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  1. I've identified that the images aren't loading because their address is absolute and refers to the old SSL site. Modifying the URL to relative doesn't work because the system is preventing them from loading due to a restriction in our system that restricts users from directly accessing our content and I'm not sure how to disable this. I'll keep looking through it though.
  2. This worked! Massive thanks! Yeah, I'm gonna do that with the images. I suspect they may also be having issues (I know the forums are) because the SSL (TLS?) certificate hasn't migrated across so certain links aren't working but I'm gonna try and see what I can do about that first. We're running on a new domain (with the old domain redirecting) for the time being until I can work everything out properly. Thanks again for your help!
  3. So, Thus far I think everything has come over... though there's a few minor issues here and there... The Java script/Google Maps function on our ACARS Map isn't working, which appears to be due to requiring a new API Key. I've had a look in a few files including core_htmlhead.php and local.config.php but can't seem to see where the API key is to be inserted. SmartCARS is working fine and all the core functions seem to be behaving correctly. (Flight can be booked, loaded into smartCARS etc) I'm also having some issues with images around the site not loading however this may due to them being Absolute links rather than Relative links and I'm still waiting for the old Domain to propagate to the new name servers. Still testing and working on a few things though. Thanks.
  4. I think it may have worked... but I need to do some more testing later. Thanks again!
  5. I'll give that a shot if I can get phpMyAdmin back up again (Seems to take ages to recover after I've hit Export, even if I reload) - The database backup function seems to have all the data and I've restored it into the new hosting... and it looks like everything is there... I just don't know if it's in the correct location. It appears under a sub-tree on the new hosting versus the old hosting.
  6. That error turned out to be due to a faulty install on the hostings behalf but seems to be resolved now. Still having no luck exporting the database from phpMyAdmin without the Nav Data.
  7. Attempting to change the php version to 5.5 and I'm getting the error "Unable to save data to /var/cagefs/60/vgva2/etc/cl.php.d/alt-php55/alt_php.ini ([Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/cagefs/60/vgva2/etc/cl.php.d/alt-php55/clseltmp_57d05458-785d-4bf5-af80-cdc779369cd2')"
  8. Are you aware if exporting the php databases through the backup function in cPanel does the same effect as Exporting through phpMyAdmin? I've attempted to Export the database as you've mentioned however it's been 'loading' for nearly 30mins with no change? Thanks.
  9. Okay thanks. Yes, The new hosting is cPanel based. phpMyAdmin is being slow but I'm already attempting the method you've outlined above.
  10. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Can I ask what this entails? I'm familiar with almost everything else but this has thrown me a little. Thanks.
  11. Hi all. I've just been advised that I need to migrate my hosting - I've purchased new hosting and I'm currently in the process of backing up our VA's website however I'm unsure of what the process to 'restore' the new site to the new hosting entails. Could anyone offer some insight in what's required, what needs to be set up on the new hosting and what's required to bring all the databases and files across in functioning order? We're running Sim Pilots phpVMS 5.5 and the hosts php version has been set to 5.5 but outside of this, I'm not aware of what else I need to change or set up. Any help is appreciated. Brendan.
  12. Hi all, V Group is currently searching for a passionate and experienced developer who would enjoy working with our brands and our team, to help create a unique and modern user experience for our members. Our background: V Group was conceived in late 2015 and launched early 2016 by a small group of passionate people wishing to create a modern and fun Virtual Airline based in Australia encompassing Virgin Australia and other associated airlines. Fast forward to today, we have grown to operating over 25 Airlines and an additional 5 unique to V Group as well as 5 Historical Airlines involving Ansett Australia to pay homage to Australia’s aviation history. We have operations across all continents (including Charter operations to Antartica), A fleet of thousands and still expanding. Our Vision: To continue our forward growth and to further expand within the Asian, European and North American markets through the addition of more airline partners, continuing to offer our pilots a thorough and comprehensive network and expansive variety whilst building our internal team and creating a community all our members and staff can be proud to be involved in. Successful applicants for this position will be required to provide support for our existing phpVMS database as well as provide implementation and long-term support for Next Generation versions of phpVMS or similar products after implementation. You will work closely with our Director of Digital Media for content creation and report to our executive leadership team. If you are successful in this application, You may also be eligible to apply for our Directory of Technology Services position. If you wish to register for this position, please register as a pilot and visit our Careers Portal (under About Us) We also actively encourage pilots who wish to fly regularly with us to join our team. Visit us today at VGroupVirtual.com Thank you, Brendan.
