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  1. Stephan

    EXAMCenter Beta 1.0

    Yes, this is what we need. Is there any release date for the update of the Examcenter? Is there a chance to get this feature already now? Thanks for that great work. Regards, Stephan
  2. Stephan

    Problem with Ranks

    No problem Now I've done a new install of the 700, then an update to 828. The MySQL database has the version 5.0. The installation was without errors and it works all right now. But I don't know why. The first installation was equal to the last one. I monitor the further proceeding. Thanks all for their time and help! Regards, Stephan
  3. Stephan

    Problem with Ranks

    Hi, I've done a new installation based on the latest beta from http://www.phpvms.net/downloads "Download the latest beta (full install)". During the install process, some sql errors appear. I have executed all sql-statements manually. However, according to my opinion, there are some statements in the install.sql file which seem to be wrong. First warning: why CREATE TABLE `phpvms_test`.`phpvms_adminlog` ? Isn't it only CREATE TABLE `phpvms_adminlog`. Second warning: I've inserted the table manually. But I don't know why the sql-code does not work automatically. Third warning: Sql-Code is ok. However, the key index for 'fieldid' and 'pilotid' was not defined during creating the table phpvms_fieldvalues. See line 302 in the install.sql-file. I think, there should be the follwing statement: Fourth warning: Analogously to third warning. Index of ‘groupid’ and ‘pilotid’ is missing in the table phpvms_pirepcomments . Missing lines at line 320 of the install.sql: Sixth warning: Analogously as above. Index of ‘pirepid’ is missing in the table phpvms_groupmembers. Missing lines at line 320 of the install.sql: After the manually amendment of the sql-tables, I have continued the installation process. Then, on the last page after a click on the button “finish”, the following message appears: The RanksData.class shows at these lines: After a login in the admin center, the same failure, as mentioned above in this thread, appears at “ Pilot Ranks” and no ranks are shown: Has someone an idea? Thanks, Stephan
  4. Stephan

    Problem with Ranks

    Another info, maybe it helps: The warning/failure was already there after the normal installation of the 1.2.700 version.
  5. Stephan

    Problem with Ranks

    ok, thanks. I can't edit the "Current Rank" of a pilot in his profile. Pirep filling is ok. I've installed the version (1.2.700) and updated to 822 and 823 with the update.php.
  6. Stephan

    Problem with Ranks

    Yes, ranks are stored in the database table. Yes, I run /install/update.php.
  7. Stephan

    Problem with Ranks

    debug is now true. i've a log-file. writing permissions for which ordner?
  8. Stephan

    Problem with Ranks

    I have uploaded the "ranks_allranks.tpl " (version 823) manually. The log.txt and error.txt are empty. Nothing has changed.
  9. Stephan

    Problem with Ranks

    thanks, however the same failure appears.
  10. Stephan

    Problem with Ranks

    Hi, I've a problem with inserting of ranks. If I open the "Pilot Ranks" site in the admin center, I get the following warning and the ranks are not displayed : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ...admin/templates/ranks_allranks.tpl on line 15 When I add a new rank, I get another warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ...core/common/RanksData.class.php on line 148 The "added" values are inserted in the sql-database. However, in the admin center, I cannot use the ranks. What's wrong? Thanks for your assistance in this case. Stephan PS: Version 2.0.822