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  1. Ok i will try to make another fly Thank you for your time to help me
  2. I have received your flight but did you Saw your self in the acars map ? this is my problem my website Under construction right now so this only two of us fly and we test it and we have the same problem
  3. VA site :- http://www.sudanairwyas-va.com/index.php test acc email :- me@me.com password :- 123456
  4. I use your Acars but in live map i don't see any aircraft online but if i use normal Acars i can see all traffic
  5. I wnat know where can i found the APVacars map or what the link i can used to find the map
  6. i try it in my local host so i get the same wrong msge so any help or any new fresh copy of phpVMS i can use it ?
  7. how can i do that and why i get this error
  8. i delete my old PHPVMS and my database and download new one and upload it by FTP and i make new database i get same problem i ca't complete my setup i get this error
  9. i get this error all time i try to install PHPVMS any one can help me Pic in attach
  10. if i make backup of my DB and reinstall the PHPvms did the will work and don't lost any data ?
  11. but my web site work good more then year a go and this problem just come about 4 days a go Mr Nabeel what i must do now did i get backup from my data base and reinstall the phpVMS ?
  12. so you think i must re upload layout.tpl ?
  13. i don't install any new skin and in this skin this is no TPL header or footer and i try to replase this TemplateSet.class.php when i do that i get error
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