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  1. Hi Guys, I've pulled in all of web541's changes to the code, which fixes the 'no route passed' error in addition to adding some other new pages. The main repository accessible from the original link (https://github.com/swan58/CrewCenter) will now include his changes. If you are using phpVMS 5.5.x, just move all the files from php_templates over to the main CrewCenter skin folder. I would like to thank web541 greatly for his invaluable contribution to the skin, it is very much appreciated by myself and I'm sure many others will benefit from your work.
  2. I'm looking into this error. It only happens in phpVMS 5.5.x (PHP version). The no route passed error has happened before on another skin I believe. I looked at the JS console and it appears it could be something to do with the AJAX form or jQuery. This may have something to do with the JS scripts for the application overriding the core phpVMS jQuery required for core functions like adding a bid. Error message if anyone is interested: Uncaught TypeError: $(...).ajaxForm is not a function I'll try my best to fix it, but if anyone can figure this one out, that'd be awesome.
  3. There's nothing stopping you from putting in in your main domain, however, the default page is a redirect to the login page so your visitors would not see any front page. As for the error, what version of phpVMS are you using? Is it the PHP one? I did test it on the TPL version and it worked fine but I haven't actually tried it on the PHP version!
  4. Yes, you can definitely add a drop-down menu. The link can be added in app_top.php. Replace everything in this file with this, then change the href links, text and font awesome icons (if you want): <?php if(empty(Auth::$userinfo->firstname)) { header("Location: /"); } ?> <div class="hold-transition skin-blue sidebar-mini"> <div class="wrapper"> <header class="main-header"> <!-- Logo --> <a href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>" class="logo"> <!-- mini logo for sidebar mini 50x50 pixels --> <span class="logo-mini">C<b>C<
  5. I was actually just working on that, but I encountered a strange issue. As you can see from the screenshot below, the template actually runs multiple times! I believe the template runs for every hub and I can't see another template file which parents it, so if anyone can solve this kudos to you!
  6. I don't have any intentions at this stage to do something like that, however, I have successfully just tried and tested this: Install another phpVMS installation on your subdomain (crew.yourdomain.com), then change the database to the exact same as the main site you're currently using. The only issue would be that both of the skins your using on both sites would need to have the same name. In other words, you'd need to change your current skin's name on your main site to 'crewcenter' as well, since the configuration options are stored in the database. Essentially, you would have 2 sites of p
  7. Not quite sure exactly what you mean, I'm assuming you want to transfer an existing user database to a new phpVMS installation. You should just be able to export tables (for users, fleet, airports, schedules etc.) through phpMyAdmin and import them to the new database. An alternative is copying the entire phpVMS installation over to the subdomain and changing the Site URL to the new URL of phpVMS in the config file. Hope this helps
  8. Hi Guys, Sorry for the delay. I have taken the liberty of creating PHP versions of all the template files, and put them in the 'php_templates' folder. If you are using Simpilot's phpVMS 5.5.2 and need the PHP templates, just drag in all the files from 'php_templates' into the main skin folder, all done! If there are any problems please let me know. I'm now working on skinning the bid overview and comments pages.
  9. I am working on a native 5.5.x version now. Should be out on GitHub in a couple days. I'll post when it's done.
  10. Please note this will not work as each page has a PHP header to include 'app_top.tpl' and 'app_bottom.tpl'. You would have to change every page to include the .php versions. I am still considering creating a version of CrewCenter for phpVMS 5.5.x, so if many people want a version for it, let me know. Mark
  11. To all those who are experiencing problems! Please check the following are true as per the installation instructions on GitHub: The folder in the lib/skins directory was named 'crewcenter', not 'CrewCenter' or 'CrewCenter-master' You are running Nabeel's version of phpVMS EDIT - Now works on both versions of phpVMS (PHP templates included) Please be aware this is still in development and some pages may not have been skinned yet. Thank you very much and I hope this solves any issues. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to let me know. Mark
  12. Hi all, I am pleased to announce my free skin for phpVMS, CrewCenter; a modern, sleek and responsive pilot centre application. DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/swan58/CrewCenter (Read Installation instructions in readme) IMPORTANT: If you are running phpVMS 5.5.x, move all the PHP template files from 'php_templates' into the main skin folder before uploading. This skin is designed using the Bootstrap framework, meaning it is fully responsive and works well on all sized devices, including desktops, tablets and phones. CrewCenter is not a complete website skin, it is only a pilot center applicat
  13. Hi, We have recently changed our ranks completely, so that the first rank is 'Trainee', instead of 'Cadet', in addition to the other ranks. I had to go in and change everyone who was a 'Cadet' to 'Trainee' manually. However, whenever a new member signs up, they always get assigned 'Cadet' even though the rank doesn't exist (even in database). 'Trainee' is set to minimum of 0 hours so I don't understand why 'Cadet' keeps being assigned. I've also tried optimising tables but no effect. Any possible solutions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  14. I just tried doing that. Still just refreshed, same as last time. Thanks, Mark
  15. Hi, I have a .csv airport database which I attempted to import into phpVMS via the admin center. On Chrome it said it was uploading and once it was done, the page just refreshed. I looked in the airports listing, and they did not change. I don't see why this is happening. The file is correctly formated (I'm pretty sure!) and I ticked the box that it had a header. It has nothing to do with my internet connection since we have tried using different people's computers to upload it. I'll attach the .csv in this post. Thanks, Mark airportsnew.csv
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