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  1. I have tried out it. However, the choice would also have to be there with the flight schedule choice. Then there only one airplane is in it.
  2. ThomasH

    jump seat

    I also have interest in it. Has this already developed somebody?
  3. Nevertheless, this is already a beginning, I thank you. I like it.
  4. Hello, I am in search of a nice layout for the pilot's centre. Tom and to me are absent at the moment the ideas. I would be grateful for a few suggestions (Screenshots) to you.
  5. This would be nice if somebody could try this.
  6. Thank you, this I will test with opportunity sometimes.
  7. I would find it good if the flights are also practicable by different airplanes. Quite a lot of amateur pilot has thus his predilections. One there fly dear airbus, the other dear Boeing. Thus one could avoid that then every flight must be given three times or more. With the flight choice the pilot can decide which airplane he would like to take with pleasure. Though is unrealistic a little bit, but it offers a high flexibility for the pilots.
  8. Does somebody know from you FSAirlines.net? There one can also select with the flight schedule choice which airplane one would like to take. Could one insert also with phpvms? Example: I have the possibility to make the flight KMIA-KBOS with a B738, A320, B753. I can choose this with the flight schedule choice?
  9. Yes exactly this it was. Small cause - big effect. I thank you.
  10. Does know to no answer, how does one make this right?
  11. has not set their status

  12. Can somebody help me in the installation of a Templates of Dreamweaver? I do not know to which folder the *dwt file comes. Here: http://www.justdreamweaver.com/dreamweaver-templates.html i like this ZoombaBlue with jQuery Superfish Menus template.
  13. ah sorry 37 <center><td><?php echo Util::AddTime($pilot->totalhours, $pilot->transferhours); ?></td></center> 38 <td colspan="2"><center> 39 <?php 40 $last_location = PIREPData::getLastReports($pilot->pilotid, 1, PIREP_ACCEPTED); 41 42 echo "This pilot's last location is: {$last_location->arricao}"; 43 ?> 44 </tbody> 45 </table>
  14. In the pilot roster a table in which the last location (current location) is indicated should appear. In addition I have in the pilots_list.tpl following code: <table width="789" class="tablesorter" id="tabledlist"> <thead> <tr bgcolor="#336699"> <th>Pilot ID</th> <th width="25%">Name</th> <th width="10%">Rank</th> <th width="16%">Flights</th> <th width="23%">Hours</th> <th>Location</th> </tr> </thead> <?php foreach($roster as $pilot) { ?> <tr align="left" valign="middle" bgcolor="#DFF4FF"> <td width="9%" align="right" nowrap> <img src="<?php echo Countries::getCountryImage($pilot->location);?>" alt="<?php echo Countries::getCountryName($pilot->location);?>" /> <a href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/index.php/profile/view/<?php echo $pilot->pilotid?>"> <?php echo PilotData::GetPilotCode($pilot->code, $pilot->pilotid)?></a> </td> <td nowrap="nowrap"> <left><?php echo $pilot->firstname.' '.$pilot->lastname?></center> </td> <center><td align="center"><img src="<?php echo $pilot->rankimage?>" alt="<?php echo $pilot->rank;?>" /></td></center> <center><td><?php echo $pilot->totalflights?></td></center> <center><td><?php echo Util::AddTime($pilot->totalhours, $pilot->transferhours); ?></td></center> <td colspan="2"><center> <?php $last_location = PIREPData::getLastReports($pilot->pilotid, 1, PIREP_ACCEPTED); echo "This pilot's last location is: {$last_location->arricao}"; ?> </tbody> </table> Then I get the error message in the browser: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /kunden/265414_32756/html/phpvms/core/templates/pilots_list.tpl on line 45 Where is the mistake? Greetings Thomas
  15. <center><td><?php $last_location = PIREPData::getLastReports($pilot->pilotid, 1, PIREP_ACCEPTED); echo $last_location->arricao ; ?> </td></center> </tr> </tbody> </table> And then come: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /kunden/265414_32756/html/phpvms/core/templates/pilots_list.tpl on line 45
  16. Ok, this is my code in pilots_list.tpl: 39 <center><td><?php echo $userinfo->arricao;?></td></center> 40 </tr> 41 </tbody> 42 </table> But becom error message in the browser: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /kunden/265414_32756/html/phpvms/core/templates/pilots_list.tpl on line 43 hmm, can you help me?
  17. Hello I would like to get pilot roster at the end of the table not with the pilot him HUB, but current location indicated. I simply do not do it. If somebody can write to me please a code for it? Thanks Thomas
  18. Thank you, who can read - is in the advantage I had not followed point 3, this was my mistake. Thomas
  19. Hello, times someone could write an exact installation instruction for the fleet-site. I get it not to run. Thanks and many greetings Thomas
  20. I have created it, now it functions. If everything has anew installed. Glad Easter and thank you for the help. Kind regards Thomas
  21. Ok Sir, folder core/lib complet reuploaded - without success. Greets Thomas
  22. Okay, I have acted. The result: Warning: include(/kunden/265414_32756/html/phpvms/core/lib/php-ofc-library/open-flash-chart.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /kunden/265414_32756/html/phpvms/core/modules/Pilots/Pilots.php on line 85 Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening '/kunden/265414_32756/html/phpvms/core/lib/php-ofc-library/open-flash-chart.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /kunden/265414_32756/html/phpvms/core/modules/Pilots/Pilots.php on line 85 Fatal error: Class 'title' not found in /kunden/265414_32756/html/phpvms/core/modules/Pilots/Pilots.php on line 87 Now the Pilots.php: Good night, greetings from Germany Thomas
  23. I can see with "rightclick-view code" what you mean, but how can I work on this? I use Firefox 3.6 Thanx and greets Thomas
  24. Thank you for the answers. However, am surprised that the graphics "Balance Sheet" and "Breakdown" are indicated. @Nabeel Which file does it? What can i do? Sincerly Thomas
  25. Hello, I have the problem that I get no statistics indicated. Under "MyStats" or also in the Admin Panel with "pilot of report for the Past Week" I see only this error message. Unfortunately, the search also has nobody occur brought. The newest update is on it. Just I wanted to insert a few airports, now he himself does not find known any more. If I fill everything of hand, the system does not accept him. Can somebody help me? Greets Thomas
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