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  1. Hi, I open this thread to ask two questions: 1.- How can I see the amount of memory PHPVms is using? to monitor resources. 2.- I have doubts in the phpvms_sessions table, it seems that the sessions of that table are not eliminated and I have more than 4000 records. Many of these registers put Pilotid = 0, which also makes me wonder who is the pilotid = 0 ... (Could it be SmartCARS?). I would need to have your opinion to optimize this section of sessions and that they do not accumulate so much, because I think I do not have it well optimized. in the App.config I have this set: # Cookie information Config :: Set ('SESSION_LOGIN_TIME', (60 * 60 * 24 * 30)); # Expire after 30 days, in seconds Config :: Set ('SESSION_GUEST_EXPIRE', '30'); # Clear guest sessions 30 minutes I am using: Version Phpvms simpilot / php7.2
  2. I have already found how to do it, I have commented the line 134 "map.fitBounds (selPointsLayer.getBounds ());" from the acarmaps.js fileπŸ‘ πŸ‘
  3. I have commented on what you tell me in the acarsmap.js file but it keeps zooming when I click on a flight that is live.
  4. Someone know how I can do so that on the Leaflet map, where the flights that are live appear to me, when I click on one of them, the map zooms, I would like it not to zoom when I click on one of the flights of the Map. Someone know how to I can do? Skin: StislaSkin phpVMS simpilot/php7.2
  5. Thank you very much, it is just what I was looking for. once again thanks for the contribution.
  6. In the acarsmap.php file a text appears as we can use a series of variables to put in the HTML, ok. But I would like from acarsmap.php to call a function that I have in php but passing one of those variables to it, I don't see the way to do it. Can anybody help me? I thought that maybe I could do it if I manage to convert <%=flight.pilotid%> it to a php $ variable, then I pass that variable in the function and that's it, but I don't know how to convert it. Variable: <%=flight.pilotid%> I'm usign simpilot/php7.2
  7. oooh, I'm going to try it, I'll tell you how it went shortly. Thank you very much.
  8. No, in my file PilotData.class.php not exists the function updatePilotPay. It's for this reason the problem?
  9. What criteria do I have to add in the list to accept the pireps?
  10. I have this version: PhpVMS simpilot/php7.2 I need this version because it's the version that is compatible with SmartCARS. My intention is that when version phpvms 7 is compatible with SmartCARS, then I would either migrate to that new version or make a new environment.
  11. I attach the pirepdata.class PIREPData.class.php.zip
  12. Well, I have carried out all the steps correctly as indicated by the readme, and it does not throw any error and I see everything correctly, but I cannot get it to do the autoaccept. I attach the image Screenshot 2020-07-25_18-41-32-699.png.zip
  13. Hi! thanks at first πŸ˜‰ PhpVMS 5.5 PHP 7.3 MySQL 10.4.13-MariaDB Any idea what happens?
  14. Hi! I have installed the module, configured everything correctly, it does not generate any error, unless I see it, and when I finish the flight and report with SmartCars, the PIREP remains as pending, it does not auto-accept. I don't know what may be failing. Can someone help me?
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