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  1. PilotManager V2.2

    Please specify the issue again.
  2. TopPilot V2.0

    It seems you have no pireps submitted yet or you have installation problem.
  3. New skin loads slow

    Does your new skin have javascript on page load? Cause sometimes JS conflict with phpVMS core files may cause the lag. Try disabling JS.
  4. New skin loads slow

    That's a possibility. I remember I had the same issue on my costume HUB page and when I removed the load my site's performance was much better.
  5. PilotManager V2.2

    Well that line is looking for the pilot's last pirep and since new pilots have none, you'll get this error. Open "PManagerData.class.php" in "common" folder. At line 67 is the following function: public static function getpirep($pilotid) { $sql="SELECT * FROM phpvms_pireps WHERE pilotid = '$pilotid' ORDER BY submitdate DESC"; $check = DB::get_row($sql); } change it to the following: public static function getpirep($pilotid) { $sql="SELECT * FROM phpvms_pireps WHERE pilotid = '$pilotid' ORDER BY submitdate DESC"; $check = DB::get_row($sql); if($check) { return DB::get_row($sql); } } Try this and let me know if the issue is resolved. Thanks for noticing.
  6. Flown routes map

    Perfect! please mark your post as [SOLVED] in the title. Also, it would be best if you share how you resolved your issue for others.
  7. Flown routes map

    In order to create a flight map for certain routes, you'll need to create a class function and give its value a variable (ex. route ID) and then use its fetched data in your map. If you don't have the knowledge to code that function, provide what certain routes you would like to show and I will code it for u. Cheers
  8. PilotManager V2.2

    I will check and let you know.
  9. PilotManager V2.2

    Hi. The module comes with plain CSS as not all airlines layout are compatible with my CSS.
  10. Fuel Calculations

    The most important part of the fuel calculation is that it's stored to DB in lbs, so all you need is to fetch the fuel amount from DB and show it where ever you like. Also, what i can offer is a module I created to calculate fuel, based on aircraft parameters (ex. fuel burn per hour, altitude,...). Then it will give you an estimate of how much fuel to be loaded for a flight in both metric and imperial systems. Here is the link: FuelCalculator_V1.0
  11. Fuel Calculator V_1.1

    I would put this in "FCalculator.class.php" and then call the function in "FuelCalculator.php" in module folder inside index() function like the following: FCalculator::CalcFuelFlows(); This way every time anyone opens the module the table gets updated. Cheers
  12. Pilot Center not displaing anything

    What do you trying to do in above code? If you're trying to count number of bids then the following is the right code to do it: $bidscontados = COUNT($countabids);
  13. Fuel Calculator V_1.1

    Open fuelcalculator.php in module folder and look for the following: $flndg = $fuelhr * 3/4; 1 hr 15 minutes would be 75 minutes which is "$fuelhr * 1.25 ", so change "fuelhr * 3/4" to that every where you see the code line
  14. Add to bid

    Have you altered or modified "Schedules" module? If yes, then try replacing the module folder from phpVMS 5.5x download. The error says your "Schedules" module is missing a section in it.
  15. Help me please

    There is no upgrade file you can run to convert 936 to 5.5x. What you can do instead are the following: 1. Back up your DB tables one by one (separate SQL files). 2. Back up your local.config.php file. 3. Back up your skin folder. 4. Install phpVMS 5.5x. 5. Replace your local.config.php with the one you backed up. 6. Drop all your newly installed tables in database and import the ones you backed up one by one. 7. Place your skin folder in lib/skins. After doing the above, you'll have to run your website to find out if there are any errors. The most important sections are pilots and airlines tables to match exactly with the ones you backed up. I understand this must be a hassle if you don't have PHP and HTML coding knowledge which you can ask someone to get it done for you. Good Luck