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  1. Is there a release date for this yet, it sounds like what I am trying to do on my site. I have been trying to use the code by simpilot for individual aircraft info and build it into a page but am having trouble getting it to work.
  2. Why is it nicer? It seems to be basically the same thing. I am wondering if I should go through the trouble of changing my site that I am working on.
  3. Yes, I have already set up an API key for FlightAware which is connected to my payment source. I have been in contact with simpilotgroup and have a script being adapted from another project they have done. Thank you for the response.
  4. I am looking for a developer familiar with the FlightAware data service ( http://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/documentation2.rvt ) and can integrate the flight schedules data into phpVMS.
  5. Thank you for all the replies, I investigated all and contacted the ones that seemed legitimate to me and have made a connection to get the work I need done. Thank You again!
  6. I have looked through the listings here in the paid services for someone to build the visual design portion of a phpvms site for me and they all seem to be no longer online or offering services of this kind or fighting amongst themselves. The one that I found that still seems to be accepting work has it posted on their site to expect at least 48 hours for a response which does not appeal to me. Does anyone have any suggestions for designers that are familair with the phpvms system?
  7. I was worried that manual conversion might be the only way. Thanks
  8. Hello All, I currently have a VA Base site and want to change to the PHPVMS system and have searched but have not found any kind of conversion script for all my existing data. Has anyone done this, or have a script for this they could share? I really would like to at least convert the pilot and route data, the news and stuff I can go without. Any help would be appreciated. Jeff
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