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  1. Yeah, it probably is a bit bright, but I thought it looked good, at least until I have a customized theme finished. Thanks
  2. I decided to post in this area because I thought that it was more relevant to addons than paid services (especially because it's free ) FS Trader (http://fstrader.servebbs.net) is a forum-type site that specializes in sharing addons. Although the name says "Trader", you don't have to trade, but just share, request, etc. The site is newly made, so there isn't much there, but if people start using it, that'll change instantly. Also, there may be some changes to the site itself over the next couple of weeks due to theme changes and anticipated software upgrades. Come check us out! P.S. As soon
  3. Looking at it now again, it seems to be mostly fixed. I still see big numbers for time elapsed though, such as 30 hours on some flights.
  4. Hi there, All the new updates look great and work just as well, but there is one thing that is bugging me. Maybe I'm just too used to it, but I still like it. Right now with the new Google Maps whenever I look at the map of all my flights, they are shown as completely straight lines, whereas the lines previously were curved to follow more closely to the actual flight path. I have not checked, but I assume that this is also appearing on the Live ACARS Map. I would be 150% satisfied if there was a way to get the curved lines back. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi again, I have a quick question if this would be possible. I find that editing routes in large numbers goes quickly when editing straight in the database. Therefore we always export our database with phpMyAdmin, edit it accordingly to add new routes, and then import. However, phpVMS is currently set up to read Sunday in the database as Day 0. This 0 value gets ignored when importing the new routes, so I would wondering if it were possible to change the database for the next release to be on a 1-7 scale instead of the current 0-6 scale for each day of the week? (Ex: instead of saying 0123456
  6. Hi there, I've just been wondering why on the Livemap for VACentral is has extreme values for Time Elapsed/Remaining (where most of the errors on this one are for Time Elapsed) as well as for Distance, where it has really high values there as well. On our own ACARS Map it shows everything just fine (provided kACARS is being used), but even with kACARS there are some weird values for the VACentral Livemap. Thanks.
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