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  1. Hello, I want to use this autopirep. When I was completed install this. I've some error when I tried to enable. Pic: Any one can you help me? For your information, our VA isnot using pilot client. I use IPS from Jasper Bussemaker to check our pilot online and record flight data automatically. I want to use this Auto pirep to auto accepted or rejected when Pilot not Online in Network. Just it, no other parameters. Regards.
  2. so, for the best way, we must using virtual private server or just shared hosting for the VA ?
  3. hey. great design template.
  4. Hi All, Our team will build a Virtual Airline, but we vacillate between two options, using the server host or the web host. Roughly how the best? We think the number of member will be great and we will also provide teamspeak3 for this VA. Give me the specification minimum and maximum for build the VA. King Regrads.
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