  13. After all that, I ended up opting for using the MailGun API which worked... plus our previous attempt to mail all pilots had resulted in outbound email being restricted from phpVMS through our hosting. All resolved now though.
  14. I think that's already in there, This is what I've got/had Current direct fro local.config.php (I'm trying Amazon SES at the moment) Config::Set('EMAIL_FROM_NAME', 'V Group Virtual'); Config::Set('EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS', 'noreply@vgroupvirtual.com'); Config::Set('EMAIL_USE_SMTP', true); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_SERVERS', 'email-smtp.us-west-2.amazonaws.com'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_PORT', '587'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_USE_AUTH', true); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_SECURE', 'tls'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_USER', 'REDACTED'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_PASS', 'REDACTED'); What I was using yesterday when I created this forum thread. Config::Set('EMAIL_FROM_NAME', 'V Group Virtual'); Config::Set('EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS', 'noreply@vgroupvirtual.com'); Config::Set('EMAIL_USE_SMTP', true); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_SERVERS', 'smtp.mailgun.org'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_PORT', '25'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_USE_AUTH', true); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_SECURE', 'tls'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_USER', 'REDACTED'); Config::Set('EMAIL_SMTP_PASS', 'REDACTED');
  15. Hi all, I'm currently going through a stage of trying to move our Mass Emails over from the local hosting to a dedicated system designed for mass email marketing as my VA has gone over 100 active pilots and our hosting keeps shutting our email system down whenever we mass email due to 'spam protection' I've spent hours on the forums and I've updated the Local config php as well as other associated files to enter the SMTP/Auth/User data, tries TLS, SSL etc and have had no luck. I've even correctly set up the DNS and MX records (and reverted the MX Records for further testing) MailGun seems to make mention of an API requirement however it doesn't seem to be mentioned in specifics to the PHP Mailer. If anyone has any vague idea or direction on this, It'd be highly appreciated. I've become rather frustrated and haven't found any way forward with this. Any help is appreciated, Brendan.
  16. Just quickly want to ask, in addition to above, I've got the 5.5.2 version running at the moment. Has anyone actually managed a database migration with these changes or have those of you, that have played with this, just done a clean install? Seeing as V3 seems to have come to a stall, I wanted to know what kind of results people have had with this for migrations. Thanks.
  17. Hi Flyers, In addition to our earlier post regarding the commencement of Pre-Registration pilot applications prior to our launch at the beginning of February 2016, We are now taking expressions of interest for some staff positions, anyone with any interest working with us, please read the statement below, visit our webpage and contact us via the methods mentioned in the Facebook post. Our Facebook Post Thanks, Brendan.
  18. Welcome to V Group Virtual, Australia’s Next Generation VA. V Group Virtual is a group-based Virtual Airline incorporating Virgin Australia holdings series of airlines including Virgin Australia, Tiger Air Australia and Virgin Australia Regional (formerly SkyWest) The small but multi-skilled staff team have been hard at work over the last few months to bring together a cohesive brand and package that we think pilots will love, from artisan schedules (allowing pilots to pick flights that operate with different aircraft on different days of the week, true to their real world counterpart) and a progressive but easy-to-climb rank structure and a better shop system for pilots to spend their virtual pay. These packages we’ve implemented so far are just the beginning. V Group Virtual aims to be one of the most progressive and forward-thinking Virtual Airline groups available utilising the foremost technologies, concepts and ideas available to us. Looking ahead, We will also be implementing a full set of Codeshare schedules which will allow pilots to fly with our partner airlines to allow worldwide flights to all corners of the globe, including several ways around the globe too. Whilst we've all been hard at work and discussing the big question of "Are we ready yet?" every other day, I believe we're at the point now, after nearly two-and-a-half months of work, to throw open the doors and invite people to take a look and as such, at this point, I'd like to welcome anyone interested in joining our registration period as an expression of interest, with our launch taking place on 01FEB2016. Anyone wishing to apply with their expression of interest, please check out our website at VGroupVirtual.com and navigate to the join page. I personally look forward to welcoming you on board, Brendan Richards, Chief Executive Officer VGroupVirtual.com
  19. @web541: That sounds awesome. I think that pretty much sums up exactly what I'm trying to do here. At this point, I'm thinking that's probably going to be the easiest way of doing something like this here without the schedules turning into a bigger mess than they already are. Thanks again!
