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  1. Hello, can anyone tell me where to navigate and insert my keys for the reCAPTCHA Google map
  2. Crew Center Support

    Good Day everyone! Recently, I have designed a website and I want to connect crew center to it via a link. My problem is that I have been trying to figure out for 2 days on how to install crew center onto my subdomain without getting tons of errors. Can anyone take the time to properly write a step-by-step explanation on how to install the crew center skin onto my phpvms website. I have read Mark's installation instructions but I cant seem to comprehend those thanks!
  3. Complete phpVMS Skin [Lance]

    Does anyone know how to activate the google maps map on the front of my webpage? hawaiianvirtualif.ga using simpilots version of pHpVMS. I know that you have to get some sort of API code but I just don’t understand in which piece of code to insert it into...
  4. Installation Directory

    When I try to install a skin, one of the directions is to “upload the lib folder to my phpvms installation directory.” Does anyone know how I did that? It’s the only thing I can’t seem to crack.
  5. Hawaiian

    Anyone have any good Hawaiian Virtual Airlines skins or templates to use or recommend?
  6. Hello all. I am new at this pHpVMS thing and was wondering if anyone would be willing to donate time to set up a website for me? I need someone who can create skins and code features into the website for me. Also, I need this website to be free if that’s okay. Thanks Blake