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  1. LukeW

    Last Flight

    Hi if you shoot me a DM with your website URL I'll take a look at your current setup and how this could be implemented
  2. LukeW

    PHPVMS on PHP 7

    May be a bit late but you just need to downgrade your PHP version to 5 in your cPanel / Web Hosting Provider's Panel Let me know your provider and I'll provide a specific path to this setting
  3. LukeW

    Crew Center Tweaks

    Nothing is ever dead; Always happy to help out where I can Using the original Styling Sheet, I added the 3 larger boxes and extended the length of the given one and then pulled some PHP strings from an administrative template to display the data frontend. I can help you do this in 10minutes if you want?
  4. LukeW


    Glad you have this working :) If you need any support, I've done work on the module before so I will be happy to take a look over for you. Best, Luke
  5. LukeW

    Virtual Airline Developer Avaliable!

    Gently bumping this as I am now returning to the phpVMS community. Need a website or developer? Get in touch
  6. LukeW

    Website Developer

    Dropped you a reply message. Apologies for the delay. Best, Luke
  7. LukeW

    List Of Items Required Please.

    I can help you out with a custom ACARS tracking software. Though I would try and diagnose your smartCARS issues first. PM me if interested
  8. LukeW

    Create Points systems

    I could code you something custom for your VA Give me a shout if I can be of assistance.
  9. Hey there! I'm Luke and I'm a huge aviation enthusiast and developer. I've been developing for around five years now and it's incredible crafting something incredible from the start. I'm offering Virtual Airline Development Services including: Website Design- Standard websites and styling phpVMS Design- Custom skins and crew center Modifications- Including module development, skins and anything else necessary App Design- Android & IOS apps for virtual airlines Graphic Design- Logos and any other graphical work needing doing Promotional Videos- Showcasing your VA Liveries for aircraft- Including FSX, P3D & XP aircraft and most payware types I can do other things on request. PM me for my portfolio Happy to help with any VA needing assistance. PM me or comment for more information
  10. LukeW

    Promotional videos

    If you need a promotional video done I have made them in the past for websites and forums. I can provide examples of these. If you sent me the liveries for your fleet, I could capture then compose anything you needed Let me know
  11. LukeW

    Virtual airlines site request

    Ive dropped you a message too
  12. LukeW

    Virtual airlines site request

    Ive sent you a message
  13. LukeW

    Crew Center Tweaks

    Thats cool Our tweaks are still a long way off complete but are starting to take shape Awesome to see others ideas too
  14. LukeW

    Crew Center Tweaks

    I've been modifying the pilot end of my VA recently and have made a few changes to Crew Center: Front End Changes: AirMAIL Modifications More is to come