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  1. Hi Laura, Very touching story to hear. I have dropped you a DM with some groups I know. :)
  2. Replied to your DM to me Jacob Thanks!
  3. Hi if you shoot me a DM with your website URL I'll take a look at your current setup and how this could be implemented
  4. May be a bit late but you just need to downgrade your PHP version to 5 in your cPanel / Web Hosting Provider's Panel Let me know your provider and I'll provide a specific path to this setting
  5. Nothing is ever dead; Always happy to help out where I can Using the original Styling Sheet, I added the 3 larger boxes and extended the length of the given one and then pulled some PHP strings from an administrative template to display the data frontend. I can help you do this in 10minutes if you want?
  6. Glad you have this working :) If you need any support, I've done work on the module before so I will be happy to take a look over for you. Best, Luke
  7. Dropped you a reply message. Apologies for the delay. Best, Luke
  8. I can help you out with a custom ACARS tracking software. Though I would try and diagnose your smartCARS issues first. PM me if interested
  9. I could code you something custom for your VA Give me a shout if I can be of assistance.
  10. If you need a promotional video done I have made them in the past for websites and forums. I can provide examples of these. If you sent me the liveries for your fleet, I could capture then compose anything you needed Let me know
  11. Thats cool Our tweaks are still a long way off complete but are starting to take shape Awesome to see others ideas too
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