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  1. You can also email me @ mjanda@flightsimglobal.com and we can work on something.
  2. Hey you can directly email me at mjanda@flightsimglobal.com and we can work something out.
  3. Hello I'm one of the owners to the website Flight Sim Global I'm looking to add on to it now with a gallery. I already have the sub-domain ready, and I know how I exactly want it. Would anyone here have enough experience to get a gallery made with the options I listed below? Profile Login System Voting Feature Adding Tags To Photos Categories To Separate Photos If you're up for the task please email me at mjanda@flightsimglobal.com and we can talk more about it. Thanks.
  4. I could do videos like this for a flat out $30 if I have time. My work took second place under JerdooFlightX in the FSDreamTeam Video Contest.
  5. Just updating you guys that the Holiday Deals are still going on! Check them out here
  6. Hmm I'll look into Joomla. I know they have a poor security background which is why I mainly use Wordpress.
  7. Hello all, So I've been running a website for the past few months and it has gone great. If you want to check it out here: http://flightsimglobal.com/repaint-services-2/livery-downloads I'm looking to upgrade it now. I want to make a better download section where it is easier to find the repaints I make and put up for the public to have. What I'm really looking for is someone who knows how to set it up kind of like the Avsim download section. Where you need to register to download. Currently I want to make it so only I can upload files for download. Does anyone know how to do something like
  8. Email me at flightsimcreator@gmail.com and we can work something out.
  9. You can also like my facebook page to keep up to date. https://www.facebook.com/Photoshopflare?hc_location=stream
  10. I could do those for you if you like, just message me.
  11. Like do you want a whole new livery or just the livery currently on new planes?
  12. I'm able to repaint again. If you need anything done please PM me. Have time off of work and school and want to get work done.
  13. Here is a little speedart video I made. Hope you like and maybe subscribe Process took about 40min to make it.
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