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  1. Not sure if you're responding to me or just commenting in general, since the post says: But either way, I've given up on trying to get this module to work. We've been doing good without it, although it would be fun haha.
  2. This looks like a great module! However, after following the installation instructions, my website was inaccessible (HTTP 500) until I deleted the "SMPirepValidator.php" file from the MODULE folder "SMPirepValidator"... Has anyone else reached out with a similar issue? Thanks! My php version is 7.4, and I'm currently on phpVMS
  3. I feel.....oh so stupid! Thank you! Worked like a charm.
  4. Hello all! Having an issue where I'm trying to display a pilots current location based on their last PIREP, however on any page that calls for the location from their last PIREP, it still displays their hub. For example, on my profile page I'm using: <?php $lastreport = PIREPData::GetLastReports($userinfo, 1); if(!$lastreport) { $location = $userinfo->hub; } else { $location = $lastreport->arricao; } ?> <?php $airport_info = OperationsData::GetAirportInfo($location); $airportname = $airport_info->name; ?> <li><strong>Current Location: </strong><?php echo $location; ?> - <?php echo $airportname; ?></li> this is the output (still gotta tweak some styling): https://prnt.sc/1dxsxk4 I guess I know it's talking to the database, cause its displaying the proper hub per pilot...but I'm lost on it actually showing the location based on their last PIREP.... any thoughts?
  5. Just curious, is there an easy way to not use the pilots last location, but instead add a search option for a departure airport?
  6. Fellow Enthusiasts, Fly High Virtual is a new Virtual Airline that was made FOR enthusiasts, by enthusiasts! We offer an exclusive user experience with our unique, in-depth, and interactive pilot center; guaranteed pilot satisfaction with over 70,000 routes flown by an extensive fleet thats operated by more than 20 US Airlines (AAL,AAY,ASA,ASH,ASQ,AWI,DAL,EDV,ENY,GJS,JBU,JIA,NKS,PDT,QXE,RPA,SKW,SWA,UAL,UCA) with more international and cargo operators on the way! Our mission is simple: To create a culture that is inclusive to all skill-levels within our community while offering an easy, unique, and in-depth virtual flying experience. With an impressive 10+ years in the hobby, our staff team ensures that your experience flying with Fly High Virtual is a smooth one. We plan to become an official VATSIM ATO (Authorized Training Organization) with our unique curriculum to be created by a diverse team with real world flying/controlling experience, and over 10+ years of combined VATSIM flying and controlling knowledge. We use the smartCARS2 ACARS as our Flight Tracking software compatible with X-Plane, P3D, FSX & more! Ready to start (or improve) your virtual flying career? Join Fly high Virtual today! https://www.flyhighva.net Regards, Fly High Virtual Executive Committee
  7. Hi All When I file a PIREP for the VA we started, we get a PIREP filing error (but the system does still file the PIREP). The log file shows: [12:30:37 PM] Windows 10, Build 19041, Suite Mask: 0x100, 64bit Architecture [12:30:37 PM] Browser emulation mode set to 11001 [12:30:38 PM] Logged in to airline 368 as pilot 2 with dbid 2 [12:30:42 PM] set_color 4 [12:30:42 PM] set_color 7 [01:25:00 PM] The sim monitor thread returned [01:25:02 PM] [ERROR] An exception occured during PIREP filing. It was : System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error. at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() at smartCARS.mainform.bkgwkrfilepirep_DoWork(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e) I can't, for the life of me figure this one out. When navigating to the frame.php, the following response is given: Script OK, Frame Version: official-w3052-3/12/2016, Interface Version: phpvms-official-w3060-12/31/2019 I know the internal server error is quite vague, but if anyone has any advice on how to solve...I'm willing to listen! I have reached out to TFDI, but figured I'd ask here as well. and yes, I have read through the multitude of smartCARS errors in the other forums, but can't find this exact one. Thanks!! Attached are my frame/interface.php's! phps.zip
  8. Hello! I'm hoping someone can help! I'm looking to use a search text box instead of a dropdown menu on our Schedule Search page (http://flyhighva.net/index.php/schedules) I'm smart enough to realize that the file I want to play around with is schedule_searchform.php I am NOT smart enough, however, to mess around too much without breaking something. I'm good at editing and building off of someone else's start - but I for the life of me can't start something new (if that makes any sense, lol) The area of code I'm looking at changing to allow a pilot to enter a ICAO code instead of searching the never-ending dropdown menu is lines 16 thru 45: <div id="depapttab"> <p>Select your departure airport:</p> <select id="depicao" name="depicao"> <option value="">Select All</option> <?php if(!$depairports) $depairports = array(); foreach($depairports as $airport) { echo '<option value="'.$airport->icao.'">'.$airport->icao .' ('.$airport->name.')</option>'; } ?> </select> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Find Flights" /> </div> <div id="arrapttab"> <p>Select your arrival airport:</p> <select id="arricao" name="arricao"> <option value="">Select All</option> <?php if(!$depairports) $depairports = array(); foreach($depairports as $airport) { echo '<option value="'.$airport->icao.'">'.$airport->icao .' ('.$airport->name.')</option>'; } ?> </select> Any suggestions on where to start? Using Simpilot's 5.5x version of phpVMS. Thanks!
  9. That's what i figured it would boil down to. No worries, thanks!
  10. Bumping an old topic, so hopefully someone can help! So, I've been playing with this module for a few weeks now. FINALLY got it to auto accept/reject (after reading all 12 pages here) BUT, when a Pilot submits a PIREP using our SMARTCARS or manually, it throws a connection error (but still files the PIREP and processes it accordingly). The issue comes from the line that's added to PIREPdata.class.php (because when I remove it, the error goes away and it doesn't autoaccept/reject), which is: PirepAcData::search($pirepid); Thoughts? Thanks!
  11. The module I am having problems with, is the auto awards module from CC. You happen to have that one?
  12. Hello Everyone, I've purchased a module from CC and am having issues with it. I have tried to reach them via emailing them directly and using their contact us page on their website....anyone else have any ideas? I don't want to ask for support from here, since I know it's a payware item...but figured I'd ask if they happen to check these forums.. Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I've changed to PHP 5.5 still didn't work, but we've replaced the live map with a flight board instead. No worries. Thanks for the assist!
  14. PHP version: 7.3.6 mySQL version: libmysql - 5.6.43 I have pasted the API key, and this is the line of code for that: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=myapicodehere"</script> and have also tried: <script async defer src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=mykeyhere" type="text/javascript"></script> After I posted, I found the Leaflet/OSM maps on github. Gonna give that a go tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!
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