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  1. 9 hours ago, ProAvia said:


    There are so many variables that it would be impossible to try to cover them all.


    No telling why your record is messed up. I've also run into that key constraint error way too many times.


    True Avia , your code solved most issues, the rest of the issues are my doing while moving hosts etc 😅


    2 hours ago, Strider said:

    Is the airlines table populated? If so, check the code for those to see if it is pointing to the right table. Have you edited any of the code recently? Also have you fixed the problem?


    Strider thanks, yes it is populated , but you're right its probably a    airline code/pilot id  related thing , I probably messed that up in the past while dealing with the php version and hosting changes.


    Thanks for asking Guys...so just for brainstorming...have a look at the following, see what gets mailed when a pirep is filed...issue highlighted in bold


    A PIREP has been submitted by 0000 ( ) ...etc 


    I'm trying to look at the pirepdata and pilotdata classes for that function return to analyze why it should return that 🙂


    Its easy enough to start from scratch , but not giving up yet..I dont delete pilots..so its like 35000 pireps and over 100 thousand hours across 10 years.






    Thanks  guys:


    Avia yes have tried to edit the airlines table , tried lots of methods , create a duplicate table import data , data+structure etc ..got the inevitable key constraint errors ...all that😅

    All that with only the 5.5.2 , however I still haven't tried "data only" to the new table after the new install, will try that today.


    Strider thanks Db's  have been importing ok , and interestingly its only my record , majority seem ok. I can fly and the hours get logged all ok....you said it right..huuge pain !😊


    Back at it......




    So Avia the following also isn't related to using your version.


    the solution you suggested worked perfectly fine, about pointing to the other database using localconfig.



    There's been a core issue somewhere when I've migrated databases in the past from a different host. I wonder if you may have an idea about the probable cause.


    If you see the image attached , against my pilot Id on the admin side I see no Airline attached , I see total count of pireps and hours but no pireps.in my record


    When I point to the database from the clean install ( Your version - no localconfig hack)  ..its all ok no such issue.


    Any thoughts about what could be the issue ?





  4. So most of the pages and links work fine but what has happened is that it is taking endlessly long to open the site main page and even the admin page .


    I have to say that I've had the main page slow loading since the simpilot 5.5.2 ( if that's any indication to the cause).


    However now even the admin page takes an endless amount of time to open, background errors I guess


    All in all its fantastic though..thanks to your update Avia , I've managed to get back most of the functionality



  5. 2 hours ago, ProAvia said:

    After installing a fresh copy of, you can change the local.config to point to your existing 5.5.2 database.


    What version of MySQL or MariaDB are you using?


    MySQL 5.6  ,  I tried the local config edit and it populates most of the links fine , still some issues with some modules though, will have to work through as some are throwing errors

  6. Hello Avia ,


    Thanks for the 5.5.2  updated code.  I've been maintaining a site using only the old code. I have only just managed to come across this version.


    I had a question regarding the database , I have managed to install your version on a test site, as you mentioned in the readme there can be some errors.


    Mainly I wanted to ask , is it possible to migrate the entire old database with the pirep records etc ?   To the database created for the install with your version





  7. Also for what its worth...... the reset hours in Admin doesn't work for all pilots

    Calculating hours for all pilots:
    AI0001 - found 1 flight hours for number
    AI0002 - found 1 flight hours for number
    AI0003 - found 1 flight hours for number
    AI0004 - found 1 flight hours for number
    AI0006 - found 1 flight hours for number
    AI0008 - found 1 flight hours for number
    IX0010 - found 1 flight hours for number

    Re-setting pirep count works fine




  8. Servetas thanks for the reply

    Yes I did try changing the variables $pilots for $pilots list / $pirep_list and $pireps for the recent reports .

    • frontpage_recentpilots does  show  foreach($pilot_list as $pilot)

    Line 750-755 has

    # Update any pilot's information
            $pilotinfo = PilotData::getPilotData($pirepdata['pilotid']);
            $pilotcode = PilotData::getPilotCode($pilotinfo->code, $pilotinfo->pilotid);
            if (Config::Get('EMAIL_SEND_PIREP') === true



  9. We recently moved our Database over to new Hosting and also upgraded to PHPvms 5.5.2 / Php version 5.6 / Paid Hosting.

    After the move the frontpage on the site throws quite a few errors. At the outset I have to thank Eddie Baker and Vangelis for their help so far.

    A couple of the errors are :

    • Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/airin9ce/public_html/vms2/lib/skins/etc/frontpage_recentpilots.php on line 7

    In the mail to admin on pirep submission :

    • A PIREP has been submitted by 0000 ( ) AI202: OKBK to OMSJ Aircraft: 60 Flight Time: 01.39 Landing Rate: -256 Filed using: smartCARS Comment: Click to approve this pirep (admin must be signed in):

    From the PIREPdata class:

    • # Send an email to the admin that a PIREP was submitted
    •             $sub = "A PIREP has been submitted by {$pilotcode} ({$pirepdata['depicao']} - {$pirepdata['arricao']})";
    •             $message = "A PIREP has been submitted by {$pilotcode} "

    The main issues are on the frontpage with Recent Reports / New pilots / and Recent Flights return blank from the maincontroller run functions I guess because of the IF( ! $XXX) functions in the class ?

    Would be great if anyone can help with this.  Website : http://www.airindiavirtual.net


  10. For the benefit of anyone else who may face this problem , flyalaska in his post about php 5.5 compatibility mentioned ...

    Open core/common/xx and replace all the references of public function with public static function

    I tried that with the Top Pilot module(Monthly stats) and it worked for me.

  11. Ah thanks David firstly for your great work !

    your scripts have made all the difference to make ours an successful enough VA (No 19 on VAcentral when I last checked)

    I neglected to mention ...we're using the auto-pirep acceptance . Any suggestion David ? as to which file/s I should be looking at ? or any other recommendation ? laymans knowledge here though...

    Deepan Mehta

    Edit / P.S. ... Is it fine by you if we use the simpilotgroup banner on our partners list ?

  12. The stats for the Top Pilot module on our site stopped updating , I was making the recomended changes for VA central , that bit seems to have gone off ok. However the host also moved from php 5.3 to 5.4

    No major errors or breakage so far , the following two are the main issues :

    1. Duplicate/Multiple pireps started getting reported ( Even after implementing the recommended edits for Centraldata/VA central)
    2. Top Pilot stats froze post 5.4 change (or so it seems), had stuck to 5.3 so far , nothing was broken so didnt attempt to fix.

    Any help/info/suggestion would be great. airindiavirtual.net


  13. Great Module thanks for this ! . A question , is there a way to give the pilot an option to change the aircraft type ( from default in schedule). For example a pop-up window perhaps when one clicks on "Get simbrief" ? which would change the submission to for example...



    http://www.simbrief.com/ofp/ofp.loader.api.php?type=XXX&orig=LTBA&dest=EGLL , XXX one could enter aircraft of choice perhaps ?

    Just wondering..thanks in advance.


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