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  1. Its a problem about the file, /home/skybaham/public_html/core/classes/ezdb/ezdb_mysql.class.php ry re-uploading or check that all passwords relating to the php database are correct.
  2. VroomJet Virtual is the future of virtual online flying. We provide fast, convenient, and good value for money flight for the professional businessman and the holiday maker; putting the vroom into your flying! With our ever growing route network, modern fleet of aircraft and professional website you can take your virtual pilot career to a whole new level by choosing to fly with VroomJet Virtual. Interested? Well please standby because we are coming soon!
  3. Yeh it is a really good website, operation system. I do not know why he wont let someone take it over...
  4. They will still get there legal team onto to you and close you down
  5. You are in for one rocky ride! EasyJet does not allow anyone to do anything which represents EasyJet in any way. I have seen lots of EasyJet Virtual and EZYVirtual come and go over my time.
  6. Does PHPVMS use cookie's? If it does then how can we get around the new law? Many Thanks Chris
  7. chris2


    Hi I am getting errors on some core pages on my website. Replacing the file does not fix them. Some of the errors are: "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/a6004725/public_html/core/modules/PopUpNews/PopUpNews.php:1) in /home/a6004725/public_html/core/modules/Login/Login.php on line 143" "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/a6004725/public_html/core/modules/PopUpNews/PopUpNews.php:1) in /home/a6004725/public_html/core/modules/Login/Login.php on line 154" "Warning: Cannot modify
  8. chris2

    New Pilots

    Thats the one. Many thanks
  9. Hi, I have been trying to get a new pilot table on my frount page. What I want is a table holding 4 new pilots, and up-dates when a new pilot signs up. Can anyone help me on that? Many Thanks Chris
  10. I think i will give it a try tom when i get home
  11. chris2


    rgr, thanks tom. I will try it when i get home. Just a question, do you use XAMPP for a privare server?
  12. Is it a bit like the simpilot mod for the news?
  13. chris2


    How do i block port 80? Do i get XAMPP to do it or do i get the modem to block it?
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