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  1. Hey Dave, Did you manage a solution to this issue?
  2. Just to follow up on this I fixed the issue. Well saying I fixed the issue is probably stretching the truth a little. I completed deleted and reinstalled the module and the DB tables and it has fixed the issue.
  3. Okay awesome. In the meantime I'll delete and reinstall the module once again to see if by any miracle that works!
  4. Yes I have the latest version installed. A question.... Does the AirMail distribution list have anything to do with the groups in phpVMS? i.e. does it send NOTAM AirMails to everyone in the "All Pilots" group? Looking at the code I don't think it does... but in my case I don't have an "All Pilots" group, instead I have a group for each Hub along with retired members group. I'm just wondering if by me deleting the "All Pilots" group I have caused the issue.
  5. Thanks for your quick reply Dave. I don't think that update addressed the issue. There are two problems I am running into. The first is that any NOTAM I send is only being sent to me (i.e is not being received by all pilots) The other issue is when an Airmail is replied back and forth between two people. It is only displaying what the other person has said throughout the conversation, not what you have been saying. This means you have to look in sent messages to see what your replies have been. Thoughts? ***EDIT*** Looking at my Airmail table in my database table it isn't increasing the NOTAM column incrementally like it should. It sends it to the first person (which happens to be me) but then it stops.
  6. Hi, The key is to learn how the MVC (Model, View, Controller) structure works. phpVMS is based on this structure. Check out this post from Simpilot which is a very good explanation of how the structure works using a simple example in phpVMS: http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/4095-solved-with-many-thanks-coding-noob-need-help/page__p__27456#entry27456 In basic terms the Model is where you extract the data from the database. The view is how you want the data displayed on your site. The controller is the glue that connects both the model and the view and is used to control the data - when a user requests something on your site it handles the request by coordinating the model and view. That's a very basic explanation. I would recommend searching google for explanations on MVC. Once you understand the basics you can build your knowledge from there and subsequently develop your modules. Some of the other experienced coders may be able to clarify further.
  7. Hi Dave, Sorry to keep beating on about this. Are you able to please confirm the status of these issues please? Has anyone managed to come up with a solution?
  8. Hi All, I am trialling using FSPax on our site and have two issues that I was wondering if anyone else had experienced. The first is the display of the pirep on the site after it has been submitted. For some reason there is a "n" in front of each line of text. Usually that is where the time of each event is logged but FSPax doesn't record that information so I assume it has something to do with that. Nonetheless does anyone know how I can remove the "n"? Here's part of the pirep so you can see what I mean: (the "n" is in front of every single line) Secondly, in the pirep table (in the DB) FSPax records the aircraft used as whatever aircraft is allocated for the schedule flown. For most VA's that would be fine except in ours we give the pilot the option of choosing which aircraft they use for a flight (within categories). This means the category is displayed but in programs like kacars that can be changed at the start of the flight depending on which aircraft the pilot decides to fly. Is there any way that a pilot can amend which aircraft is to be used (and recorded in the pirep) for the flight in FSPax? Thanks in advance for your help
  9. Can anyone confirm if there was there a solution to this issue? I have just noticed the same thing is happening at my VA (took a while before people started to say they hadn't had much communication from me!) Also I don't know if anyone else has experienced an issue when an Airmail is replied back and forth between two people. It is only displaying what the other person has said throughout the conversation, not what you have been saying. This means you have to look in sent messages to see what your replies have been. Any help appreciated.
  10. Hi Tylor, You need to add nl2br to line 27 of mail_open.tpl as follows: <td colspan="4" align="left"><b>Message:</b><br /><br /><?php echo nl2br($data->message); ?><br /><br /></td>
  11. Hi All, I've searched quite a few threads but can't see any that match this exact issue. Basically any email sent from the site (ie. group emails through the admin panel or automated emails like the registration emails) are not being received by anyone. We are, however, receiving notification emails to the nominated site address (i.e when a PIREP has been filed or someone has registered). The email address matches our hosting account email. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. Checked to make I had them covered - had one airport without a departure leg and a couple of routes that didn't fly everyday. Changed those but still no luck
  13. Yeah thought that may be the case. I'll keep looking.
  14. Hmmmm. The ranks appear to be correct. I've recently imported a number of airports - perhaps that has affected things? I've also just noticed some of the route distances are off after recalculating - not sure if that would have an impact.
  15. Hi Jeff, I'm having an issue with the Random Itinerary builder. It doesn't often build the correct number of flights as selected. I will put in 5 flights and it might show 3 (or something different) The only changes to the template is adding the option to select 1 or 3 flights and deleting the 15 flight option. I have plenty of schedules that would allow the continuity of the legs. Any ideas?
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