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  1. The '.co.uk' website was bought a while back in order for us to build our website and systems on. There is a plan to move to a newer website nearer towards our launch and host all services from there. We greatly appreciate your feedback Vanity
  2. We are simply a service which provides brand development, leadership structuring and social development to virtual airlines. We spoke to 8 virtual airlines (with a variety of new, old, fictional and real-world based) and all agreed that this is a 'unique' service which the virtual airline community has long awaited - we aim to fill this gap in the market. We are still developing ourselves, therefore, the October deadline is approachable and achievable. More documents and branding will be issued in the coming weeks to give you a further insight into our operations and what we can provide to virtual airlines as a whole. We apologise if we have caused any arguments or inconvenience. We are happy to take further questions at hello@stratusgroup.co.uk.
  3. Ahead of our launch in October 2017, we are in the phase of delivering leadership positions to support the vast network we hope to provide to the community. Stratus Group, a new virtual airline alliance, is seeking a Chief Operating Officer to work directly underneath the Chief Executive Officer, in the hope of forming a full leadership body. It is essential that the candidate has experience in holding executive position in long-term virtual airline provisions. We are seeking someone to support the final development stages of Stratus, and directly into operations from early October. The attached '.pdf' file explains the role in greater depth, and we highly suggest examining this document if you have merely any interest in this position. Send all applications to applications@stratusgroup.co.uk before Monday 31st July at 06:00. For more information on our services, feel free to contact the Leadership Team directly at the Facebook page. COO-A1.pdf
  4. Dear phpVMS community members, We would like to use the phpVMS forums to keep you informed on Foralis' progress, prior to the inauguration on Friday 28th October. Furthermore, I will take this opportunity to introduce you to the partnership aspect of the virtual airline alliance. It is, at this point, we would like to introduce you to the pre-release partnerships which are now available. Pre-release partnerships are now available to all virtual airlines, and you're able to show your interest in becoming a VA partner using the email address: membership@theforalisalliance.co.uk. This email address is a fantastic way to share your interest in becoming a partner and to find out any information you may need. Pre-release partnerships are available from Monday 5th September to Monday 24th October, giving VAs six weeks to apply to become partner. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Mr J. Wilkinson Chief Executive
  5. phpVMS Forums, My name is Jack Wilkinson, the new Chief Executive Officer of a newly re-branded virtual airline alliance. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the Foralis Alliance, a virtual airline alliance opening on Monday 28th October 2016. Foralis launched on October 17th 2003 when it was called 'British Virtual Airline Group'. For four years, the alliance ran like clockwork. It had a team of six members of staff and six virtual airlines under its belt. Sadly, on December 29th 2007 and four years after launching, BAVG ceased operations. The former Chief Executive Officer, Robert Blanchard, wanted to pursue new ambitions within the community. On Wednesday 20th April 2016, British Virtual Airline Group was bought and taken over. Following the takeover, I sat down with Robert and decided on the next steps the alliance would take. Robert agreed to assist in the takeover and next steps so the transition between leaders was smooth. I first decided the alliance required modernising. It was from this that a new name and logo were created. Now, the Foralis Alliance team are building on our services while our web team build our website. We are expected to launch our services on Monday 28th October. We will keep this thread updated during the build-up to the launch of Foralis. I have attached our brand new logo and links to the social media page can be found below. Facebook - https://www.facebook...101507426630981 Regards, Jack Wilkinson
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