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  1. I have two language versions on separate domains. During checking I found ".php" file in /lib/js/js-ofc-library but it's not present in second domain and in a raw version of phpvms, so I suppose that's connected to THEM.
  2. Hi again, I'm skinning my page and learning something new about it everyday. I guess I got promoted from "noob" to "a little less noob" I noticed a string "" on the left-top corner of the page background. It's present even on the default skin, so I guess I made mistake somewhere in "core" folder. Can anyone have an idea where should I look for it? That's the page: http://alpapolishvirtual.cba.pl/index.php/ Thanks in advance.
  3. 8 at this moment. But it was happening even if there was only one.
  4. Hello all, Like in the topic title, I have problem with flight searching. When I try to search an available flight as the result I get a blank page. When I refresh, it goes back to page with all flights. It happens with all search options ( by departure airport, by arrival airport, by aircraft type, by distance). I'm sure I didn't modify any related files, the problem existed even few minutes after installation of phpvms on a server, before I started to customize. Thank you for your help
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