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  • "Can you do ___ for me"? - people are also trying to build their own sites
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I'm new to all of this, I'm trying to read through these posts to learn as much as possible. One common thing that keeps popping up is "read/see the tutorials". I want to learn how to add images to my skin, change the colors, etc...basically edit a current template and eventually learn to make my own. The problem I'm running into is, when I go to the tutorials, it says they are currently not available. It says to go to the forums and read through them to find more information.

Are the tutorials, somewhere in the forums, like under a certain heading?

Sorry for the strange question. I would like to learn how to do all of this, it's just hard when the common suggestion is, " read the tutorials" yet the tutorials are not there...

I did read the dummy guide for the phpvms and it was VERY helpful, I'm looking for something like that for a new guy like me.

I also understand it's hard to keep the forums organized and it can be a full time job just trying to keep up with that, it's just hard for someone like me that knows nothing and I click on the links in some of the posts and they tell me the page is no longer found. Seems like I'm hitting dead ends in a lot of places...I'll keep plugging away, hopefully in the mean time someone can direct me in the area of the tutorials.

Thank you gents.

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Hello friends, I'm new around here, I just i nstalled the program phpvms and I get the following error in the registration page, I have not much knowledge of computer science, from and a friendly greeting and thanks

Warning: file_exists(): File name is longer than the maximum allowed path length on this platform (4096): /home/u377726758/public_html/phpvms//lib/skins/crystal/

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