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  1. The DB transfer I guess is what did it , no luck with php versions 5.4 , 5.5 , 5.6 , same errors
  2. Also for what its worth...... the reset hours in Admin doesn't work for all pilots Calculating hours for all pilots: AI0001 - found 1 flight hours for number AI0002 - found 1 flight hours for number AI0003 - found 1 flight hours for number AI0004 - found 1 flight hours for number AI0006 - found 1 flight hours for number AI0008 - found 1 flight hours for number IX0010 - found 1 flight hours for number Re-setting pirep count works fine Deepan
  3. Hello Parkho Sorry after the forum changed I just saw your reply , I'll try it out again but if I recall correctly , I think I tried switching and trying all three 5.4 , 5.5 and 5.6. I'll try it again though thanks for the help with this. Regards Deepan
  4. Servetas thanks for the reply Yes I did try changing the variables $pilots for $pilots list / $pirep_list and $pireps for the recent reports . frontpage_recentpilots does show foreach($pilot_list as $pilot) Line 750-755 has # Update any pilot's information $pilotinfo = PilotData::getPilotData($pirepdata['pilotid']); $pilotcode = PilotData::getPilotCode($pilotinfo->code, $pilotinfo->pilotid); PilotData::UpdateLastPIREPDate($pilotinfo->pilotid); PirepAcData::search($pirepid); if (Config::Get('EMAIL_SEND_PIREP') ===
  5. We recently moved our Database over to new Hosting and also upgraded to PHPvms 5.5.2 / Php version 5.6 / Paid Hosting. After the move the frontpage on the site throws quite a few errors. At the outset I have to thank Eddie Baker and Vangelis for their help so far. A couple of the errors are : Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/airin9ce/public_html/vms2/lib/skins/etc/frontpage_recentpilots.php on line 7 In the mail to admin on pirep submission : A PIREP has been submitted by 0000 ( ) AI202: OKBK to OMSJ Aircraft: 60 Flight Time: 01.39 Landing Rat
  6. For the benefit of anyone else who may face this problem , flyalaska in his post about php 5.5 compatibility mentioned ... I tried that with the Top Pilot module(Monthly stats) and it worked for me.
  7. Still atempting to find a solution to this ,I'm now getting some strict standards errors in the Top Pilot module , attaching a screenshot here in case it helps. Errors show "Non static methods should not be called statically" Regards Deepan
  8. Ok some additional info : The "Top Pilot All time" stats update fine , its only the "Current Month" stats which have frozen Deepan
  9. Ah thanks David firstly for your great work ! your scripts have made all the difference to make ours an successful enough VA (No 19 on VAcentral when I last checked) I neglected to mention ...we're using the auto-pirep acceptance . Any suggestion David ? as to which file/s I should be looking at ? or any other recommendation ? laymans knowledge here though... Deepan Mehta Edit / P.S. ... Is it fine by you if we use the simpilotgroup banner on our partners list ?
  10. The stats for the Top Pilot module on our site stopped updating , I was making the recomended changes for VA central , that bit seems to have gone off ok. However the host also moved from php 5.3 to 5.4 No major errors or breakage so far , the following two are the main issues : Duplicate/Multiple pireps started getting reported ( Even after implementing the recommended edits for Centraldata/VA central) Top Pilot stats froze post 5.4 change (or so it seems), had stuck to 5.3 so far , nothing was broken so didnt attempt to fix. Any help/info/suggestion would be great. airindiavirtual.n
  11. Hello Vangelis thanks for the module , is there a way to keep manually filed pireps on hold ( pending status) and then have a pirep manager manually accept the pirep later ? Regards Deepan
  12. Thanks for all the help Vangelis , works like a charm !
  13. Great Module thanks for this ! . A question , is there a way to give the pilot an option to change the aircraft type ( from default in schedule). For example a pop-up window perhaps when one clicks on "Get simbrief" ? which would change the submission to for example... http://www.simbrief.com/ofp/ofp.loader.api.php?type=A332&orig=LTBA&dest=EGLL to http://www.simbrief.com/ofp/ofp.loader.api.php?type=XXX&orig=LTBA&dest=EGLL , XXX one could enter aircraft of choice perhaps ? Just wondering..thanks in advance. Deepan
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