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  1. Is there any chance of an option of choosing what aircraft to fly for each flight out of the aircraft database from a dropdown menu?
  2. For some odd reason we could never get this to work properly. It seemed to work for Overspeed but for things like Landing Lights under 10k ft, it only added the comment to the log - Didn't reject the pirep but rather accepted it instead. Any ideas?
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if one of you could lend a hand with an issue we are having: I have recently taken over the position of Web Developer and Network Engineer within a community which has two Virtual Airlines. One (Which was professionally done) doesn't ever have a problem when PHPVMS.net stops working/goes down however the other which was also professionally done does. I've recently rebuilt the one which was having issues. I started off by actually copying the majority of the files from the one that works perfectly with the exception of the template and installed it with those files however weirdly enough the site still has issues. I tried copying the config file from the website that does work and altering the credentials and still no go. The API server is not included in the config file. Here is the local.config file: <?php /** * This is the phpVMS Main Configuration File * * This file won't be modified/touched by future versions * of phpVMS, you can change your settings here * * There may also be additional settings in app.config.php * To change it, copy the line into this file here, for the * settings to take effect * */ define('DBASE_USER', ''); define('DBASE_PASS', ''); define('DBASE_NAME', ''); define('DBASE_SERVER', ''); define('DBASE_TYPE', ''); define('TABLE_PREFIX', 'phpvms_'); define('SITE_URL', ''); # Page encoding options Config::Set('PAGE_ENCODING', 'ISO-8859-1'); # Maintenance mode - this disables the site to non-admins Config::Set('MAINTENANCE_MODE', false); Config::Set('MAINTENANCE_MESSAGE', 'We are currently down for maintenance, please check back soon.'); # See more details about these in the docs Config::Set('PAGE_EXT', '.htm'); # .htm is fine. You can still run PHP Config::Set('PILOTID_OFFSET', 0); # What # to start pilot ID's from Config::Set('PILOTID_LENGTH', 3); # Length of the Pilot ID Config::Set('UNITS', 'nm'); # Your units: nm, mi or km Config::Set('LOAD_FACTOR', '82'); # %age load factor Config::Set('CARGO_UNITS', 'kgs'); # After how long to mark a pilot inactive, in days Config::Set('PILOT_AUTO_RETIRE', true); Config::Set('PILOT_INACTIVE_TIME', 90); # Automatically confirm pilots? Config::Set('PILOT_AUTO_CONFIRM', false); # Automatically calculate ranks? Config::Set('RANKS_AUTOCALCULATE', true); # For how many hours a pilot can edit their submitted PIREP (custom fields only) Config::Set('PIREP_CUSTOM_FIELD_EDIT', '48'); # If someone places a bid, whether to disable that or not Config::Set('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID', false); Config::Set('DISABLE_BIDS_ON_BID', false); # If you want to count transfer hours in rank calculations Config::Set('TRANSFER_HOURS_IN_RANKS', false); # The StatsData::UserOnline() function - how many minutes to check Config::Set('USERS_ONLINE_TIME', 5); # Google Map Options Config::Set('MAP_WIDTH', '800px'); Config::Set('MAP_HEIGHT', '600px'); # Valid types are G_NORMAL_MAP, G_SATELLITE_MAP, G_HYBRID_MAP, G_PHYSICAL_MAP Config::Set('MAP_TYPE', 'G_PHYSICAL_MAP'); Config::Set('MAP_LINE_COLOR', '#ff0000'); Config::Set('MAP_CENTER_LAT', '45.484400'); Config::Set('MAP_CENTER_LNG', '-62.334821'); Config::Set('MAP_ZOOM_LEVEL', 12); # ACARS options # Minutes, flights to show on the ACARS # Default is 720 minutes (12 hours) Config::Set('ACARS_LIVE_TIME', 5); Config::Set('ACARS_DEBUG', false); /* This is the unit of money. For non-dollars, use : Dollars ($), enter "$" Euro (�), enter "€" Yen (�), enter "¥" Pounds (�), enter "£" For example, to set EUROS: Config::Set('MONEY_UNIT', '€'); */ Config::Set('MONEY_UNIT', '£'); # FSPassengers Settings # Units settings Config::Set('WeightUnit', '1'); # 0=Kg 1=lbs Config::Set('DistanceUnit', '2'); # 0=KM 1= Miles 2=NMiles Config::Set('SpeedUnit', '1'); # 0=Km/H 1=Kts Config::Set('AltUnit', '1'); # 0=Meter 1=Feet Config::Set('LiquidUnit', '2'); # 0=liter 1=gal 2=kg 3=lbs Config::Set('WelcomeMessage', 'phpVMS/FSPAX ACARS'); # Welcome Message /* FSFK Settings Your FTP Server, and path to the lib/images folder (from where the FTP connects from), IE ftp://phpvms.net/phpvms/lib/fsfk or ftp://phpvms.net/public_html/phpvms/lib/fsfk You want the path from when you connect to the FTP down to where the /lib/fsfk folder is */ Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_SERVER', ''); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_PORT', '21'); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_USER', ''); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_PASS', ''); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_PASSIVE_MODE', 'TRUE'); Config::Set('FSFK_IMAGE_PATH', '/lib/fsfk'); // web path from SITE_ROOT # Options for the signature that's generated Config::Set('SIGNATURE_TEXT_COLOR', '#000'); Config::Set('SIGNATURE_SHOW_EARNINGS', true); Config::Set('SIGNATURE_SHOW_RANK_IMAGE', true); Config::Set('SIGNATURE_SHOW_COPYRIGHT', true); # Avatar information Config::Set('AVATAR_FILE_SIZE', 50000); Config::Set('AVATAR_MAX_WIDTH', 80); Config::Set('AVATAR_MAX_HEIGHT', 80); # Email Settings Config::Set('EMAIL_FROM_NAME', ''); Config::Set('EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS', ''); Config::Set('EMAIL_USE_SMTP', false); # Add multiple SMTP servers by separating them with ; Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_SERVERS', ''); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_PORT', '25'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_USE_AUTH', false); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_USER', ''); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_PASS', ''); # Debug mode is off by default Config::Set('DEBUG_MODE', false); Config::Set('ERROR_LEVEL', E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); Config::Set('SESSION_LOGIN_TIME', (60*60*24*30)); # Expire after 30 days, in seconds /* Days of the Week The compacted view, and the full text DON'T CHANGE THE ORDER!! And yes, Sunday is in there twice */ Config::Set('DAYS_COMPACT', array('Su', 'M', 'T', 'W', 'Th', 'F', 'S', 'Su')); Config::Set('DAYS_LONG', array('Sunday', 'Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday', 'Saturday', 'Sunday' ) ); ini_set("memory_limit","512M"); Does anyone know why this is happening? I'd expect after using the same config as a working site and most of the files it would be working without phpvms.net but it doesn't even despite a rebuild - I've not included anything which uses phpVMS.net in the template. By the way BOTH the admin AND the frontend go down when phpVMS.net does - all pages. Anyone? Thanks, Chris
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