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  1. Virtual Trans World is hiring new Pilots for its hubs in LAX, JFK, STL, MCI and international hubs in SJU and CDG. Please check our HR at: http://v-twa.com/index.php/vacancies
  2. It was a compatibility issue. It was set for IE7. Now all works good.
  3. Can someone help please? Its not working on any other PC with IE
  4. It is almost 4 weeks ago, when flyvtwa.com website was hacked and destroyed. But now we are back. With the support of the founder and CEO of flyvtwa.com, we created a new site. The original schedule database could be used. Fly the Connies, 707s,747s and all other TWA aircrafts to destinations around the world. With schedules from all eras of TWA. Or create a charter flight and fly from any airport to a destination of your choice. Fly TWA and Fly Ozark! http://www.v-twa.com. Apply now.
  5. Hi guys. I am completely new with phpVMS. So I started a new site. The site works almost perfect on Firefox, Opera, Chrome. But not on InternetExplorer 11. The Nav Menue not showing up as well as the slide show. the site is www.v-twa.com. Any solution for IE11? Thanks Roland
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