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  1. You might be correct there since it is never wise to make too many changes to 'core' modules at least if my code was in a seperate module then if the main module I attach the link to my module changes there is the minimum for the work. So on that basis I will try and build the MYBB posing module and see how I get on , fortunately I have a test server of my own so that the live virtual airline does not have a problem with my testing
  2. I already have written the code I need for the posting to the MYBB forum , My questions were , in which PHP module or script is there a point at which a pilot becomes a 'live' pilot and also at which point i.e. a pilot gets promoted so that I can post the messages. It needs to be at an exact moment when PHPVMS does these things so as not to post the message twice or to miss the event completely
  3. I have code that will post to a MYBB forum for pilot events that are initially the following -: [A]. New Pilot [B]. Pilot promotions If anybody can tell me where I need to insert my code as follows -: When a new pilot joins at the point they become a registered pilot is where I want to put my code , which module/php does PHPVMS make a pilot "LIVE". Likewise as in a pilot promotion at what point does a pilot get promoted to a new rank. , same here where do I put my code in which module /php file We are running v5.5 7.2 version Thanks If I get help on this I will post my code that makes the announcement on MYBB on this forum to help others
  4. I just got a message from PayPal that I am getting a refund of my money from Crazy Creatives.. it seems that they did not even respond to a resolution claim against them. So it is reasonable to believe tha5 they are not bothered about supporting their modules but just take your money. So beware of them
  5. Yes that is true in general but my gripe is where a developer does not even bother to tell potential purchasers that it will say only work with PHP 5.6. Just leaving it as a module for PHPVMS v5.x. is not good enough as phpVMS gets registered in the system settings of PHPVMS. I agree that tweaking some code so that a PHP5.6 module will work in PHP7.2 is one way of getting around the problem but since it is payware , the obvious thing is that the developer can cite you for altering the code if they have state that you are not allowed to amend the code etc. A catch-22 situation as you have paid money for what you expect to be a working module and then find it does not work and unless your are adept at PHP coding especially at PHP 7.2 etc then you are at a loss. Thus a reasonable module developer will or should have seen the advantage of bringing the products into line with PHP 7.2. as PHPVMS V7. is still a way bit off being very stable and since Virtual airlines will want the same modules for PHPVMS V7. then a golden opportunity is being missed. Surely if there is not much work to make a 5.5 module work with then that's a good way forward for these module developers. The other thing is why do some not bother to respond to e-mails and contact requests yet are quite happy to take your money ?
  6. in regard to CRAZY CREATIVES , they have not responded or offered to help so I have no alternative but to resort to using PAYPAL resolution to get the money back as they have sold software that does not work following their installation instructions. If they had such good modules and customer support then what they offer although it looks expensive could be justified in the price they are selling them at. However there are some issues I have with the advertising on their web-site and the way you are told to install the modules. Firstly there is the glossy screenshots showing how 'good' the product is , but these are not backed up by any customer sites as a reference to see the module in action. I do not always trust vendors own demo site as it may be fixed to always show good results. Secondly there is no clarification in any advert or product as to which version of PHP the modules will run under. Now I use the phpvms PHP version 7.2 and since it is classed with a 5. then it is in the product line of CC as they say modules are for V2 and V5.x Now surely if there is an issue with any modules not working in PHP 7.x then by now they have had time to bring out a new version of the module and have the same product line as PHP5.6 versions and a new product line for the PHP7.2 versions. I have worked on PHP5.6 to PHP7.2 conversions and there is not that much that you need to change as such as for most of the work is centred around MYSQL and the fact that the PHP5.6 core for MYSQL has been dropped and a replacement core MYSQLI or PDO now has to be used. There are a few minor things like trying to count an empty array now gives you a warning and not zero but it can be fixed with a couple of lines of code anyway. In theory CC if they are no longer interested in supporting their modules then perhaps they should sell them onto the community who can fix them and support PHPMVS in the longer term by having a community spirit for modules as it really should be.
  7. I too have the same problems with CrazyCreatives, They do not respond to e-mails , one module I purchased just came with instruction copy to folder. Nothing worked and no proper installation manual on what else you need to edit . I have thus told PAYPAL to get a refund for me as the product does not work. Maybe they will respond when having to give money back on DIGITAL GOODS they claim not to give refunds. If it says " INSTALLATION: ------------- -Simply upload the content of the and "core" folder to your phpVMS installation. -Leave the structure intact as it comes in the zipped file." And it does not run under even the standard CRYSTAL skin , then the software is not working according to the description etc. I purchased the product because from the screenshots it looks good, but help and guide to installation is a lot less than what you would expect.
  8. i amended the code // Uncomment this line if you're having issues with the redirecting not working properly $app->setPublicUrlPath(env('APP_PUBLIC_URL', '/public')); this got that part working as I have the logo and the correct button for INSTALL now But pressing INSTALL i get the screen error Page Not Found Well, this is embarrassing, the page you requested does not exist.Click here to go back to the home page. and the url at the top reads http://flightiva:8701/public/install but looking at the public folder there is no Install Folder ? any help would be appreciated
  9. I am trying to install PHPVMS v7 on my local MAMP PRO system. 7.0.0-beta.4 [1] I created the database in Mysql OK [2] i went to MAMP folder and htdocs and created my folder for PHPVMS i.e. Flightiva [3] i pointed the browser to http://localhost:8701/flightiva/ and saw the message that PHPVMS is not installed head to the installer Right on point 3 the PHPVMS logo is missing from the header [4] I clicked the head on to the installer [5] get error message Not Found The requested URL /flightiva/install was not found on this server. Is there a problem in using MAMP PRO with PHPVMS I am running PHP 7.3
  10. i have followed the download instructions and got the page PHPVMS not installed ok (http://localhost:8890/phpvms/) , when I click on head on to the installer, i get the error "The requested URL /install was not found on this server." (http://localhost:8890/install) is there anything i need to do to correct this ? I have checked PHPINFO and i am on php 7.21 and all extras loaded
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