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  1. Great work and dev contribution Thanks !
  2. Thanks Disposable, I've used the versions for 11 years as I'd mentioned elsewhere so no "expectations" , the software as is made available by the developer and others such as yourself is much appreciated and used anyway. Just needed to clarify , hence the questions ..thanks for the clarifications Regards
  3. Disposablehero thanks for your reply Ok , that's not how it worked for the earlier versions. Age of flights to show on the map in hours. Set to 0 to show only all in-progress flights Earlier: # ACARS options # Minutes, flights to show on the ACARS # Default is 720 minutes (12 hours) ...if we set it to 1440 minutes the flights would stay displayed on the map shown as "arrived". The above meant that the flights would stay displayed on the map for 12 hours ( even completed ones) or 24 Hours when set to 1440 It worked the same for 3 different acars. FSacars, smartCars and a custom one...based on the config we set in localconfig Current set 0 for only "in progress" , anything else in terms of age(time) like 12 hours would include even "not in progress" flights ( i.e. completed ones) thats what I understood it would be. Regards
  4. Disposable Hero Good to interact here too with you πŸ™‚ Yes I have set it up on admin but strangely the logged flights don't remain on the map ! The logged flights immediately disappear the moment they are filed. Regards
  5. Hello All, I just recently moved my phpVMS 5 install to 7.0.0 -dev , just a question about setting up the env or config file.... What would be the correct way to set up the acars live time as we had in the earlier versions as below ? From our earlier local config: # ACARS options # Minutes, flights to show on the ACARS # Default is 720 minutes (12 hours) Config::Set('ACARS_LIVE_TIME', 720);
  6. True Avia , your code solved most issues, the rest of the issues are my doing while moving hosts etc πŸ˜… Strider thanks, yes it is populated , but you're right its probably a airline code/pilot id related thing , I probably messed that up in the past while dealing with the php version and hosting changes. Thanks for asking Guys...so just for brainstorming...have a look at the following, see what gets mailed when a pirep is filed...issue highlighted in bold A PIREP has been submitted by 0000 ( ) ...etc I'm trying to look at the pirepdata and pilotdata classes for that function return to analyze why it should return that πŸ™‚ Its easy enough to start from scratch , but not giving up yet..I dont delete pilots..so its like 35000 pireps and over 100 thousand hours across 10 years.
  7. Thanks guys: Avia yes have tried to edit the airlines table , tried lots of methods , create a duplicate table import data , data+structure etc ..got the inevitable key constraint errors ...all thatπŸ˜… All that with only the 5.5.2 , however I still haven't tried "data only" to the new table after the new install, will try that today. Strider thanks Db's have been importing ok , and interestingly its only my record , majority seem ok. I can fly and the hours get logged all ok....you said it right..huuge pain !😊 Back at it......
  8. So Avia the following also isn't related to using your version. the solution you suggested worked perfectly fine, about pointing to the other database using localconfig. There's been a core issue somewhere when I've migrated databases in the past from a different host. I wonder if you may have an idea about the probable cause. If you see the image attached , against my pilot Id on the admin side I see no Airline attached , I see total count of pireps and hours but no pireps.in my record When I point to the database from the clean install ( Your version - no localconfig hack) ..its all ok no such issue. Any thoughts about what could be the issue ?
  9. So most of the pages and links work fine but what has happened is that it is taking endlessly long to open the site main page and even the admin page . I have to say that I've had the main page slow loading since the simpilot 5.5.2 ( if that's any indication to the cause). However now even the admin page takes an endless amount of time to open, background errors I guess All in all its fantastic though..thanks to your update Avia , I've managed to get back most of the functionality
  10. Thanks Avia ...will try and work through those as suggested , thanks for the Reference too
  11. MySQL 5.6 , I tried the local config edit and it populates most of the links fine , still some issues with some modules though, will have to work through as some are throwing errors
  12. Hello Avia , Thanks for the 5.5.2 updated code. I've been maintaining a site using only the old code. I have only just managed to come across this version. I had a question regarding the database , I have managed to install your version on a test site, as you mentioned in the readme there can be some errors. Mainly I wanted to ask , is it possible to migrate the entire old database with the pirep records etc ? To the database created for the install with your version
  13. The DB transfer I guess is what did it , no luck with php versions 5.4 , 5.5 , 5.6 , same errors
  14. Also for what its worth...... the reset hours in Admin doesn't work for all pilots Calculating hours for all pilots: AI0001 - found 1 flight hours for number AI0002 - found 1 flight hours for number AI0003 - found 1 flight hours for number AI0004 - found 1 flight hours for number AI0006 - found 1 flight hours for number AI0008 - found 1 flight hours for number IX0010 - found 1 flight hours for number Re-setting pirep count works fine Deepan
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