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  1. Did any one find a fix to the reg page just refreshing Update : fix my error I was missing a field
  2. Did you pm me asking if you could help create my skin ? And you say there is already one. Hmm interesting way to get work. **I checked you definitely did offer
  3. My reason for binter, I grew up around the islands. It's a small airline that should allow me to focus on the small things rather than trying to operate a massive real world airline. There are many virtual airlines about you find on that isn't based on a real world and tell me there isn't at least 2. Competition is always fantastic
  4. Hello my name is James. I am based on the island of Lanzarote. I'm looking to recreate my favourite airline in the world. Binter - Canary Based. I'm looking for someone to help me set up my airline. I have purchased my domain and hosting and installed phpvms, as well as aircraft and scheduling. I'm looking for someone to help me develop a skin that is top of the line. Thank you for your time.
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