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  1. If this still was not fixed, you must include the Leaflet files (leaflet.css, leaflet.js etc) on the frontend too, wherever you're calling the map.
  2. I believe it can be done via your core/local.config.php on line 103 approx Config::Set('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID', true); change it to Config::Set('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID', false); That should hopefully fix your issue.
  3. Hey, phpvms 7 is built on Laravel, and I've taken a look at the DB tables. As you have guessed, the same import CSV files you used for phpvms v2/v5 wouldn't work. The documentation says that you will be able to do an import thought SSH Terminal using the following artisan command. Ik most of the guys are on TFDi hosting, and the good news is they support SSH Access via cPanel. So when you get phpvms7, all you gotta do is go to cPanel > Terminal > and enter the following command with your DB creds. php artisan phpvms:importer {db_host} {db_name} {db_user} {db_pass?} more information here: https://docs.phpvms.net/setup/importing-from-v2-v5 On a side note, There is this awesome tool https://virtualairlineschedules.net/ provides data (airports, aircrafts, schedules) which support phpvms7. The only thing left to actually import from your old VA DB is, Pilot Data & PIREP Data, which also can be imported manually I've been working on Laravel projects for a while now. I created a custom VMS for a client who were running on phpVMS earlier. It was fairly very easy to get all their data from the DB and put it into a format where it was accepted by my VMS because the database tables were much similar. So, the possibility that it can be done without using the Terminal in phpvms7 is still there. I've attached a screenie for reference from when I tried to export data from a phpvms v2 based VA to a custom Laravel VMS. In conclusion, the odds are that there would be a full featured import tool when phpVMS is released, so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it! Cheers.
  4. Looks crazy @Cor. Good job. To update the flight boards dynamically, use JS & AJAX. Set the code to load information from a url and parse it into the board, additionally add a "SetInterval" function with a custom time frame on JS so that the code refreshes accordingly. Let me know if you need any help Cheers!
  5. Hello, greetings from India [Quick fix, change your file name to TourenData.class.php] Assuming you are asking how to get data into the DataClass, the answer to that would be "using SQL". Example: public static function GetTourenData() { // Getting all values from a table $sql = "SELECT * FROM `phpvms_tourendata`"; return DB::get_results($sql); } If you need to use a variable in the module, assuming that it is already establed (coded) in the DataClass (core/common) folder, all you'll have to do is to just assign a variable to display the value. Example: In ACARSData.class.php, you have a static function called "GetACARSData()" which returns an array. The idea is to get your static function inside TourenData.class.php to return some value. Once that is done, you can call that inside your module like this... Assuming we are coding in the public index function of your module, code this way $this->set('tourendata', TourenData::GetTourenData()); $this->render('touren.tpl'); So now, phpVMS is assigning the values of TourenData::GetTourenData() function into a variable called "$tourendata" which you can use in the template file. One more way I have seen people using this is, to set the data to the variable instead of using "this", Template::set('tourendata', TourenData::GetTourenData()); nevertheless, both methods work. Let me know if this was of any help, Regards, Leonard
  6. Very much possible. Have you heard of Charts.js? I *guess* Nabeel is using that on phpvms7 Take a look here > https://www.chartjs.org/samples/latest/charts/line/basic.html It's very advanced as well as a very easy library to work with. Let me see if I can make a patch for the VA finance module. Regards.
  7. Hey @Cor, Any luck yet? I've done this way looooong back for a project. I can't share the exact code here cuz the client paid for it....but I sure can help. As far as I can recollect, if you can get splitflap.js to work on your crew side / website without any issues, all that is left would be to pass on some variables using the help of a little php. <?php // First, let's get the ACARS data from phpVMS $acarsdata = ACARSData::GetACARSData(); //Checking if the data is empty and showing a message if($acarsdata == '') { echo "Whoops, there are no live flights now!"; } else { foreach($acarsdata as $flight) { echo $flight->code.$flight->flightnum; // Displays flight number eg: VMS1024F echo $flight->depicao; // Displays the departure ICAO code echo $flight->arricao; // '' Arrival ICAO code echo $flight->phasedetail; // Phase detail-> Boarding, Take-off, Climb etc. } } ?> So, if you can insert this piece of code in your page where you have splitflap.js working, you can get the acars data from phpVMS and display it there. Use <?php ?> tags to break the php code where ever necessary so that you're able to format the code with HTML to make it work with the split flap. I know this was a bit bare bones, but let me know how it goes. P.S Emphasizing on "Live Free or Die" @Heritage1, I'd like to add something which I found on the internet a long time ago, a quote from this site, which reads Hoping things become better for people who seek help from this forum. Cheers, Leonard.
  8. You need to run composer install on your shell. Contact your web hosting provider and ask him to run composer install on phpvms directory. or, if you have shell access, you can do it yourself. Check out this video
  9. Do you have the country image files located in the lib folder? Try to test it, open the image on a new tab maybe. If the images don't exist, download the original copy of phpVMS, it'll have the images If the image exists and is not loading, then there is some other issue. Regards
  10. Hello Anthony, That sounds great. I will send you a DM Regards
  11. Please send me a DM Will talk further there Regards
  12. Hey guys, I came across an issue where in a blank space appears on the top of the webpage. While inspecting it, it seems that the webpage was returning a speacial charecter &#65279; It is a UTF-8 byte order mark, and I have seen few people on the Discord channel addressing this problem with no success, it was very frustrating, but I have found a solution for it. How to fix: Create a page called "fix.php" in your main folder, where there's action.php & index.php and add the following code to it. <?php // Tell me the root folder path. // You can also try this one // $HOME = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]; // Or this // dirname(__FILE__) $HOME = dirname(__FILE__); // Is this a Windows host ? If it is, change this line to $WIN = 1; $WIN = 0; // That's all I need ?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>UTF8 BOM FINDER and REMOVER</title> <style> body { font-size: 10px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background: #FFF; color: #000; } .FOUND { color: #F30; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; } </style> </head> <body> <?php $BOMBED = array(); RecursiveFolder($HOME); echo '<h2>These files had UTF8 BOM, but i cleaned them:</h2><p class="FOUND">'; foreach ($BOMBED as $utf) { echo $utf ."<br />\n"; } echo '</p>'; // Recursive finder function RecursiveFolder($sHOME) { global $BOMBED, $WIN; $win32 = ($WIN == 1) ? "\\" : "/"; $folder = dir($sHOME); $foundfolders = array(); while ($file = $folder->read()) { if($file != "." and $file != "..") { if(filetype($sHOME . $win32 . $file) == "dir"){ $foundfolders[count($foundfolders)] = $sHOME . $win32 . $file; } else { $content = file_get_contents($sHOME . $win32 . $file); $BOM = SearchBOM($content); if ($BOM) { $BOMBED[count($BOMBED)] = $sHOME . $win32 . $file; // Remove first three chars from the file $content = substr($content,3); // Write to file file_put_contents($sHOME . $win32 . $file, $content); } } } } $folder->close(); if(count($foundfolders) > 0) { foreach ($foundfolders as $folder) { RecursiveFolder($folder, $win32); } } } // Searching for BOM in files function SearchBOM($string) { if(substr($string,0,3) == pack("CCC",0xef,0xbb,0xbf)) return true; return false; } ?> </body> </html> Voila, you're done! Hope this helps.
  13. If your hosting provider is forcing you to upgrade, go for php 7.1. I have a stable phpVMS 5.5.2 (simpilot version) on a php 7.1 environment. No problems faced so far.
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