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  1. Fantastic stuff mate. Really good job.
  2. Sounds to me like a layout.tpl error.
  3. Hey guys! We don't use ACARS for my VA but I was wondering if there is a way of taking waypoints from the route assigned to that particular flight and then displaying them on the route map on the PIREP page rather than on the ACARS map as I've already seen. Please reply if you can help! Thanks, Theo.
  4. I would suggest optimising the tables too. If that doesn't work you may have to manually change the ranks in PHPMyAdmin.
  5. Well I want the data from the flights that have been bidded on but I'm not sure how to assign it...
  6. Because I did the changes you suggested and it still isn't working.
  7. What should it look like then?
  8. Hey guys, I am trying to design some code for the welcome back section on the Pacific skin so that it comes up with a pilot's booked flight if he has one. Currently I have got this far: <i STYLE="float:left;">Welcome back, <a href="<?php echo url('profile'); ?>" ><?php echo Auth::$userinfo->firstname . " " . Auth::$userinfo->lastname ;?></a>! <?php if($bid) { echo 'You have an upcoming flight: <?php echo $bid->code . $bid->flightnum; ?>'; } elseif(!$bid) { echo 'You have no upcoming flights.'; } ?></i> The problem is, the code is always saying 'You have no upcoming flights' even if there is one booked for that pilot. Anyone know what I need to do to get the bidded flight number to appear in place of the 'You have no upcoming flights' when there is one? Thanks!
  9. ?php echo $pirep->aircraft; ?>
  10. TB1

    Get Any METAR Form

    I'd be grateful if you could share with me your code for the metar pullout.
  11. TB1

    Upcoming Departures

    You could port it to skyline by changing some of the links and things but this is really for Pacific only.
  12. TB1

    Decoding METAR

    Hello all, Does anyone have some code I can use on my site to decode the raw METAR data pulled from the server into subsections such as wind, cloud, visibility etc... Thanks!
  13. TB1

    Total PAX Count

    Yeah that's fine. Still having issues though.
  14. Hey guys, The total pax count on my logging site is now in the tens of millions. I can only assume the system is including cargo load in the value too. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks!
  15. TB1

    Upcoming Departures

    Don't sweat it mate, you're helping me out with the sliding box for our site! Btw I'm loving the USA!
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