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  1. BraedenD

    Compatible Admin Templates?

    Yes I have used that this is what has occurred: Looks like http://dev.redwildvirtual.com/phpvms/index.php/login It is supposed to look like http://dev.redwildvirtual.com/full-width-dark/login.html I don't know why it isn't working. The theme is Elmer from themeforest.
  2. BraedenD

    Compatible Admin Templates?

    I am sorry I did not mean the Admin Center. i meant the main phpvms center but I would like to use a Admin Template from elmer for it, much like pilot center
  3. BraedenD

    {SOLVED}Can not access login page

    Is your template file in your skin login_form.php ?
  4. BraedenD

    Compatible Admin Templates?

    So it seems that the Admin Template that I was using, Elmer, does not work with PHPVMS. What other admin templates are compatible? How do I know that a template will work? Thanks for the help, Braeden
  5. BraedenD

    Skin Not Displaying.

    Okay so that was not the problem but the problem has been fixed. Now it looks wierd and all of the css is clearly not being used. Anyone any ideas? dev.redwildvirtual.com/phpvms/
  6. BraedenD

    Skin Not Displaying.

    On PHPVMS 5.5.x u may have uploaded the 5.1 version to my dev server but I’m pretty sure it’s 5.5 files aren’t .php in the skin
  7. BraedenD

    Skin Not Displaying.

    I have fixed that error and redirected to the right one /phpvms/dist/css/style.css it’s the exact same file just it is where it isn’t supposed to be this time.
  8. BraedenD

    Skin Not Displaying.

    dev.redwildvirtual.com The theme of the site is Elmer Responsive Admin Template from Themeforest.
  9. BraedenD

    Skin Not Displaying.

    Hi I clearly did something wrong here. This is what I see https://gyazo.com/3866945594ee7757726551beb031b0e6 and this is what I am supposed to be seeing https://gyazo.com/26c19451bd10ccefef16e3e9bfa6c0b7. These are my files: App_Top.php <?php if(!defined('IN_PHPVMS') && IN_PHPVMS !== true) { die(); } ?> <?php if (!isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) || ltrim($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],'/') !== SITE_URL.'/index.php/login') { if(!Auth::LoggedIn()) { header('Location:'.SITE_URL.'/index.php/login'); } } ?> <!-- Preloader --> <div class="preloader-it"> <div class="la-anim-1"></div> </div> <!-- /Preloader --> <!-- Top Menu Bar--> <div class="theme-2-active pimary-color-blue"> <nav class="navbar navbar-inverse navbar-fixed-top"> <div class="mobile-only-brand pull-left"> <div class="nav-header pull-left"> <div class="logo-wrap"> <a href="index.html"> <img class="brand-img" src="dist/img/logo.png" alt="brand"/> <span class="brand-text">Pilot</span> </a> </div> </div> <a id="toggle_nav_btn" class="toggle-left-nav-btn inline-block ml-20 pull-left" href="javascript:void(0);"><i class="zmdi zmdi-menu"></i></a> <a id="toggle_mobile_nav" class="mobile-only-view" href="javascript:void(0);"><i class="zmdi zmdi-more"></i></a> </div> <!-- App Bar --> <div id="mobile_only_nav" class="mobile-only-nav pull-right"> <ul class="nav navbar-right top-nav pull-right"> <li class="dropdown drp-app"> <a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown"><i class="zmdi zmdi-apps top-nav-icon"></i></a> <ul class="dropdown-menu app-dropdown" data-dropdown-in="slideInRight" data-dropdown-out="flipOutX"> <li> <div class="app-nicescroll bar"> <ul class="app-icon-wrap pa-10"> <li> <a href="#" class="connection-item"> <i class="zmdi zmdi-cloud-outline txt-info"></i> <span class="block">Weather</span> </a> </li> <li> <a href="#" class="connection-item"> <i class="zmdi zmdi-email-open txt-success"></i> <span class="block">Mail</span> </a> </li> <li> <a href="#" class="connection-item"> <i class="zmdi zmdi-calendar-check txt-primary"></i> <span class="block">Calendar</span> </a> </li> <li> <a href="#" class="connection-item"> <i class="zmdi zmdi-map text-danger"></i> <span class="block">Live Map</span> </a> </li> </ul> </div> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> </div> </nav> </div> Layout.php <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no" /> <title>Pilot | Red Wild Virtual</title> <?php echo $page_htmlhead; ?> <meta name="description" content="Pilot is the flight panel for all pilots in Red Wild Virtual." /> <meta name="keywords" content="tbd..." /> <meta name="author" content="Braeden Dang"/> <!-- Favicon --> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico"> <link rel="icon" href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon"> <!-- Data table CSS --> <link href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/datatables/media/css/jquery.dataTables.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/> <link href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/jquery-toast-plugin/dist/jquery.toast.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <!-- Custom CSS --> <link href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="all"> </head> <body> <?php echo $page_htmlreq; ?> <?php // var_dump($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); # Hide the header if the page is not the registration or login page # Bit hacky, don't like doing it this way if (!isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) || ltrim($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],'/') !== SITE_URL.'/index.php/login' || ltrim($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],'/') !== SITE_URL.'/index.php/registration') { if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { Template::Show('app_top.php'); } } ?> <div id="content"> <?php echo $page_content; ?> </div> <?php # Hide the footer if the page is not the registration or login page # Bit hacky, don't like doing it this way if (!isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) || ltrim($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],'/') !== SITE_URL.'/index.php/login' || ltrim($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],'/') !== SITE_URL.'/index.php/registration') { if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { Template::Show('app_bottom.php'); } } ?> <!-- /#wrapper --> <!-- JavaScript --> <!-- jQuery --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js"></script> <!-- Bootstrap Core JavaScript --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script> <!-- Data table JavaScript --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/datatables/media/js/jquery.dataTables.min.js"></script> <!-- Slimscroll JavaScript --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/dist/js/jquery.slimscroll.js"></script> <!-- Progressbar Animation JavaScript --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/waypoints/lib/jquery.waypoints.min.js"></script> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/jquery.counterup/jquery.counterup.min.js"></script> <!-- Fancy Dropdown JS --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/dist/js/dropdown-bootstrap-extended.js"></script> <!-- Sparkline JavaScript --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/jquery.sparkline/dist/jquery.sparkline.min.js"></script> <!-- Owl JavaScript --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/owl.carousel/dist/owl.carousel.min.js"></script> <!-- Switchery JavaScript --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/switchery/dist/switchery.min.js"></script> <!-- EChartJS JavaScript --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/echarts/dist/echarts-en.min.js"></script> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/echarts-liquidfill.min.js"></script> <!-- Toast JavaScript --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/vendors/bower_components/jquery-toast-plugin/dist/jquery.toast.min.js"></script> <!-- Init JavaScript --> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/dist/js/init.js"></script> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/pilot/dist/js/dashboard-data.js"></script> </body> </html> Thank you for any help you can provide!
  10. BraedenD

    Installing Skins into PHPVMS?

    I am trying to use the Arctic PHPVMS skin but I am having trouble installing the skin could someone please tell me how to do this? http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/20618-updated-free-complete-skin-arctic/