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  1. Works great! Is it possible to make it reject manual PIREPS?
  2. Also can the form be edited to either require the senders email and or show their email rather than the admins
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. The contact page is indeed there at the default address. We have spoken to the real Thomas cook legal team via the number on the group's website, they confirmed that said person doesn't work for them and they have no problem with the VA. So we have a persistent troll which is irritating me, had another email today telling me to expect a letter very very very soon. I will post the three emails I have recieved when I get home
  4. Hello, I am having an issue with somebody trolling us as "Thomas Cook Legal Team" threatening legal action, we have contacted the official Thomas Cook Legal Department for clarification and they confirmed that they have no problem with us and said emails are not from them. The email is laid out as a contact form, and it comes from my email address (phpvms webmaster), so I cannot respond to the person. Also the problem is we don't have a contact form so I am confused as to how this is continuing to happen. Does anybody have an idea how we keep getting emails like this? Thanks
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