtotime function. I will have to rewrite that function and once done both your issues will be resolved.
  13. I would trigger the function on page load to see if it's working properly.
  14. Would you like to give me your Admin and cpanel login info so that I can check it out for you?
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