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  1. Glad I was able to fix it for you! if anymore issues, contact me on DM, will be happy to help For other pilots who have already included jQuery in your core_htmlhead.php, consider removing that, it's pretty old, iCrew LITE comes with the latest jQuery version. Regards, Leonard
  2. Hey buddy, The problem is because, your php code is calling a function that does not exist, that is why it is quitting, or as we call it in the programming jargon "die"ing. Here's something which you might have missed from the documentation This might actually fix it but if it doesn't, text me up with a demo account, and a temporary FTP account on DM. I'll happily fix it for you. Best regards
  3. Can you try a full delete and reinstall? Delete the skin, download the latest one and follow the documentation. If this is not helping, set me up with a demo account and your FTP details on PM. I'll do it for you. Regards.
  4. Hey there @Maksim The module is extremely simple, no complex code at all. Which makes it almost a 'manual' module. When you want to add a new Focus Airport, simply go the focusairport folder in lib > skins > iCrewLITE and change the 'ICAO Code' and the 'Image'. As default, I've added 'OMDB' to be the Focus Airport. Here's a Tip, (this is completely my opinion) use pictures which have tags like '#silhouette, #sunset' of famous monuments of the Airport's City. For example, i came up with this picture when I searched for 'Dubai skyline sunset silhouette'. Let me know
  5. Okay, you need a new skin and few upgrades for your VA. PM me, I provide payware services. But if you're interested in doing things by yourself, I'd suggest you to learn the basics from the web. I know what your thinking, it's not easy, but it's worth it. All the best. Happy New Year!
  6. Hi I'm sorry that you had to wait this long, I was away for a while. Do you have the latest version of the skin? Are you running in phpVMS 5.5 2? Did you overwrite anything? The error says that phpvms was unable to locate header.tpl and footer.tpl. That's weird because both of those files for this skin are named as app_top.php, app_sidebar.php and app_bottom.php. So somewhere within your phpVMS, the software. Is trying to load a different layout.php file, can you check if the layout file in the lib>skins>iCrewLITE folder is specific to the iCrew
  7. As said earlier, it's a JavaScript error caused due to not including the required files Include core_htmlheader.php in your layout.php before your header tag. Search this forum, that's the best way to debug
  8. Hi! The best way to fix this is to alter the input type in the schedules form. By default, it's a drop-down, so changing that into a input field might save you the loading time. Drawbacks : Pilots will not be able to see all the airports in the database. In my honest opinion, they're not going to even need to see those 20k airports, so you don't have to worry much. How to change : 1. Take back up of the schedules_searchform.php 2. In the schedules_searchform.php, remove the drop-down lists for the departure and arrival airports and change them with this :
  9. Hey! Merry Christmas, what exactly do you wish to change in your VA? From what I understand, If you need to change an image, it's simple. Go to your hosting's filemanger, upload the image and verify it's uploaded. (www.yoursite.com/image.jpg would be a simple way to check), now go and replace the URL of the image which you would like to change with this new URL. Forgive me if this is not what you're looking for. Once again, good day! Regards
  10. Hey, Did you figure it out yet buddy? If there is anything i could do to help, drop a DM Regards!
  11. It's because something else it triggering the modal. It's a common error with bootstrap. Contact @parthparth for more help.
  12. Hey, can you try checking if the skin is active? Go to Admin Center > General Settings > Skins and check if it's using icrew. Regards
  13. Hey Wazza, It's nice to hear you're enjoying the skin. This skin, is made for VA's which use the 'dashboard portal', meaning only members with a valid login ID and password can access the contents of the VA. This is pretty much why i insisted the devs to install it on a subdomain like icrew.yoursite.com. Now that i see this is an issue, I am in the idea of developing a Front end theme too. Let's see where it takes us. If you have any freeware theme in mind which would be great for your VA, or if you have any suggestions to add, please go ahead. Regards
  14. Alright. That is actually pretty defined in the skin's css files. It's a very long process to add a new color all together, but I'll tell you a quick work around. lib>skins>iCrewLITE>css>themes. Go there and select a color which you think will be the least preferable and open that theme-xyz.css You're going to find some css code with lots of "#" values. Those are called hex codes. So to change a color, you need to just replace the hex colors. To get a hex colors, go to Google and search for hex color picker. The best way is to Google the color given in the th
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