  20. Hey, One of the things I've seen around as a module is the ability to 'force' pilots to use certain aircraft due to a real world rotation like system of the fleet... Whilst I've only partially looked into them, in a situation like ours, where Real World airlines come into the picture, I think this would be counterproductive to force pilots to use certain aircraft due to the fact that pilots may actually be limited by what aircraft are available to them in terms of aircraft paints available for addons. As an example... Airline A may have 10x A320, We'll say they're N320VA, N321VA, N322VA -> N329VA. If the schedule system requires the pilot to use N323VA but the only liveries/paints available are N321VA and N327VA, It may cause issues for the pilot to find that 'frame' - hence I think in a situation like this, giving the pilot a full list of N320VA to N329VA better suits our requirements and should someone upload a repaint of N323VA at a later point, We don't need to do any changes to support that 'frame' at a later point. I hope my example is clear enough to understand... The other problem as well, as it stands, About 900 lines of schedules have been added to our database but they've all been done so far as to pick out the 'class leader' of the fleet (ie, Anything operated by a 737-800 is assigned to the registration of the first 738 registered in the real-world airline's fleet) so at the moment, pilots would not get the option to choose their frame. I have a feeling we're really trying to push the limits of phpVMS lol Thanks again.
  21. Sounds good... though that last part starts losing me there a bit.
  22. I've also thought about this however whilst I'm not particularly savvy with PHP and Modules and what not, I'd say that if you can force PHPVMS to read a Aircraft type and Airline and associate it to the said Aircraft type, or even just 'create' new shorthand codes for the equipment type in the schedules database, You might be able to get the concept working? I'm beginning to think this is going to be a bit of a nightmare to try and implement!
  23. Thanks for the replies. I figured it would probably be out of the standard phpVMS functionality but was wondering more about if there were any pre-existing modules. It may be something we have to develop ourselves as per our requirements. I'll keep hunting about for a while though.
  24. Hi all, I'm currently in the process of setting up a Virtual 'Group' which will operate over multiple airlines throughout several regions. At the moment, I'm doing all the schedules by hand from timetables available online however, One of the potential issues I'm facing is that currently, All the 'routes' are assigned to one aircraft registration - Currently, This is fine however, what I'd ultimately like to end up with is a situation where pilots can select from a menu the registration they're flying for that flight on that day. Thus far, I have managed to implement the schedules to an accuracy level that dictates only 1 aircraft will operate the flight. Real World schedules that use different aircraft on the same flight number, have an alternate flight number which shows the days on which the alternate aircraft is used. Additionally, Another issue I can foresee is that should we find a way to manage this, The fleet itself won't be assigned to 'groups' or airlines so PHPVMS will have no way of 'grouping' the registrations, that I know of. My question is this, does PHPVMS (or any potential mods) have any functionality to group or bind registrations for fleet to a set airline so that pilots aren't presented with a list of every airline's aircraft? (An example of the potential issue I would see is that... Should you be doing a group like we are, you would have the potential to see all the Airlines' A320s, which could run into the hundreds, as opposed to the airline you're chosing, which may only be a list of 10-20) The process, should I manage to complete it as desired would be... Search for a flight, say KLAX-KJFK, Pick a flight operated by an A320, Select a registration/specific Air Frame from that Airlines fleet, Start up FlightSim and go. My apologies if this is a confusing question but I would appreciate any help or pointers on this. Thanks, Brendan.
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