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  1. For some reason kAcars stopped to work, all worked fine until 22.12.13. but now, i didnt work nothin on site regarding some changes, and still it doesnt work, hmm...was working fne all year...someone? thank you www.croatiacargo.com
  2. Hi! I would like someone to solve me my problem. I have 2 airlines inside group, one cargo, one passenger, how can i show those two on statistics? And does all pilots which are flying first or second, must be on either of VA, for gaining hours, or they got hours regarding they VA assigment on roster? Question is little bit mixed up and confusing, but i think you will get my point S for example... OK i got something solved. So if any pilots flying any airline, his FH and flight are taken in count for roster. But still i need statistic for all passenger and cargo to be counted, any help code..
  3. Hi! I need some help here. I put date of event on 26/4/ and it puts me that today its inactive, like it pased, when i put 27.04. its all ok, so one day back?? any suggestion? Thank you
  4. Hi to all! Can anyone tell me how to integrate teamspeak server viewer into sidebar? Some code or something? Thank you very much
  5. Youve got beer when visiting Croatia, which i recommend MY saviour http://croatiacargo.com/phpvms/index.php/vFleetTracker/view/9A-CCA
  6. Red line into yellow or white... Thank you
  7. And any chance to have that map in Acars LIVE? Here is my web, check it out http://www.croatiacargo.com Thank you for your help, really...
  8. Great wow, thank you, any chance to change color to white or yellow? something...where is that ...?
  9. I just cant get it worked, heres my code can anyone edited for me, i just cant get it normnal ... <?php /** Module Created By Vansers This module is only use for phpVMS (www.phpvms.net) - (A Virtual Airline Admin Software) @Created By Vansers @Copyrighted @ 2011 @Under CC 3.0 @http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ // Version 1.0 (September 7.12) - Module Created **/ ?> <h3><?php echo SITE_NAME?>'s Fleet Tracker For <?php echo $aircraft->fullname;?> (<?php echo $aircraft->registration;?>)</h3> <br /> <h2>Aircraft General Inf
  10. No...just few planes were not 23.34 FH, just 23.34000001, or simillar...but i put thru db one pirep to whole number FH instead 1.2 i put 1 and thing solved...maybe just one more flight was needed to fix thing
  11. Need one more thing, on FH of some planes recently added, which were flown on kAcars under charter, FH are ilike 23.0000000001 and 13.00000002 is there any way to suppres this to one decimal?? Only for two planes...
  12. I sloved my thing and i must say again, nice add-on amazing One thing, is it possible to have great circle map, not google, for showing last airplane flights? thank you
  13. One mnore thing...we have in our language east eauropean characters like š ć đ amd seems like this addon doesnt support those, is there any way to handle this?
  14. Sry everybody, i allways solved my problem myself while waiting answer...real spammer ) sry again...SOLVED was made a past event, hour was 000 not in future ...
  15. Hi to all! Need help, how can pilots signup on evnts, i cant see any button, nothing...i can add event, its there, and in sql but when click on it as pilot, see nothing, go to details, nothing...??? any help? thank you very much
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