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  1. Responsive Pilot Center | iCrew

    Hello, iCrewCenter is now Owned and operated by iCrewSystems.in, and yes, I can help you make Skin for Jet Airways Virtual. Do check out the latest version of iCrew, iCrew v4, it releases this November!
  2. [HELP] PhpVMS is not updating the SQL database

    Hello, thanks for getting back. I am a novice in SQL and PhpVMS, so could you please direct me on how to do step 1 and 3? I've verified Step 2, it's perfect.
  3. I have noticed that phpVMS isn't quite writing anything into the MySQL database. For example, if there is a new pilot registration, the Admin Center does nothing when i press "Accept Pilot" Same for "Profile Edit", it doesn't show any errors, but neither it updates anything. The only way i do it is via the phpMyAdmin through the cPanel. This is kind of frustrating everytime, does anyone know how to fix this??
  4. ScreenshotCenter 2.0

    Okay, thanks. I'll check it out EDIT : Browser says "Uploading", and once its done, it refreshes, and nothing happens... even checked the approval list. nothing there too
  5. ScreenshotCenter 2.0

    Just Checked, its pics, its placed under Core. it had an "index.php" which was blank...
  6. ScreenshotCenter 2.0

    Hi, wonderful addon, but when i try to implement it, I get this Error Warning: move_uploaded_file(pics/1501323385_2017-7-26_10-58-12-492.bmp): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/iflyva/public_html/icrew/core/modules/Screenshots/Screenshots.php on line 75 Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phpFhZe3o' to 'pics/1501323385_2017-7-26_10-58-12-492.bmp' in /home/iflyva/public_html/icrew/core/modules/Screenshots/Screenshots.php on line 75 I created a Folder called "Pics" in the Root folder, what else to do? Can anyone Help? Thanks in Advance
  7. Upcoming Departures

    Hey, i did a few things to get this working 1. In the Modules > Airports, i renamed the " airport_main.tpl " and "airport_info.tpl" into " airport_main.php " and "airport_info.php" 2. And for this error foreach($lastbids as $lastbid) Just change the "$lastbids" into "$lastbid" should look like this : foreach($lastbid as $lastbid) Regards, Leonard
  8. Current Flight bids

    Hi im learning my way in phpVMS, hence excuse this question if this is stupid i tried to use this Snippet, but no joy, In phpVMS i have bids, and ive also inserted this code, now how do i access them? Give me an example This is how i intend to use the details <table class="table"> <thead> <h4><tr> <th>Pilot</th> <th>Aircraft</th> <th>Sector</th> </tr></h4> </thead> <tbody> <?php $bids = SchedulesData::getAllBids(); ?> <tr> <!-- I NEED TO GET THE DETAILS OF BIDS AND PASTE IT HERE--> <td>??????????????????</td> <td>??????????????????</td> <td>??????????????????</td> </tbody>