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  1. If you get that API then I'll write the code for it!
  2. You need API from VATSIM or IVAO in order to be able to get your pilot's log info. If your ACARS client somehow logs their record in VATSIM or IVAO networks then you'll be able to fetch that data and apply rules to it. Otherwise, you'll have to just trust your pilots.
  3. I think it will reset the count to zero. Make sure you have a back up before you do the reset.
  4. You're not getting the last report arricao. Try this: $userinfo= Auth::$userinfo->pilotid;
  5. Hello everyone, This is to announce I have created a Discord channel in case anyone has direct questions or in need of support for my modules. Perhaps it would be best if questions and support requests be posted at the forums so everyone can benefit from them but consider this another way of reaching me. Below is the link to my discord channel. DISCORD SUPPORT CHANNEL Regards Parkho
  6. Check your table prefix, the module's using "phpvms_" as the prefix. If yours is something else, you'll have to change it everywhere inside the module.
  7. Okay! I don't know what to say but I did a fresh install of 5.5x by David and the skin came up but the css is not loading which I think might be the links issue. Thanks for your help guys I much appreciate it. Cheers
  8. Please see attached image. This is what I get when the skin loads. To me, the skins doesn't load at all and seems it's being skipped somehow.
  9. Okay! I'm not sure I'm following you on this, All the .php files are in the skin folder, layout.php looks okay and proper but don't know what's wrong. error log says header.tpl and footer.tpl are missing in class floder TemplateGet on line 231 which is the very end line of the file.
  10. Tpl filed were replaced the error is the header and footer is missing.
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