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  1. Hi guys, the CrewCenter looks great. Unfortunately, I miss a few corporate statistics such as Pilots, Staff, Top Pilots, Top Landings, etc. How to add some statistics to the template? I would also like to add some pages such as imprint or privacy policy to the left menu. I would be happy to get some tips/help here. Regards RevLoewe
  2. RevLoewe

    [SKIN][Free] iCrew LITE skin 2018 designed for phpVMS

    Hi guys, I'd like to use the iCrew template, but i have a few minor issues with it. Maybe someone can help me with my open points: - on the registration page, apparently the CSS code is messed up. Also, the captcha does not work (call to undefined function recaptcha_get_html). - on the dashboard page, "Total Hours" is shows as "NaN" only. - staff page does not work (The module "STAFF" does not exist!). I can't find the module anywhere. - notifications is always shows "12 new members joinded". How can I remove this? - on the flight report page, the field for APP/ARR airport is too small or not high enough. In addition, I would like to comply with the legal requirements and would like to add the following pages: - imprint - privacy policy - cookie guideline I would be happy to get some tips/help here. Regards RevLoewe