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  1. Hello all, i am doing something in my VA and i need to add new column \ filed in current table example table phpvms_pilot i am already new filed for example total_daily_flights i need to show the result of this filed in profile_main.tpl like <?php echo $userinfo->totalflights?> when i change totalflight to = total_daily_flights , there is NO Change ! please i know i should add new line in some files can you teach me like $this->set('total_daily_flights', $totaldailyflights); but where should be to add ? this
  2. Thanks friend for your repaly Let wait some detail from other people maybe I can code it by my-self
  3. Hi is that possible to do the connection flight in virtual ? For example the main hub is Dubai and pilot want to fly from Paris to Sydney through Dubai ? for example when search for flight from Paris to Sydney it will show for him 1- EK1 from paris to Dubai 2- EK23 from dubai to Sydney i mean the result should be show the flight with connection flight to sydney is that possible or not if anyone have module or code please share with us
  4. Hi can anyone help me I need tour module freeware if possible
  5. friend can we talk in PM or via Email or whatever you want i have finish something . now when i choose dep and arr airport and click button it will transfer me to FrontSchedules page but without showing any result like it need to repeat and will get the result but in different page
  6. Hi thank you for your responding actually i am using maybe the default module create by * @author Nabeel Shahzad and it has <form> tag do you have any idea that can help me in order make quick search for flight ? I have another page that already work for booking flight <tr> <td>Select Virtual Airline</td> <td><select class="search" name="airline"> <option value="">All Virtual Airline</option> <?php foreach ($airlines as $airline)
  7. Hi i am doing some thing for out virtual i am create a form to search a flight in frontpage but i need to know how can i show all dep or arr airport ? below is example code i create it in frontpage but nothing show , like airport to select <div class="field col"> <label>From </label> <div class="inputText"> <tr> <td> <select class="search" name="depicao"> <option value="">All Departure Ai
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