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  1. please look carefully! in this forum are others who introduce our VA!
  2. Hello Guys, Now is The Phoenix Airways again up, whit a new airline! here you can join the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/PEeeKx4 the Domain is again the same, which are up. today and Tomarrow, we plan on Routes at USA..... and we are Operating 1 Conorde which are based in EGCC and fly to, JFK, IAD, and BOS we have changed many things on the VA.... lets check it out.
  3. I found the mistake. The problem was the path for the ranks. I had entered the relative path. But it takes the absolute path.
  4. the extensions of my pictures are jpg do you mean this?
  5. Firebird


    Wuhuu, I found it!
  6. Unfortunately we did not find the error. I have now changed the server and everything is working fine here. At this point a big thank you to ProAvia for the time he spent to help me.
  7. Firebird


    Hi there I use the "Blueice" skin. How can I change the color of the Navbar? I've searched every CSS, but I'm not getting smart.
  8. When I reset the signature, I receive the message from some pilots Warning: imagecreatefromstring(): Empty string or invalid image in /var/www/vhosts/kids-boerse.ch/phpvms/core/common/PilotData.class.php on line 1016 Can someone help me there?
  9. Hi there, First of all, thank you for your interest in the brand new VA "Phoenix Airways". Phoenix Airways was founded by two young people interested in aviation. The VA covers everything in fleet strength that makes the aviator's heart beat faster. We offer passenger flights as well as freight rotations. In the passenger aircraft fleet we have: 1 A319 2 A320, 2 A330, 3 737-800, 2 777-200LR, 1 B77W 2 787-9, 1 747-400 We are a little less luxurious in the cargo fleet, namely: - 2,777F and 1,744F, 1B748F in plan We offer a large selection of very beautiful destinations in all directions. Long as well as short haul. For the pilots who prefer to fly VFR sightseeing flights or shorter destinations, they are also very welcome! We offer sightseeing flights with our PC12 within Switzerland (and maybe soon also outside). But of course the business jet pilots who bring the rich and the beautiful (but above all rich) to their destinations with the private jets must not be missing. We have 1 LJ45 and 1 Phenom 300 in our fleet. All of these flights are normally operated from Zurich. Quality is very important to the Phoenix Airline! That is why we expect pilots to bring passion and passion to the airline. We have very experienced trainers in our airline who are happy to help with ALL types of aircraft. Thank you for reading, happy landings, stay healthy Best regards Phoenix Airways
  10. No, that's not the problem. And if I enter it with the airline code, there is another error message.
  11. There is a new installation directly on the web server.
  12. - 5.7.23 Just noticed. News can't be saved either.
  13. - phpVMS - PHP Version 7.2.15 - MySQL - Crystal - no addons
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