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    Menu pages

    In what tpl can i add or delete pages in menu, I want to add about us, fleet, hubs to the menu, Also would like to put login on sidebar, and remove from header. and menu. Thanks Mac
  2. How do you put this in there on your posts
  3. Maexpress has redone the site and shedules, We are looking for new pilots and hub mgr, Event Mgr. Check us out at www.maexpressva.com
  4. mac

    how to

    1.How do you move nav tags in menu bar closer together to get them on one line. when you log in the other page go to next line and block things on the pages. 2. how can you move the items on the page down if i can not change nav tabs. 3. where is the pilot_public_profile.tpl at or what tpl do i use to put code in for awards to show up on pilots page, i have made the awards but shows up written i would like to show pics also. 4. how do you puy solved on prior postings. thanks Mac www.maexpressva.com
  5. mac

    kacars error

    i have never used e-mail in here how does it work. i found the files
  6. mac

    kacars error

    I have downloaded both new from site and installed still get error. took old out of site only new show's
  7. mac

    kacars error

    I have read the forum and downloaded new module and progam, and still get this error. kacars_free cant continue! contact your site adminisrator to fix this issue! Application and module donot match! evry thing is updated on site and computer Help
  8. I under stand how to change color, how do you change words that are typed there.
  9. I under stand the code above if you look at my site www.maexpressva.com on the page is the welcome to maexpressva in red how do i change color and words.
  10. I would like to put a welcome area on my front page in a set area like left uper, so i stays and i dont have to use news for it Thanks Mac
  11. Thank for reply got my va up and running
  12. I tried all the permisions and still get an error, I dont know what else to do, i guess i will cancel all my acounts and give up, Or is there someone who could load this on godaddy for me, Help last straw.
  13. can someone please install vmsphp for me i have tryed and just get an error as i have posted ive been at this for a month Mac
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