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  1. Are smartcars not going to integrate the Live VACentral feature ?
  2. Is it a lack of funding or just code trouble ?
  3. Hello, For some reason when a pilot selects a transfer, the database does not populate with the new information, any ideas?
  4. Hello, If any virtual groups are looking for advertisement space to attract new member then Flight Sim Centre's magazine issue 2 has ad space available. Contact me if interested. Thanks There is a small fee depending on the size of ad, if you join the Flight Sim Centre at http://flightsimcentre.org then you will listed on our groups page.
  5. Hello, Our first newsletter is attached on this post. Enjoy and dont forget to submit your feedback Michael D Admin Team Flight Sim Centre http://flightsimcentre.org http://facebook.com/flightsimcentre Issue1.pdf
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